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Mario Badescu Skin Care samples

So a fellow blogger Jessica had posted about a skin care company called Mario Badescu, and how she received free samples from them.  I have heard and seen their products before, but since I rarely get pimples I never paid attention to them.  After seeing Jess' post, I decided to take a peek at them.  Perfect opportunity to right?  I mean who doesn't love to get free samples of a product?
In order to see if you qualify for their samples you take a little survey on their site (click here) that will ask you questions about your skin type, and pimple related issues.  After about two days, they will send you an email if you would like to receive their product.
About a week and a half I received my package.  I have been dealing with pimples as of late.  Nothing huge just small bumps near my nose.  So what a perfect chance to try out some new products!  They also gave me products that suited my skin type needs, which at the moment is combination.
I received eight samples, and they also supplied a catalog in-case I wanted to order their products, as well as a guideline in how to use the products that the package came in.  The instruction guideline is very helpful for those who are unsure when to apply a product.  It gives quick easy directions from morning to night time.
So here are the items I received:
  • Aloe Lotion a soothing aloe and 2% alcohol make up this mild astringent for combination skin.  Disinfects skin's surface and removes residue that can clog pores.
  • Orange Cleansing Soap contains orange extract that makes this gentle, cream cleanser mildly exfoliating and very refreshing.  It is safe for all skin types to help remove makeup and build-up upon the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Moisturizer SPF 15 a daily moisturizer and moderate sun protection for combination, dry skin.  If you're allergic to peanuts, this product is not for you due to the fact it contains peanut oil.
  • Glycolic Eye Cream for mature skin showing signs of wrinkles and sun damage.
  • Bee Pollen Night Cream skin softening cream which provides a combination of natural oils with bee pollen and honey extract.  It hydrates and improves the texture of the skin overnight.  
  • Flower and Tonic Mask is a combination purifying and calming mask for congested, bumpy or slightly oily skin types.
  • Strawberry Face Scrub is actually made with real strawberry seeds that will gently buff away flaky skin.  It improves overall texture to the skin by revealing healthy, glowing skin while preventing blackheads.
  • Drying Cream is an effective treatment to dry up small under surface blemishes that appear as raised bumps in oily areas of the skins.  
I just started using it yesterday, so I will know later on how good these products are upon my skin.  The prices of their items aren't that bad.  So far I am loving the night cream!
Have you tried Mario Badescu products?  What is your favorite product from them?