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Review: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Matte V.1 Brights Palette

Today's review is a palette I came to learn to love.  I had it ever since Christmas, which was given to me by my hubs.  He knew for awhile I wanted this palette, but never bought it.  Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Matte V.1 Bright Palette is not your average sort of palette.  This is a very colorful palette that might be intimidating to those not use to dealing with colors for eyeshadow.

Sleek Makeup claims that: Ultra Matte is intensely creamy, highly pigmented colors that are super blendable.  These mineral-based eyeshadows are so smooth in texture that they are ideal for contouring eyes and creating multi-dimensional looks.


My Saturday Look

Saturday was a very emotional day for me.  It was my grandfather's birthday, and he would of been 82 years old.  Though how many years have passed it is still something that hits me in so many ways.  That same year I lost my grandmother and grandfather months near each other.  I haven't cried about them since their funeral, and after reflecting how things have changed between my mom's side of the family, it hit me hard.  I miss them both loads.
We went to my mom's house for a bbq, to celebrate my grandfather's birthday.  Upon returning home, I cried as I reflected on the memories I had of them both.  I shut down for the rest of the night.  Just wanting to be alone.  Losing loved ones is never easy.  May they rest in peace.   
Kahit ano nga yare nga dyan yung familia mo para sayo (No matter what happens your family is there for you).  
So here is the look I did for that day:


Scattered about!

Been pretty busy lately with a lot of projects going on.  So here are some looks that I did over the weekend that I never got around to posting.  Please excuse the mess!


L.o.t.D. Play Around Moment

Yesterday I actually decided to shell out two looks for fun!  I'll have them separate though.  I wanted to do a look that didn't use so many colors from the Sleek Makeup Acid palette.  I picked three colors and stuck to it.


L.o.t.D. Oh Hello Bright Eyes

Sleek Makeup's iDivine Acid Palette, is one of my favorite palettes to work with.  I love how bright the colors are in it.  When ever it is gloomy outside, I grab these to brighten up my day.


Saturday was date night!

So on Saturday it was basically a day where hubs and I had some time to relax.  Going on a little mini date together, while Xan was at my parents' house. 


Review: Sleek iDivine Acid Palette

Sleek Make-Up is a cosmetic company that was designed for a dark skinned woman.  Their products are cheap, and is considered a drugstore brand.  The eyeshadow palettes go for $10 each.  When I first saw a look Leesha (xsparkage) did using the palette, I knew I had to get it.