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My Birchbox for August 2012

The August Birchbox was focused on beauty supply for heading back to school.  That will hopefully help you all "semester" long.
Call us nerdy, but we still get nostalgic about the start of a new school year, with its promise of a fresh start…and of course the excuse to stock up on fresh supplies. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you this month’s Beauty School Birchbox, with samples and content that will help prepare you for the coming season. - Mollie (editor at Birchbox)
Before I go on about this box I would like to discuss a matter upon Birchbox.  Remember that it's a hit or miss situation where they portray the choices of goodies they make on your profile.  If you received a box of items that you do not want, simply adjust your profile picks.
There are questions that they will ask you, and you simply have to choose which one complies with your liking.  Remember to press CTRL if it is more than one (if allowed to do so).  Ever since I got my first box I did not like and adjusted my profile choices, I ended up receiving boxes that I was pleased with.  But remember there will be times where you will receive an item or two that you're not fond of.  Remember its a chance, and they are just trying to open your eyes up to new ideas.  Once you start receiving a box that you really enjoy keep your profile as is.  May help for those having issues with the box.


Are you a primer?

I have been asked several times, "Is that a good primer," "What's the best primer to use," etc.  And what some people fail to realize, not all primers may work for your skin.  Therefore I cannot tell you what is the best primer to use, or if what I am using is a good primer for you to use as well.
What is good for me, may not be good for you.
You need to find a good foundation/face primer that is good for you.  Do your research.  Ask for help.  Just remember it varies on your skin type!
I can tell you if a primer is good, but I think it's good for my skin type.  I wouldn't know really about other skin type products.  Since I am a dry skin type, why would I grab something that is focused for oily skin?
If you're in a cosmetic shop, remember the Promo Girl/Guy will tell you it's a good item, because they are suppose to sell the products they have in the shop.  So just because they say it is good, doesn't mean it is.  You could ask for a take home sample so you could try the product at home.
What is the use of a primer?
A primer isn't always needed.  You could skip this process, and just deal with a moisturizer.   Since a primer works like a moisturizer underneath your foundation:  It creates an ease in application for foundations and creates a barrier between the foundation and your skin.  Primers just take the extra step beyond foundations.  It helps even out your skin tone, help make your makeup last longer, and not to mention absorb oil.
  • Allows foundation to stay put when the weather is hot.
  • Prevents your skin from absorbing Talc and pigment from your foundation, as well as the talc from absorbing oil from your skin.
  • They contain botanicals to soothe and refreshen your skin.
  • And the biggest part, avoid having cake face!  ICK
Make sure if you do use a primer or moisturizer, make sure to apply it 15 minutes before you  put on your foundation.  This will help avoid streak marks from applying your foundation.


Lipstick Searching 101

The most common sense thing to do before buying any product is, do your research!  "Google is your friend."  Look up reviews, check out swatches, etc.  Get an idea of how the lipstick might look. 

When heading to the cosmetic shop (i.e. Sephora, Ulta, MAC, etc.) to try out some testers, PLEASE DO NOT PUT THAT LIPSTICK ON YOUR SKIN!  You have no idea how many times I have seen people do this, and it just makes me go "WTF?!  Are you stupid?!"  There are so many bacteria lurking around the beauty bar.  Take a few seconds and think about it.  How many people have pick that lipstick up?  Now, how many of those people placed it upon their skin, or lips?  What if someone dropped it on the floor?  Common sense!  It isn't sanitary if it has just been sitting there.

Usually the shops have rubbing alcohol laying around, so that way you could disinfect it yourself, or you could ask one of the promo people if they could do it for you.  At that point you could test it on your lips.  But for my personal choice, I still choose not to.

Most people would use the back of their hand to see how the lipstick looks.  It may show you the great color indication, but it will still look different upon your lips.  Your finger tips have a closer texture to your actual lips.  So doing lipstick swatches upon your fingertips will help you out on how it would look upon your lips.

Now you can take your finger, and place it near your lips (not on your lips).  Check the mirror.  You can now decide if the lipstick shade is right for you.

Happy hunting for lipsticks!  Enjoy your day gorgeous!


Nail Polish 101

Most people have the tendency to shake their nail polish bottles, right before they do their nails.  This is a common mistake, since shaking the bottle will cause tiny bubbles as soon as it dries, which will cause your nail polish to chip faster. 

Instead take the bottle between your hands, and roll it for about 25 to 30 seconds.

If you are not going to use the polish right away, and you find it separated (oil and color separation), then go ahead and give it a little shake!

Happy polishing doll!