Review: Lord & Berry INKglam

Today I have this shiny extra long wearing eyeliner from Lord & Berry called INKglam, which I received from LookFantastic for review purposes.  LookFantastic is an online beauty boutique that is located in Britain.  They carry a wide range of products from hair, makeup, nail products, to perfume.  Their list just goes on and on.  Not to mention they have medium & high end brands as well.  LookFantastic is a nicely organized site putting the items into categories.  For example: Nail Polish is organized by nail color sections.  You don't have to keep going through lines and lines of colors. Moreover, LookFantastic is FREE shipping worldwide!  Can you believe that?  With the brands, they carry I am truly amazed by it!  So make sure to check the company out!  You will be surprised to see what brands that they have.

So back to the Lord & Berry INKglam.  At the moment this is currently out of stock upon their website, but it cost about $15 for a 2.5ml waterproof eyeliner.

INKglam is the perfect product for lining and defining the eyes with either fine or bold lines with a shiny, "patent leather" finish...INKglam is quick-drying, long-wearing, smudge-resistant and waterproof yet can be easily removed. - Lord & Berry Cosmetics


Review: BA Star Holo Silver Glitter & Glue Liquid Base

Today I would like to share with you these two interesting BA Star products, that I received from BrandBacker for review purposes.  BA Star is a company that focuses upon cheerleaders, competitors, dancers and such.  They carry a wide range of products: glitters, stickers, eyeshadow, headbands etc.  Perfect for those who are cheerleaders.

The items I received were:

The glue liquid base comes in a lipgloss like tube and the applicator has a doe sponged.  The glue reminds me of Elmers glue.  It holds up against sweat and holds on to the glitter and eyeshadow well.  

The holo silver glitter is made of fine holo silver glitter.  That at angles looks turquoise.  This was designed for body and face.  The jar seems over packed and could be a bit messy when opening it.  It would of been nice  if a sifter was included upon it.

I ended up doing a heart and left it on my arm as I went out to see if it would come off in this Southern California heat.  It didn't have any fallouts while I was out and stayed pretty well.  There might be touch ups if you over sweat a lot.

BA Star was even kind enough to give you lovely readers a 50% off these products by entering the code "BBGLITZ".  So make sure to check them out when you can.

What do you think about glitter?  Have you tried one of BA Star's products before?


Review: Duri Cosmetics - Once Upon a Dream Collection

So today I have a wonderful new summer collection called "Once Upon a Dream" from Duri Cosmetics to show you.

Duri Cosmetics is known as a professional line that aims towards high performance for consumers at salons and specialty stores nationwide.  Their nail polish is meant to be long-lasting and chip-resistant with a smooth finish.  Their nail products are 3-Free: DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.  Each bottle holds 0.5 floz./15ml.

Once Upon a Dream has six beautiful pastel colors.  From bottom to top:  Pillow Pink, Soft Slumber Blush,  Lilac Dream, Sleeping Beauty Indigo, Pie in the Sky Green, and Cloud True Blue.
The pigment-rich pastel palette isn't meant to put you to sleep, but to dream big for long-lasting summer days and temperate nights.  - Duri Cosmetics Founder Faina Ritz
The colors are supposed to remind you of "embody clear skies, pink sunsets, carnivals and carousels."  When I first saw this collection it reminded me more of spring, but as I read what Duri Cosmetics was aiming for I started thinking what does summer really mean to me.  When I look up at the clear blue skies, it isn't neon blue.  So I am so glad that Duri Cosmetics went the pastel route instead of the typical neon colors.


Review: Elegant Touch Nail Art Kit in Rosalia

Recently Elegant Touch released some new goodies to their already wonderful line of false nails collection line, which debuted in the US in April.  You could find Elegant Touch products at Ulta stores and website.

So today I have one of those new additions to share with you.  It is Elegant Touch's Nail Art Kit in Rosalia, which I received for review purposes.  The nail art kits that they released all come with two glitter puffer bottles, 50 studs, a nail art applicator, and a protective sealer.

It also comes with an instruction leaflet for those who are not sure how to use the products.  Totally wonderful for those who are just getting into nail art.


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Whip

I have been saving the best for last of my SUPER BLACK Lacquers' review set.  It is a wicked black holographic nail polish called Whip.

Natalie Dee did an amazing job on these nail polishes.  The size on all of the SUPER BLACK Lacquers' nail polishes is 18ml.  Not to mention they are all 4-Free which means there is no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde resin.  SBL is completely formulated, mixed, and bottled all by hand.


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Lombard

Today I have one of the gorgeous holo nail polishes from SUPER BLACK Lacquer, called Lombard, which I received for review purposes.  SUPER BLACK Lacquers is still a fairly new Indie nail polish line, and I am sure they will become super popular in no time.  If you have not checked out ND's nail polishes yet you are missing out!  She has awh-mazing holos, glitters, and solids (shimmer & creams). SUPER BLACK Lacquers is a 4-free meaning it does not carry Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde Resin. 

Lombard is such a pretty holographic lilac and has different results in different lighting.  

In regular/low sort of lighting it has a shimmery dusky lilac look.  Natural lighting and sunlight it glistens off its gorgeous holographic side.


Review: Star Crushed Minerals Eyeshadow in Orbit, Teal, Orchid, Electric Blue, & Starry Night

I have some wonderful loose eyeshadows from my girl Edith's all natural mineral shop, Star Crushed Minerals, to share with you.  I noticed she was having a sale for the ENTIRE month of May at 50% off everything in the shop.  She then contacted me giving me an extra discount over it.  Seriously Edith is one of the most kindest owners I know out there!  So I ended up picking five eyeshadow samples that caught my eye the most.

The little yellow tabs you see are part of the sealers for the sifters.  All of her jars come with a sifter, even the samples.  Which I absolutely love since it is way better than getting some small plastic bag of it.  The samples hold 1g of products.  While the full size carries 2.5g.  

From top left to right:  
From bottom left to right:

Review: Super Black Lacquers - Son of a Space Ghost

Today I have a super gorgeous Super Black Lacquer's glitter polish to share with you, called Son of a Space Ghost.  This product was received for review purposes.

Natalie Dee did such a wonderful job on this black base glittery goodness polish.

I love the massive amount of fine fuschia glitter, small hex purple glitter, medium sized holo pink and silver glitters sitting within a sheer black jelly base.

The black base is so mystifying to be honest.  Because sometimes I think its a dark purple base but it's actually a black!  Super gorgeous!


Review: KKCenterHk - Rose Pink Heart Studs

Today I have a nail art decoration from KKCenterHk that is their N.Nail Heart Rose Pink Stud, which I received for review purposes.  KKCenterHk carries a wide range of studs, as well as other products for your nails and makeup.  Not to mention they also carry wigs.

I love the shape of these heart studs, since that is exactly how I draw my hearts.  Not to mention they stand out to me with how pink it is as well as the shape is different from the other heart studs I have.


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Hello, Officer

Today I have another gorgeous polish from SUPER BLACK Lacquers to share with you, called Hello, Officer.  I am so glad that ND added this polish into my review box, as its such a gorgeous shade of blue.  I don't think I have a blue like it at all.  Some of them are slightly closer but still either a tad darker or lighter to it.  It is wonderful to see that SBL is also putting out creme nail polishes out there to go along with their holos and glitters.

If you aren't really into glittery Indie nail polishes hopefully you're into creme Indies like this one.

Hello, Officer is a pretty blue creme, that dries in a semi-matte finish.  What I mean by semi-matte is that it has a sort of rubbery glossy sort of finish.  Still pretty nonetheless.

The brushes with SUPER BLACK Lacquers' bottles aren't wide so ever.  So if you're into doing nail art with just the brushes from the bottles you'll love the ones that are inside SBL.

Hello, Officer's formula was thinner than I expected it to be, but I notice I always encounter that with finishes that are like that: rubbery gloss finish.  It glided on real smoothly.  It took about two coats to obtain opacity with this polish.

You could either wear it with the rubbery gloss sort of finish or place a top coat over it.  OR you could create a nail art using a top coat to make the design.

SBL sells their polishes for $12 a piece which is actually a wonderful deal considering each bottle is 18ml.  Hello, Officer is categorized in the "Solid" section.

To follow what is going on with SUPER BLACK Lacquer you could check them out on:
So make sure to check out SUPER BLACK Lacquers when you get a chance!  You might find something that could be a great addition to your stash!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Sweet Tooth

Today I would like to share with you SUPER BLACK Lacquer's gorgeous glitter polish called Sweet Tooth, which I received from ND for review purposes.  SUPER BLACK Lacquers is still a fairly new Indie nail polish line, and I am sure they will become super popular in no time.  If you have not checked out ND's nail polishes yet you are missing out!  She has awh-mazing holos, glitters, and solids (shimmer & creams). SUPER BLACK Lacquers is a 4-free meaning it does not carry Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde Resin.

You might of heard of ND (Natalie Dee) before her comics t-shirts.  You might of seen her work floating around on Tumblr.  I didn't realize she was that same Natalie Dee til I read someone's post mentioning her comic drawings.  So check her other sites as well!  Not to mention, she was very helpful and über friendly!

So back to Sweet Tooth!

I was so excited to have received Sweet Tooth in my review package.  The above image was taken in different lighting areas.  I could not stop gazing at how gorgeous the glitters sat in the violet mixture.

Straight out of the box!  How gorgeous does that look in the sunlight?  As I was taking my pictures my mom stated that it reminds her of Ube (a Filipino dessert).  haha silly mom!


Review: Ooh La Lacquer - Beware of Plastic

I have another one of Ooh La Lacquer Indie nail polishes to show you.  This one has actually been a lemming of mines ever since I saw it, but they are currently sold out.  BUT do not worry!  My lovely friend just informed me these will be restocked!  I just had to show you this since I have been wanting it for such a long time now.  Nastassia must of read my want list, cause she included it in my review box!

Beware of Plastic is one of Nastassia's Mean Girl Collection that is packed with small hex neon matte yellow-green, blue-ish turquoise, and slightly bigger hex of red. 

Doesn't it look so pretty sitting in the bottle?  Just a wonderful assortment of mixture!


Review: Lavish Polish - Color Crush

Today I would like to share with you an Indie nail polish from Lavish Polish, Color Crush.  First off let me tell you the owner of Lavish Polish, Emely, is über nice!  She was so helpful and friendly as I was deciding what item to purchase.  Not to mention the spelling of her name, ROCKS!  I was totally excited when I found it in my mail box.  OH YEAH!

All of her products are 3-free.  If you are unsure what 3-free is, it means that they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate.

Don't those neon glitters look pretty?  Color Crush comes in two sizes a full (15ml) for $8 or a mini for $4.


[CLOSED] Review: Joby Nail Art - California Nail Sticker + a Mini GIVEAWAY!

Hello sweetie!  I received a sample of nail art stickers from Joby Nail Art, for review purposes, and I decided to go with the California nail sticker one.  For obvious reasons!  They were kind enough to give me an extra to do a giveaway with.  So instead of just having the other nail art sticker, I added a little bit more.  Details will follow after the review.

Joby Nail Art is an online shop that carries a variety of colorful and unique nail art stickers at a very budget friendly cost.  All of their domestic shipping is free!  The Joby Nail Art website is very user friendly!  Everything is nicely organized into sections & you won't get easily lost.

As I stated earlier I decided to pick the California nail art sticker, since well I am a Cali girl!  A nice way to show some love for California with nail art.


Review: Ooh La Lacquer - Hypnotize

Today I get to share this wonderful Indie nail polish called Hypnotize.  It's from my dear friend Nastassia's shop, Ooh La Lacquer, who sent it to me for review purposes.

Hypnotize is a black and white small hexagon-roundish glitter that has a clear base.

You could either wear this by itself or over a base color/design.  If you want to use it by itself to achieve opacity it will take about 2 to 3 coats.  Keep in mind if you are applying it thin, meaning swiping the excess off, it will take more coats to achieve it.

The above picture was with two coats only by itself.  It glides on smoothly, and you do not have to fish for the glitters.  It also has an amazing dry time!

For this look I actually wanted to do a full nail look of it.  Just to show you how mesmerizing this black and white glitter could be!

Hypnotize is coated by itself except for my ring finger, which has NYC New York Color - Sidewalkers as a base color and only one coat of Hypnotize.  It looks like it has so much depth when you wear it by itself.  It just draws you in and makes me think of either black pepper and salt mixture or cookies & cream.

All of Ooh La Lacquer bottles are full sized at 15ml and BIG 3-Free.  Not to mention Nastassia sells them only for $5 a piece!  So if you are interested in trying an Indie polish make sure to give her line a shot!  

What do you think of Hypnotize?  Have you tried one of her polishes yet?

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: Black Rose Torus and Pearl Ring

Today I have another jewelry accessory from BornPrettyStore to share with you.  It is a Black rose torus & pearl ring, that also comes in a gold version.  This product was received from BornPrettyStore for review purposes only.

How beautiful does that rose torus pearl ring look?  The pearl and crystal rhinestone enhanced the design of this alloyed ring more.  The mesh twisted rose is actually very sturdy.  When I first saw the ring, I thought it was going to be flimsy and come off very easily.  All of the decorations are secured very securely into the twisted alloy ring.

You are able to adjust the ring by spreading it apart to make it bigger or squeeze them together to make it tighter.

As I tightened the ring, I shook my hand to see if it would fall off or shift a bit while wearing it.  Some rings that I have, for example the ones where the band is basically elastic with metal clasp over it, still shifted left to right a bit.  It doesn't feel heavy at all.

The Rose Torus & Pearl Rings are gorgeous and super budget friendly!  BornPrettyStore sells them only for $2.76 a piece!  What an awesome steal for that price!  When I was discussing it with hubs he thought I actually paid at least $10 sum for it!  Simply just gorgeous!

Don't forget you could use my code LARJ61 to get a 10% off your purchase!

BornPrettyStore carries a lot of wonderful jewelry accessories that aren't too pricey!  So make sure to check them out while you are shopping for your nail art goodies!

What do you think about this ring?  Have you bought any accessories from BPS yet?

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Seven Deadly Sins Challenge: Gluttony

For this week's Seven Deadly Sins Challenge the theme is Gluttony.  We had a choice between doing spun sugar nails, what makes our stomach growl, or do both of them.  Like I told you in my previous challenge, I will only be doing one.   I went with spun sugar nails and decided to do my typical way of doing them.

At first I wanted to do pastels since well it is spring, but I wasn't really feeling it as much.

The nail polishes I used are:

  • China Glaze Lemon Fizz
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac
  • China Glaze Refresh-mint
  • Zoya Kristen
  • Milani Nail Lacquer U Pinky Swear
So like I said I just wasn't feeling pastels at that time.  I ended up removing it the next day and decided I would use the nail polishes from the Duri Cosmetic's Spring Collection to do a spun sugar look.  You could see my review and more details about it HERE.

Nail Polishes used:

  • Satin Treat
  • Afterhours
  • Call Me Maybe
  • Dream Catcher
  • Showstopper 
  • One Night Only
Which one do you prefer?  Have you done spun sugar nails yet?

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Review: Duri Cosmetics Spring 2013 Collection - The Showstopper

**These nail polishes were received for review purposes from the company C.I. Visions (Thank you Angie).  

Today I get to show you this wonderful spring collection from Duri Cosmetics that features six nail polish shades:  Satin Treat, Afterhours, Call Me Maybe, Dream Catcher, Showstopper, and One Night Only.  As shown about from left to right.  How pretty do those shades look?

The Showstopper Collection features bright, bold hues in shades of pink that pop, muted fluorescents, lush floral tones, vibrant reds and sophisticated neutrals to highlight the cheerful optimism and playfulness of the season.  Each color brings a new fresh take on classic shades of red, pink, lavender and nude.  - Duri Cosmetics