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Review: Duri Cosmetics - Truth or Dare Collection

Today I have the latest collection, Truth or Dare, that has spawned up at Duri Cosmetics.  This collection is their Fall and Winter set for this year.  These nail polishes were received for review purposes.  Duri Cosmetics is known as a professional line that aims towards high performance for consumers at salons and specialty stores nationwide.  Their nail polish is meant to be long-lasting and chip-resistant with a smooth finish.  Their nail products are 3-Free: DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.  Each bottle holds 0.5 floz./15ml.

Chemist and Founder Faina Ritz of Duri Cosmetics, wanted to stay true to the traditional fall colors, by creating shades that were a much deeper earth tone and berry polishes which were richer and brighter.  These shades were meant to carry from autumn to winter.  The Truth or Dare Collection contains twelves gorgeous shades that I have come to love.


Review: Tribal Colour - Candy Matte Shade 05

Today I get to share with you one of the Tribal Colour's Candy Matte Nail Polishes, Shade 05, which you could find on BornPrettyStore.  This product was received for review purposes.  In the Tribal Colour's Candy Matte Collection there are 19 other shades, and I am eyeing a few of them right now!  Which I will end up grabbing later on haha.

Each bottle comes in a 12ml oz., and has an adorable shape to it.  The Shade 05 is a red-orange sort of shade but in some lighting it looks actually red.  You could gain opacity in two to three coats.  It glided on very smoothly and dried at a decent rate.  It would depend how thick you do your coatings.

It lasted for about four days before I ended up removing it for another polish.  It has a matte with a slight gloss to it.  Not a strong glossy look, still matte none-the-less.

The Tribal Colour Candy Matte Collection is originally $4.36 a piece but is currently on sale for $2.99!

Check out the other shades and products that BornPrettyStore has to offer!

What do you think of this nail polish?  Do you have a favorite matte top coat or nail polish shade?

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Review: Super Black Lacquers - Dusted

I am super excited to share with you another one of Super Black Lacquer's latest nail polishes, Dusted.  This nail polish was received for review purposes.  Each Super Black Lacquer bottles are 18ml/.61 fl oz, and cost $12 a piece.  They are the Big 4-FREE, which means no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde resin.  Not to mention ND is a super sweetie!

The Super Black Lacquers bottle shapes are one of my faves, most of you have seen me talking about this before.  It just makes it so much easier to store and fit them inside a drawer.  Just has a lot more space. 

You could get Dusted by itself for $12 or inside the Summer Box Set 2013 for $55.  The box set has 4 other nail polishes: Blitz, Cannibal, Plip, and Weird Girl.

Dusted has to be one of my favorites from the Summer Box Set!  It is a blueish-purple base color that shines out a sea-green shimmer.  It has a semi-matte finish to it, and if you wanted all the extra shimmer to shine through toss on a top coat.  It is a tad sheer: opacity within three coats.  It applied very smoothly for me and had a decent dry time.  In the picture I used a top coat to show the shimmer more but this looks gorgeous without a top coat as well in its semi-matte finish!

Here are some ways to stay in touch with SBL:

What do you think of Dusted?  Have you picked up an SBL polish yet?

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Review: Tip Top Nails - Triple Putty

Hi Darlings!  Today I am lucky enough to share with you a product that comes all the way from South Africa, from the company called Tip Top Nails.  It's one of their Nail Chic nail polishes in the shade Triple Putty.  This product was received for review purposes.

Tip Top was established back in 1981.  They were one of the first companies in South Africa which recognized and addressed the needs of a professional nail salon. Their philosophy was to develop a brand of nail color and treatments which had the following characteristics:  Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free.  They utilize only the finest raw materials available.  Their products are Vegan, and are BIG 4-FREE: No Toluene, Dibuthyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Camphor.

Tip Top's Nail Chic Key Characteristics are:
• Finest Quality
• Durable
• Quick Drying
• Highly pigmented
• Patented “Pro-Glide”” Flat Brush for maximum coverage with each application
• Vast range of carefully selected shades from which to choose
• Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibuthyl Phthalate) & Camphor free
• Not tested on animals


Review: Super Black Lacquers - Weird Girl

Awhile ago Natalie Dee, the owner of Super Black Lacquers, released the Summer shades in a box set.  She was kind enough to send me it for review purposes.  I thought it would be best to show one nail polish at a time.  Sort of like a tease!  I will show you a picture of the box set later on in this post.

So today I decided to show you an odd one of the bunch, called Weird Girl.

Each Super Black Lacquer bottles are 18ml/.61 fl oz, and cost $12 a piece.  They are the Big 4-FREE, which means no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde resin.  Not to mention ND is a super sweetie!


Review: Alessandro International - Blue Nuit

Today I have a wonderful nail polish from Alessandro International, called Blue Nuit.  This product was received for review purposes. Alessandro has been around since 1989 and has focused by unrivaled quality, exclusivity and innovation.  Their motto is "We are never satisfied with 'good' - we want to be, 'better'," which fills them up with pride.  They are proud of many exclusive patents and the "world's firsts" that reaffirm the company's leading role within nail designs.  Designing high quality products, tools and seasonal collections which are inspired by international fashion trends.  Their heart is in the right place as they focus on what women around the world need what is best for their hands, feet and nails.  Alessandro designed 99 top fashion colors that are meant to make the heart of any nail polishaholic's heart skip a beat.

Alessandro's nail polish are BIG 3-Free.  They do not contain harmful ingredients: Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toulene, and Formaldehyde.  They last long on the nails and there are no chipping.  The high color intensifies due to UV absorber, which helps protect the nails.  Not to mention they have a high gloss shine!


Review: Shimmer Polish - Eva & Tammy

Hello Darlings!  How are you all doing lately?  I hope all is well.  Today I have two pretty Indie nail polishes from Shimmer Polish to share with you, which was sent to me for review purposes.

Shimmer Polish was designed out of Orange County.  SoCal is home to me, so it's wonderful to see that there are Indie nail polish makers from around here.  Cindy has a brilliant line and I love that she names and designs her polish after her all the special people in her life.

Eva is a nice burgundy red jelly base that has a mixture of fine micro-glitters of burgundy, black, and silver.

With Top Coat

Without Top Coat in Direct Sunlight
For an opacity look it took three base coats.  The fine micro-glitter gives the polish a more in-depth look.  You could see the previous glitters as you layer the polish.

Tammy is absolutely gorgeous with its mixture of gold, black, and purple glitter mixture of bars, hex, and square glitter.  I love this color combo since I use those shades for my makeup looks time to time.

I decided to wear this polish by itself with a top coat over it to smooth it out.  To achieve opacity it takes two to three coats.

I love that these actually dried fast and I didn't have to fish out for glitters on both of them.  There was no horrible smell that gave me a headache at all.

You could purchase Cindy's Shimmer Polishes at her ETSY Shop for $12 each and she also takes custom orders.  So make sure to check out her other wonderful polishes that she has to offer.

Here are other ways you can keep in touch with Shimmer Polish:

Do you have one of Cindy's Shimmer Polishes?  What do you think of Eva and Tammy?  

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: Tribal Dazzling Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Today I would like to show you another glitter polish from the company Tribal Colours that I received from BornPrettyStore for review purposes.  If you have not checked out BornPrettyStore, you are totally missing out with some of their wonderful products that they carry.  It is honestly one of my fave shops online to purchase products for nail art and fashion accessories, among other products.

I love the shapes of the Tribal Colours' nail polish bottles.  I am such a sucker for cute packaging.  It helps, right?


Review: Ooh La Lacquer - Princess Nylah

Today I have a very special nail polish to share with you from my girl's shop, Ooh La Lacquer.  It is called Princess Nylah, and a latest addition to her polish line.  This will be released later on today, along with some other new polishes.

The reason why this gorgeous glitter packed nail polish is a very special one is because Nastassia named it after her little diva god-daughter.  How sweet is that?


Review: Duri Cosmetics - Once Upon a Dream Collection

So today I have a wonderful new summer collection called "Once Upon a Dream" from Duri Cosmetics to show you.

Duri Cosmetics is known as a professional line that aims towards high performance for consumers at salons and specialty stores nationwide.  Their nail polish is meant to be long-lasting and chip-resistant with a smooth finish.  Their nail products are 3-Free: DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.  Each bottle holds 0.5 floz./15ml.

Once Upon a Dream has six beautiful pastel colors.  From bottom to top:  Pillow Pink, Soft Slumber Blush,  Lilac Dream, Sleeping Beauty Indigo, Pie in the Sky Green, and Cloud True Blue.
The pigment-rich pastel palette isn't meant to put you to sleep, but to dream big for long-lasting summer days and temperate nights.  - Duri Cosmetics Founder Faina Ritz
The colors are supposed to remind you of "embody clear skies, pink sunsets, carnivals and carousels."  When I first saw this collection it reminded me more of spring, but as I read what Duri Cosmetics was aiming for I started thinking what does summer really mean to me.  When I look up at the clear blue skies, it isn't neon blue.  So I am so glad that Duri Cosmetics went the pastel route instead of the typical neon colors.


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Whip

I have been saving the best for last of my SUPER BLACK Lacquers' review set.  It is a wicked black holographic nail polish called Whip.

Natalie Dee did an amazing job on these nail polishes.  The size on all of the SUPER BLACK Lacquers' nail polishes is 18ml.  Not to mention they are all 4-Free which means there is no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde resin.  SBL is completely formulated, mixed, and bottled all by hand.


Review: Super Black Lacquers - Son of a Space Ghost

Today I have a super gorgeous Super Black Lacquer's glitter polish to share with you, called Son of a Space Ghost.  This product was received for review purposes.

Natalie Dee did such a wonderful job on this black base glittery goodness polish.

I love the massive amount of fine fuschia glitter, small hex purple glitter, medium sized holo pink and silver glitters sitting within a sheer black jelly base.

The black base is so mystifying to be honest.  Because sometimes I think its a dark purple base but it's actually a black!  Super gorgeous!


[CLOSED] Review: Joby Nail Art - California Nail Sticker + a Mini GIVEAWAY!

Hello sweetie!  I received a sample of nail art stickers from Joby Nail Art, for review purposes, and I decided to go with the California nail sticker one.  For obvious reasons!  They were kind enough to give me an extra to do a giveaway with.  So instead of just having the other nail art sticker, I added a little bit more.  Details will follow after the review.

Joby Nail Art is an online shop that carries a variety of colorful and unique nail art stickers at a very budget friendly cost.  All of their domestic shipping is free!  The Joby Nail Art website is very user friendly!  Everything is nicely organized into sections & you won't get easily lost.

As I stated earlier I decided to pick the California nail art sticker, since well I am a Cali girl!  A nice way to show some love for California with nail art.


Review: Duri Cosmetics Spring 2013 Collection - The Showstopper

**These nail polishes were received for review purposes from the company C.I. Visions (Thank you Angie).  

Today I get to show you this wonderful spring collection from Duri Cosmetics that features six nail polish shades:  Satin Treat, Afterhours, Call Me Maybe, Dream Catcher, Showstopper, and One Night Only.  As shown about from left to right.  How pretty do those shades look?

The Showstopper Collection features bright, bold hues in shades of pink that pop, muted fluorescents, lush floral tones, vibrant reds and sophisticated neutrals to highlight the cheerful optimism and playfulness of the season.  Each color brings a new fresh take on classic shades of red, pink, lavender and nude.  - Duri Cosmetics


Review: Tribal Colours Glitter - #13

Today I would like to share with you a Tribal Colours Glitter nail polish in Shade 13.  I received this from BornPrettyStore for review purposes.  I was instantly drawn into Tribal Colour's bottle shape, since it looked different from the usual slender/fatty type of bottles that sit in my nail polish stash.  How the glittered nail polish sat in the bottle just made it more tempting.


Review: tweets:) - ROFL

On the weekend, as I was browsing around Walmart, I noticed they finally placed up the tweets:) nail polishes.  tweets:) nail polish is from the company Tweets Cosmetics, who developed a nail polish that is water-based and supports healthy nail growth.

Tweets Cosmetics decided to name their polishes with short text names, which I think is funny.  You could see the other names on their site: here.

I decided to pick up ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing), since I felt like I needed more orange polishes in my stash.  Not to mention I was drawn into the shimmers that glistened within the bottle.


Review: Hard Candy Bow Ties Optional

If you are following me on Instagram, or my Facebook Fan Page you have seen these swatches already.  I am finally taking the time to post the swatches up of Hard Candy's Bow Ties Optional new glitter that recently hit Walmart.  I haven't gone to Walmart lately, and haven't paid attention to the news from Hard Candy.  However, as soon as I saw the new polishes from Hard Candy I went "Oh what is that?!"  



Swirlin' about in the Polish

Today I decided to mess around some more with needle drag or no water marble technique, whichever way you think is best to call it.  I had this urge to toss some glitter upon it as well.  My motivation for nail art lately has been really...lacking.  Have you ever had those moments?


Marbled away

My nails at the moment were one of those I got lazy and irritated.  I was suppose to do water marble nails and for some reason it just would not go the way I planned it.  The colors I picked would normally work nicely, but when I dipped in my finger it was just horrible!  Put it this way it combined to look grey...I have no clue!  I normally do water marbles fine, but that day was just terrible.  So I decided to just do a dry marble or some know it as a no-water marble.  It's where you basically use a needle/toothpick/etc and drag the nail polish around.  

And even at that I still was not happy with it.  I am being uber picky and lazy at the moment.