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Review: Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure in Ka-ching

Today I have an amazing product to show you.  It is one of Katy Perry's Color Pop Lashes by Eylure in Ka-ching.  Katy Perry and Eylure did it again and teamed up to pull off another set of natural false lashes line to add to her previous collection with them.  These Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes are meant to pop out your eyes more by adding a little flash of subtle color to your lashes.

Eylure is a wonderful false eyelash company, and all their lashes are 100% natural.  They are reusable and suitable for those of us who wear contact lens.  Eylure has been around since 1947, and were worn by several iconic gorgeous ladies: including Elizabeth Taylor.  They even have been working with some of the cast with one of my favorite shows Sons of Anarchy.  And not to mention, all their lashes are handmade!  How awesome is that?


My date day anniversary look!

Hello lovelies!  Today I am showing you a look that I did last Saturday for my date day with my love.  To make it more interesting it was our 10th anniversary of being married.  Yes I did get married young, but don't regret a thing.  I wasn't able to take pictures of places we went to and ate at.  I got to splurge a bit on goodies from shopping at some of my favorite shops.  Not to mention buy goodies for such a dear friend of mine.  


Review: Ever Bilena Superlash Mascara - Blue

Today I am bringing you another review from the product Ever Bilena Cosmetics that I had received from my best friend's, Les, goodie package to me.  Ever Bilena is a popular brand in the Philippines that doesn't cost a lot.

I mentioned to her before that I wanted to try out colored mascara again.  She told me how a lot of people were using a blue mascara there that wasn't expensive at all.  So she picked me up Ever BIlena's Superlash Mascara Blue.    

I thought this wonderful how they have the mascara color shade as part of the tube design.  That way you don't have to look for the color name on the mascara tube, which honestly could be a hassle if you are in a hurry or you have some tubes that look the same.  


Accidentally saw the Sunset + Quick Eye Look

Today I will be showing you two looks I did.  One for today and the other one was for Wednesday.  I was messing around with my palettes today, and not even sure how, but I accidentally did a sunset look.  I was going for a more different yellow and red eyeshadow combination look, but guess that wasn't happening.  Because my hands ended up doing a total sunset.  Think of something in your head, executed totally different by your hands.  Happens sometimes with nail art too haha.


Thursday's Look: Date Night

Thanks to my friend Emily (you could visit her blog here) for helping me decide which eyeshadow I was going to pick for my look.  I wanted something that had matched my shirt.  I wasn't sure which way I was going to do it.  I had three looks in my head, but we both agreed the teal and orange would look nice.
The top that I am wearing was my birthday gift from my mom.  I haven't worn it at all, to my surprise I had actually forgotten about it.  It was hiding inside my closet behind some jackets.


Review: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Remover Wipes

Thanks to Klout I was able to try out Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes.  Aveeno is a great product to use if you have sensitive skin.  I have been using their products ever since my son was born, due to his eczema prone skin. Not to mention hubs and I have slightly sensitive skin.  So some of the Aveeno products could be found around the house.
Discovering that they have developed a makeup remover wipe, I was intrigued by it and wanted to try it.  Once again thanks to Klout for allowing it to happen.


Tutorial: Inglot Freedom System how to remove pans

I decided to post this tutorial mostly because someone had asked me how do I remove my pans from the Inglot Cosmetic's Freedom System pans.  So for those who do not know how to as well, hopefully this well help you.

Inglot Cosmetic has a customizable palette that they call "Freedom System."  Where you could personalize these already made palettes, and place inside it eyeshadows, blushes, powder, or concealers just to name a few.  They are actually at the prices of drugstore brands, but pack a nice punch when it comes to pigmentation.  You could find some swatches of their eyeshadows on my blog.

In order to remove the pans from the palette you need a strong magnet for it.  I do the way that Inglot suggest to you on how to remove it.
The best magnet to use is honestly located on this lid!  All you have to do is just take the top lid off.
On the under side of the lid is the magnet that I use to remove the pans.
 Place the magnet over the corner edge of the pan you want to remove.
The pan will attract and TADA you could pull out the pan.  From there you could adjust how you want your palette to look.

Enjoy :D


L.o.t.D. Teal me up

Today's look is one of my favorite eyeshadow shades combination.  I seriously love the shades pink, purple, and teal working together on a look.