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Nails done? OH YEAH! Check!

It really is gradient mania going on these past few days.  Normally when I do gradients I do the sponging technique.  Where I would take pieces of a cosmetic sponge, and dip it into some nail polish, and then on to my nail bed.

Lately I have been trying out other gradient techniques, that I have discovered, and by far I am loving my fellow nail art lover Sammy's (The Nailasaurus) technique.  It's simple to do, and it just makes it look perfect!  So make sure to check out her nail work as well!  She does a brilliant job when it comes to nail polish.

So on to my nails! 
"THE CLAWWWW!"  *imitates the voice of the toy aliens from Toy Story* Seriously every time I hear someone complain about how someone takes a picture of their nails doing the claw, that pops in my head.  I think the claw is one of the best ways to show off all your fingers, and thumb :)
Nail Polish Used:
  • ORLY Bonder for base coat
  • Rimmel London English Rose
  • Rimmel London Hard Metal
  • China Glaze Fast Forward for top coat

How do you do your gradients?


Nails done? OH YEAH! Check!!

It's been awhile since I have done a classic animal print design on my nails.  At first I was going to stick with just leopard prints, but then I decided to mix in some cheetah prints with it.
  • Orly Bonder
  • China Glaze Classic Camel
  • China Glaze VIII
  • Orly Rockin Rockette
  • China Glaze Fast Forward Dry Coat
Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy your day!  Happy weekend!