Review: BornPrettyStore Sweet Candy Bowknots & 2mm Black Rhinestones Nail Art Decoration

Today I have two nail art decorations to show you that I received from BornPrettyStore for review purposes.  
The middle finger has pieces of BornPrettyStore's Gold Orange Green Foils, which I picked apart with a dotting tool and place it over a wet base color of Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion.  The Gold Orange Green Foils cost $6.28 for 12 pieces.



Birthday Look!

I have been meaning to post this up last week, but let's face it I was enjoying my birthday way too much.  Here is the eye look I did for that day:

I finally got around to using my MUA Cosmetics POPtastic and Undressed palette that has been sitting in my stash.  I have done swatches of it but never really worn it until that day.


Review: BK Flower Fragrance Fast Dry Top Coat in Mint

Today I have one of BornPrettyStore's new addition to their top coat nail polish section (it will be found in the regular polish).  It's a BK Flower Fragrance Fast Dry Top Coat in Mint.  I always wanted a nail product that had dried flowers in it, but I never got around to picking one up.  As soon as I noticed BornPrettyStore was carrying a top coat of it, I knew I just had to get it for my stash.


Review: KKCenterHk CUICU Pressed Eyeshadows in 01, 15, and 20

Today I have three CUICU Flashing Diamond Powder Eyeshadows to share with you that I had received from KKCenterHk for review purposes.  The shades that I picked are 01 Snow White, 15 Indigo Blue, and 20 Cadet Blue.  KKCenterHk carries a lot of cosmetics and nail art supplies.  They have a wide range of products that you will soon find yourself checking out all the different categories that they have.


A little Spacey with a shine of Glisten

Today's nails are my birthday nails!  YES it's my birthday!  I didn't do a lot honestly to them, so I just did a quick nail look.  Some of you caught a glimpse of it if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter.  

I went super simple for my birthday looks since they were freshly cut.  Excuse the uneven nails I blame cracks and breaks on it :( It happens but they are starting to grow so yay!  


Review: Blinc Mascara in Black

A while ago I received this deluxe sample size of Blinc Mascara in black from my local Sephora as a gift.  I have never heard of them before, so I was quickly drawn in.