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Review: LINGMEI Long-Lasting Two-Headed Dual-Use Eyeliner

Today I have an interesting item that I received from KKCenterHk for review purposes.  It's a LINGMEI Long-lasting Two-headed Dual-use Eyeliner [LM-1950], that has a nifty packaging.

How pretty does that look?  I am such a sucker for cute packaging and the gradient between the blue to yellow is just a great addition to it.


Review: CUICU Flashing Diamond Powder Eyeshadow (Coffee, Barbie, & Blue Violet)

Today I would like to share with you three CUICU Flashing Diamond Eyeshadows that I received from KKCenterHk for review purposes.  KKCenterHk carries a wide range of products.  To name just a few: nail polish, eyeshadows, blush, nail art decorations, water decals, wigs, and so much more.  You could honestly find yourself lost with all the products that they have.

The shades that I decided to pick were:
CUICU Flashing Diamond Eyeshadows are one of my faves when it comes to single eyeshadows.  The size of the pan, the cost, and not to mention the pigmentation does wonders on a girl who loves eyeshadows.


Review: KKCenterHk Seemingly Pearl Red Bow & Heart Tree & Girl Water Decals

Today I would like to share with you two nail art decorations that I received from the online shop KKCenterHk for review purposes.  

At first I wanted to split up the reviews then I realized these would look nice together.

The Heart Tree & Girl water nail art decorations is $2.82 per a sheet and comes with 22 images.  They are simple but yet very eye catching.  I love how there is a silhouette of a girl and there are flowers in her hair that enhance the image more.  I think that is what drew me into these water decals.  I love flowers and swirls!  

When using water decals make sure after you place the image upon your nail that you dab it with a tissue paper or whatever your preference may be.  If you do not, and you place a top coat over it you are risking the chance of it being ripped in the process.

The Seemingly Pearl Red Bow nail art decorations cost $5.60 for about 50 pieces.  There were some of the bows where the pinkish under color was actually the bow.  I thought that was pretty interesting and a bonus. There wasn't a lot that was like that.  Maybe about only 5 pieces.  The only issue that did bother me with this was when I placed a top coat over the bow it did bleed.  

  • Sinful Colors Orange Cream
  • Milani Nail Lacquer A Rose My Lady
  • Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy 
  • China Glaze Glitter all the way
The heart rhinestones on the thumb were from KKCenterHk as well, and you could see my review for those HERE.  Remember you could get 10% off your purchase with the code JUSTTISEMS.

Have you peeped out KKCenterHk yet?  What are on your nails right now?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: KKCenterHk CUICU Pressed Eyeshadows in 01, 15, and 20

Today I have three CUICU Flashing Diamond Powder Eyeshadows to share with you that I had received from KKCenterHk for review purposes.  The shades that I picked are 01 Snow White, 15 Indigo Blue, and 20 Cadet Blue.  KKCenterHk carries a lot of cosmetics and nail art supplies.  They have a wide range of products that you will soon find yourself checking out all the different categories that they have.


Review: KKCenterHk N.Nail Peony Orange/Pink Red Water Decals

Today I have these gorgeous Peony Orange Pink Red Water Nail Decals [WDHHG093] to show you from KKCenterHk.  If you love water decals make sure to check KKCenterHk's collection of them.  They carry so many designs as well as other products like makeup, nail polish, wigs, etc.

**This product was received for review purposes.  In no way am I obligated to give a 100% positive feedback.  This is based upon my own experience.

I was instantly drawn into how brightly colored these Peony flowers were.  The decals actually reminded me of this blanket sheet my mom use to have.


Review: Best Sence Plant Aromatic Quick Drying Base Nail Polish - Camomile

Today's review is a nail polish base coat that I had received from KKCenterHk for review.  It's another product from the company Best Sence and it is their Plant Aromatic Quick Drying Base Nail Polish [BESE-N310-Camomile].  Camomile is basically Chamomile.  It really depends upon how you spell it.

I was interested in how this base coat would work out since it had a scent of Chamomile with it. 


Review: Best Sence Milk Nail Polish Remover [BESE-B015-Milk]

Today I have a very interesting item, Best Sence Milk Nail Polish Remover [BESE-B015-Milk], to share with you that I had received from KKCenterHk for review purposes.  KKCenterHk is a Hong Kong based company, whose site provides you with so many wonderful items.  From nail art supplies to makeup to even wigs.  That is just to list a few!

As soon as I saw that it had milk and nail polish remover in the title, I knew I had to try it.  I always go by "Never knock something out, until you try it." 


Review: KKCenterHk Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner

Today I have another eyeliner I received from KKCenterHk to show you:  Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner in black.  I was always intrigued by eyeliners that have one side liquid and the other side a twist eyeliner.  I never bought them because I never really thought of it as something easier to have in my to go bag  or cosmetic bag.  It's always been a separate thing or just carry one eyeliner.  This changes things a bit for me.


Review: KKCenterHk 12Pcs 3D Flower Pattern & Gradient Royal Purple False Nails Tips

Today I have an item to show you that is from KKCenterHk it is one of their JHMJ False Nails Tip.  A 12 pieces 3D flower pattern and gradient royal purple false nails [N213], which I decided to wear over the weekend since I was too lazy to do my own nails.  I have several false nails tip that already have designs on them so when I am in a hurry and have no time to do my own, I could just put them on and head out the door.  They are super convenient to me, especially when I am having lazy days.
You get 12 pieces of false nails that vary from sizes 0-9, and a pink nail glue tube.  


Review: KKCenterHk N.Nail Lotus Ink Painting & Ink Painting Water Decals

Today I have two wonderful water nail decals to show you.  I picked these from KKCenterHk because it reminded me of a Chinese ink paintings that I have seen before.  They are N. Nail Lotus Ink Painting [WDDG079] and N.Nail Ink Painting [WDDG078].  As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have it and what I wanted to do with them.  I decided to wear both of them:  Lotus - right hand; Ink - left hand.

First up...
N.Nail Ink Painting [WDDG078]:

These really reminded me of those Chinese ink paintings I use to see when I went into a Chinese restaurant or walked around the art museum.  It comes with five different images and giving you a total of twenty images.

Review: KKCenterHk Yanqina Waterproof Big Eye Eyeliner Black

Today I get to show you one of my October favorites!  It's a Yanqina Waterproof Big Eye (#8608) eyeliner in black that I had received from KKCenterHk.  If you have actually talked to me you'll come to find that there are some liquid eyeliners that I just cannot wear due to being allergic to it.  Not to mention, that I love black eyeliner!  Surprisingly this liquid eyeliner did not irritate my eyelid what so ever!  

Capacity: 8ml 0.4fl.oz

Size: 15mm x 15mm x 102mm


Review: KKCenterHk N.Nail Water Decal French Tip Nail Art

Today I have a pretty French floral tip water decal [WDB062] to show you.
I received these from KKCenterHk and they only cost $2.82 a sheet.  They carry several other French tip water decal designs as well (prices may vary).   They come with 14 images instead of 20, but at the price I still find it cheap.


Review: KKCenterHk - 12 Pieces Middle Clear & 3D Bow False Nails Tips

Today I have a nifty false nails tip to show you, which I received from KKCenterHk.  It's their 12 Pieces Middle Clear and 3D Bow False Nails Tips [N248].
I decided to pick these because I love the fact that there is a clear middle section, despite it having glitter you could still see the nail bed.


Review: KKCenterHk - N.NAIL Water Decals Pirate Skull

Today my nails are sporting a water nail decal sheet that I received from KKCentherHk.  It's an N.NAIL Water Decals Pirate Skulls [WDBLE373].  I decided the pirate skulls would be nice since Halloween is just around the corner, and my son loves pirates.


Review: CUICU Flashing Diamond Single Eyeshadow - Coral Orange & Eggplant Purple

I am so excited to share with you a product I received from KKCenterHK that I instantly fell in love with.  It is two of the CUICU Flashing Diamond Single Eyeshadows: Coral Orange, and Eggplant Purple.  KKCenterHk is a cosmetic online shop that carries various items from lipstick to nail polish to wigs.  The list just goes on really, and you will find yourself discovering new items.

I like how the package is just very sleek and simple.  Not to mention you could see the color of the eyeshadow without even opening the box.  They come in 4.2g which is more than some eyeshadow pans really.  For example:  Sugarpill Cosmetics pan is 4g; MAC Cosmetics pan is 1.5g.  So you really get a lot of product for such a great price really.  

How pretty do those look inside their pan?  When it comes to eyeshadows, I understand how tricky products could be.  Looks pretty and seems pigmented, but once you swatch it isn't that much.  These eyeshadows are not one of them what so ever.


Review: KKCenterHk Pink Little Flower & Colorful Flower Water Decals

Today I am bringing to you another product from KKCenterHk:  Pink Little Flower [WDSY1187] & Colorful Flower [WDSY716]  water decals nail art decorations.  The reason why I am combining this post is because after making one hand set of each water decal look, I thought "Hey I am going to wear one look on one hand and the other one on the other hand."  Sadly when I took these photos I used the same hand to model them haha!  So sorry for the confusion, but on to those decals!

If you are unclear how to use water decals here is a quick tutorial on it:

Basically what you need:

  • A cup/bowl of water obviously
  • Scissors
  • Your water decal sheet.  NOT STICKERS!
  • Paper towel or tissue
  • Tweezers is optional
  • Your nails done

When I mean by done, have your base color done at least so you could apply the decals on them.  They do not need to have a top coat already on them.

Next cut out the design you want for each finger and set them to the side.  When you are ready to start putting these on, remove the protective plastic sheath/layer on it.

Dip your decal into the water carefully, and let it sit in there for a few seconds.  Be sure that your decal does not bob to the bottom or side.  You'll have issues trying to lift it out.

Take the decal out of the water with your tweezers, and place it image side down on to your finger.  Slide the paper back and you will see the image upon your finger.  With the image finger angle it right to where you would want it on your nail.  Like how you use a stamper from a stamp plate rock your finger left and right on that area to put it.  Dab off any access water that may be on it with a paper towel or tissue paper.  Afterwards seal it with your favorite topcoat.

Immense nail art work as needed!