Review: Own Skin Health Renewing Products

Today I would like to introduce to you three products from Own Skin Health, which I received from iFabbo for review purposes.  I am always looking for something to help with my skin care routine.  When I saw this on iFabbo I had to pick it out since Own Skin Health are clinically proven to work with our body's skin to produce younger looking skin.  Investing on a good skin care routine is always a must since how harmful some products could be towards our skin, and not to mention the sun.  

The three products I received are:
  • Firming Silk Concentrate
  • Lifting Eye Cream
  • Refining Moisture Night Cream
Their products does wonders for all skin types and focus on anti-aging of the skin.  Own Skin Health is cruelty free and natural products.


Review: BA Star Natural Shadow Palette

Today I have a product from BA Star featuring their Natural Shadow Palette to show you.  I received this product from BrandBacker, which is a site that allows you to work with other companies to review products.  

BA Star is a company that focuses on cheerleaders, competitors, dancers, and such.  BA Star supplies a wide range of items from glitter stickers to eyeshadow to blush to headbands to duffles.  So perfect for those who are into cheerleading, dancing, and such.

It comes in a plastic wrapper package, and after opening the package to remove the shadow, I realized it was wrapped once more.  I was actually glad that it was nicely sealed.


Review: BornPrettyStore - YANQINA Pink Dot Waterproof Eyeliner

For today I would like to share with you this cute pink dotted waterproof eyeliner by Yanqina that I received from BornPrettyStore for review purposes.

I always loved the color combo of pink and black on items.  It reminded me of a girly sort of vintage feel to things.  The one bow, script writing, and the dots seriously enhance the package of this eyeliner more.


Review: Lord & Berry Cosmetics - Tulip Red & In the Black

Today I would like to share with you two items, Shining Lipstick Pencil Tulip Red & Smudgeproof Waterproof Eye Pencil In the Black, by a company that is fairly new:  Lord & Berry.

I have received these products from LookFantastic.com for review purposes.  LookFantastic is an online beauty boutique that is located in Britain.  They carry a wide range of products from hair, makeup, nail products, to perfume.  Their list just goes on and on.  Not to mention they have medium & high end brands as well.  LookFantastic is a nicely organized site putting the items into categories.  For example: Nail Polish is organized by nail color sections.  You don't have to keep going through lines and lines of colors.

Here is an example of the nail polish section, and you could see some of the brands that they carry as well:

Moreover, LookFantastic is FREE shipping worldwide!  Can you believe that?  With the brands, they carry I am truly amazed by it!  So make sure to check the company out!  You will be surprised to see what brands that they have.

Now back to these wonderful products from Lord & Berry!


Review: BornPrettyStore Cute Bear Eyeliners

Today I would like to share with you these cute bear eyeliners from the company Yanqina that I received from BornPrettyStore for review purpose.  As soon as I saw these I was in "ERMAHGERD these are so kawaii desu ne!"  Basically cute!  :)


Review: "Save our sweaters!" with Lilly Brush

Straight out of the box

Today's review is something very different from my usual post.  It's on a Lilly Brush that I received from iFabbo for review purposes.  iFabbo is an international organization that works with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers and publishers.  Make sure to check out iFabbo and join it.  It'll take awhile to get an approval, but it never hurts to try.


Review: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Matte V.1 Brights Palette

Today's review is a palette I came to learn to love.  I had it ever since Christmas, which was given to me by my hubs.  He knew for awhile I wanted this palette, but never bought it.  Sleek Makeup i-Divine Ultra Matte V.1 Bright Palette is not your average sort of palette.  This is a very colorful palette that might be intimidating to those not use to dealing with colors for eyeshadow.

Sleek Makeup claims that: Ultra Matte is intensely creamy, highly pigmented colors that are super blendable.  These mineral-based eyeshadows are so smooth in texture that they are ideal for contouring eyes and creating multi-dimensional looks.


Back to the Basics

Lately things have been a bit hectic for me.  Mostly just been seriously busy, and the up and downs of drama.  Who wants that right?!  Well I barely have time to do any nail art or it has been no motivation.  Awhile ago I was able to actually sit down and relax around my nail polish.  I went back to the basics and did a simple leopard print.  
  • ORLY Bonder for base coat
  • Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
  • Illamasqua Nomad
  • Illamasqua Prosperity
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color Disturbia
  • Black Acrylic Paint
The gold flakes on my ring finger are from BornPrettyStore, and I honestly love these things!  One of my best friend Emily, sent me a few a while back and I ended up buying more sheets!  They are just so simple to use!  You get twelve containers that are filled with gold orange green sort of foil sheets.  They cost only $6.28!  Don't forget you could use my code "LARJ61" to get a 10% off your purchase!

So there you have it that's what is on my nails at the moment.  What do you have on your nails?  What have you been up to?  

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: Hard Candy - Jubilee & Fantasy Makers - Once Upon a Time

Today I have swatches of Hard Candy's latest new polishes called Jubilee to show you.  For some reason I decided to pair it with a nail polish I haven't used for a while that is also a glitter polish, Fantasy Makers Once Upon a Time.

I love how much glitter is packed into these small bottles and not to mention jelly base!  


Review: KKCenterHk Seemingly Pearl Red Bow & Heart Tree & Girl Water Decals

Today I would like to share with you two nail art decorations that I received from the online shop KKCenterHk for review purposes.  

At first I wanted to split up the reviews then I realized these would look nice together.

The Heart Tree & Girl water nail art decorations is $2.82 per a sheet and comes with 22 images.  They are simple but yet very eye catching.  I love how there is a silhouette of a girl and there are flowers in her hair that enhance the image more.  I think that is what drew me into these water decals.  I love flowers and swirls!  

When using water decals make sure after you place the image upon your nail that you dab it with a tissue paper or whatever your preference may be.  If you do not, and you place a top coat over it you are risking the chance of it being ripped in the process.

The Seemingly Pearl Red Bow nail art decorations cost $5.60 for about 50 pieces.  There were some of the bows where the pinkish under color was actually the bow.  I thought that was pretty interesting and a bonus. There wasn't a lot that was like that.  Maybe about only 5 pieces.  The only issue that did bother me with this was when I placed a top coat over the bow it did bleed.  

  • Sinful Colors Orange Cream
  • Milani Nail Lacquer A Rose My Lady
  • Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy 
  • China Glaze Glitter all the way
The heart rhinestones on the thumb were from KKCenterHk as well, and you could see my review for those HERE.  Remember you could get 10% off your purchase with the code JUSTTISEMS.

Have you peeped out KKCenterHk yet?  What are on your nails right now?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: Hard Candy Bow Ties Optional

If you are following me on Instagram, or my Facebook Fan Page you have seen these swatches already.  I am finally taking the time to post the swatches up of Hard Candy's Bow Ties Optional new glitter that recently hit Walmart.  I haven't gone to Walmart lately, and haven't paid attention to the news from Hard Candy.  However, as soon as I saw the new polishes from Hard Candy I went "Oh what is that?!"