Happy New Years!

To the companies that allowed me to review their products,

Thank you for making 2012 memorable with trying out new products and opening up my eyes to some wonderful goodies!  And I can't wait to continue working with you again.  

To my lovely followers/viewers,
Thank you for supporting me with what I love.  I made some wonderful friends in 2012 just by a simple tweet and such.  You all are fabulous!  

I hope 2013 will be a great one for all of you.  Out with the bad and in with the good!  

From my family to yours, HAPPY NEW YEARS!  Drink Safe and party the night away!  

I have some wonderful goodies to show you, and I'll return to blogging on the 2nd.  Going to enjoy some quality family time <3

Do you have any new year resolution?  


Review: Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure in Ka-ching

Today I have an amazing product to show you.  It is one of Katy Perry's Color Pop Lashes by Eylure in Ka-ching.  Katy Perry and Eylure did it again and teamed up to pull off another set of natural false lashes line to add to her previous collection with them.  These Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes are meant to pop out your eyes more by adding a little flash of subtle color to your lashes.

Eylure is a wonderful false eyelash company, and all their lashes are 100% natural.  They are reusable and suitable for those of us who wear contact lens.  Eylure has been around since 1947, and were worn by several iconic gorgeous ladies: including Elizabeth Taylor.  They even have been working with some of the cast with one of my favorite shows Sons of Anarchy.  And not to mention, all their lashes are handmade!  How awesome is that?


Review: Hello Kitty Sleeping Mask Exfoliating Gel

Today I have an item to share with you that is a Hello Kity Sleeping Mask Exfoliating Gel from Uniqso, which is for review purposes..  If you are unfamiliar with Uniqso, they are an online store company based out of Malaysia that carry big eye circle lenses.  They are now also carrying nail polish, false lashes, and makeup!  They have super friendly service, and their website is easy to get around with.


Review: Best Sence Plant Aromatic Quick Drying Base Nail Polish - Camomile

Today's review is a nail polish base coat that I had received from KKCenterHk for review.  It's another product from the company Best Sence and it is their Plant Aromatic Quick Drying Base Nail Polish [BESE-N310-Camomile].  Camomile is basically Chamomile.  It really depends upon how you spell it.

I was interested in how this base coat would work out since it had a scent of Chamomile with it. 


Merry Christmas!

To all who read my blog, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  If you don't celebrate it, happy holidays! Sorry I know that my post have been lacking lately, but my head is being focused with family time right now. I'll resume hopefully later on this week.  I have so many things to share with you!

What are your Christmas plans?  Did you get something really awesome?

Thank you for being such a wonderful follower on my little blog!  It means a lot to me!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!  <3


Review: Best Sence Milk Nail Polish Remover [BESE-B015-Milk]

Today I have a very interesting item, Best Sence Milk Nail Polish Remover [BESE-B015-Milk], to share with you that I had received from KKCenterHk for review purposes.  KKCenterHk is a Hong Kong based company, whose site provides you with so many wonderful items.  From nail art supplies to makeup to even wigs.  That is just to list a few!

As soon as I saw that it had milk and nail polish remover in the title, I knew I had to try it.  I always go by "Never knock something out, until you try it." 


Review: Viva la Nails Christmas Nail Art Sticker and Water Decals

Today I have some Christmas nail art stickers and water decals to share with you, and these are from Viva la Nails.  They are a lovely company based out of the UK that deals with nail supply items.  Viva la Nails website isn't just another site that sells nail care, nail art, nail polish etc. sort of supplies.  They also give you some of the latest nail care technology to improve your nail product stash.  Their website is very easy to navigate around, so you won't get lost trying to find items that you may want.  

I received six sheets: three water decals, and three nail art stickers; for review.


Another FiS on lipsticks OPPS!

Well recently I read on Gianna's blog, also known as Nouveau Cheap, that CVS was having a clearance sale on selected products.  You could see her list: here.  I noticed that Milani Cosmetics' lipsticks and Revlon ColorBurst lipstick were all 75% off.  I knew I had to get some that caught my eye.  So once again my FiS session continues with lipsticks.  

I didn't pick up that many since I wasn't really feeling some of the colors, or the other lipsticks were all disgusting looking.  What I mean by disgusting looking is, used basically.  Where the lipstick would be all smudged up on the sides etc.  ICK!  Who wants that right?  It seriously bothers me when some people do that.  Just ugh look up swatches on your phone or at home before you buy something really.  If there is no tester DON'T OPEN IT!  This is why I always sanitize my lipsticks when I buy them.  Even if its still brand new, I do it anyways.  It has become a habit to do so.  Better safe than sorry.

Splatter LOVEEE!

I will always love splatter nails.  They are seriously my go to nail look when I have no idea what I want to do on my nails.  I ended up sponging some neon polishes on my nails and manipulated it about with a clear polish allowed it to dry before doing a straw splatter over it.  For my accent nail it was just a simple sponge gradient with acrylic paint, and I placed a square stud that I received from BornPrettyStore.  You could see my review for that product: here.


Hot off the Press: Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure announced

I never really do this but I had to share this with my lovely readers.  When I am having a night out on the town, or hitting a party I always grab up Eylure lashes.  They are seriously my favorite to use.  When I saw that Katy Perry came out with another line with them "Color Pop" I knew I would be wanting them.  And the pictures enticed me more!  

Eylure is a wonderful false eyelash company, and all their lashes are 100% natural.  They are reusable and suitable for those of us who wear contact lens.  Eylure has been around since 1947, and were worn by several iconic gorgeous ladies: including Elizabeth Taylor.  They even have been working with some of the cast with one of my favorite shows Sons of Anarchy.

Katy Perry's first collection of false lashes with Eyelure debuted around February 2012.  They are focused upon Katy's fashion sense and her unique personal style.  Yesterday Eylure had announced that the lovely Katy Perry had designed four wonderful new eyelash styles that will be color-engaging and eye-opening to her collection for Eylure.


Uh-oh total FiS moment with Lipsticks!

Recently I have been on a "must grab more lipstick" phase.  I knew I had to complete my Wet n Wild Megalast lip colors, since they are one of the best cheapo matte lipsticks I love.  Then there was that sale Make Up Academy MUA Cosmetics was having, and I wasn't really feeling eyeshadows at the moment so I splurged on their lipsticks.

If you know me, you know that I hate spending a lot on just one product.  If I do it's because I really want it!    I am more of the girl who will see it as "Oh it's $25 for one...UGH I could buy several items with that price! K next!"


Review: Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Scarlet

Today I have an item to share with you that I received from one of my best friends, Les.  It's a matte lipstick from the company Ever Bilena, which is a popular cosmetic brand in the Philippines.  This was one of her "I challenge you Ems" product since she knew I was sort of scared to wear bright red or anything red, sort of lipsticks.  The lipstick shades name is Scarlet.


Swirlin' about in the Polish

Today I decided to mess around some more with needle drag or no water marble technique, whichever way you think is best to call it.  I had this urge to toss some glitter upon it as well.  My motivation for nail art lately has been really...lacking.  Have you ever had those moments?

Review: BornPrettyStore 2 Way Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner Gel/Pencil Smoothing Smoky Make Up

Today for my review I have an eyeliner I received from BornPrettyStore that is a 2 Way Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner Gel/Pencil Smoothing Smoky Make Up.  If you never knew that BornPrettyStore also sold cosmetics, well now you do.  They sell a wide range of products:  nail art decoration, eyeshadow, false nail tips, lipstick, phone cases, circle lenses, and BB cream just to name a few.  Their website is very easy to navigate around and you will soon find yourself adding items to your shopping cart.

This eyeliner is from the company Landbis and it is their Long Lasting Liner in black.  It states that this last 24 hours, but I have not tested this product for a whole 24 hours.


Review: BornPrettyStore 2mm Gold Square Stud Rhinestones

Today I have an item to show you that I had received from BornPrettyStore for review purposes.  It's their 2mm Gold Square Stud Rhinestones.  I was super excited when I received these since I have been wanting some square studs for some time now!  BornPrettyStore is such a wonderful online shop that you could pick up items from nail art decorations to makeup, and is one of my favorite shops to look at.

You receive a small packet containing the studs, that is sort of like a Ziploc bag.  I am not sure on how much are exactly within the bag, but you do get a lot!  You could do several nail looks with just one bag, and should last you quite a while as well.


Oh Lazy Nails!

On Friday I ended up changing my nails, and not even sure why.  Just removed the nails I had for Thanksgiving, and I was super wiped from shopping that night.  So I ended up having a lazy moment from being that drained.  

I ended up doing a quick gradient look and placed on a flower water decal that was from a sheet I received from BornPrettyStore.  


To my wonderful followers who celebrate Thanksgiving, I would like to say I hope you have a wonderful one and get your grub on!  For those of you who are going to be doing some Black Friday shopping at the stores, stay safe!  You know how crazy some people could get.  I will be doing my shopping in the comfort of my own home this year.  For some reason I am just not feeling the sales this year & I am not even sure why.

Well anyways since it's been a bit busy lately, I decided just to do something super simple on my nails.

I ended up just doing a simple gem marble sponge on the base and then did a very quick jaguar print over them.  You could find the tutorial for the gem sponge marble technique: HERE.

  • Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer White on the Spot
  • Maybelline Color Show Downtown Brown
  • Sinful Colors Boogie Nights
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Orly Bonder
  • Seche Vite top coat 
So there you have it super simple since it's going to be a busy day. 

Sorry for the quick post but wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to those who check out my blog <3 

Hope you have a great one and good luck shopping!!


Review: Kawayii Eyelash Natural Long from Uniqso

Today I have a review for you on Kawayii Eyelash Natural Long 023 lashes that I had received from Uniqso.  If you never knew that Uniqso carried false natural lashes, now you know.  They actually carry other items from makeup to nail polish.  Not just big eye circle lenses.  So if you're into the big eye looks you could grab your lashes and your lenses in the same place!  One stop shopping I say!

They came inside a case that had a clear lid, which I actually liked.  Because some false lashes don't even have a case if you would like to reuse them again.  So it was good to see that this had a case that you could tuck away after cleaning it up.


Review: BornPrettyStore 12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Caviar Manicure Glitter Nail Art Decoration

Today I have a review to share with you, a product from BornPrettyStore, a 12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Caviar Manicure Glitter Nail Art Decoration.  If you have not heard of BPS yet, you are really missing out.  They offer items from nail art to make-up to even items for your bicycle.  Did I mention it's all free shipping worldwide?  Their prices are cheap even!  So make sure to check them out, if you have not done so already.

How colorful does that look all sitting there together?  You get twelve different colors that are inside these little jars for just $5.41!  Such a great deal really instead of buying one huge jar at a craft store of just one color.  

The colors you get are random though.  So don't expect to get the same exact colors as I did or that they have pictured on their sites.  I really didn't mind that issue at all since they're all still very colorful and easy to use.

Messing with the Acid

It's been awhile since I had used my Sleek iDivine Acid palette.  So I decided to mess with it for my look for the day.  Sleek's Acid palette contains some of my favorite eyeshadows in it.  So brightly pigmented since they're NEON!  Here's a quick face look I did just for fun.


Review: Uniqso I.Fairy Yuri Red

Today I have another pair of big eye circle lenses to share with you from the lovely company Uniqso.  I decided to pick an I.Fairy circle lenses in Yuri Red.  Uniqso is a company that is located in Malaysia, and carry a wonderful various selection of lenses.  They supply prescription and non-prescription lenses.  They also have some cosmetic and nail art products as well.

They supply you with a free lens case, that will be a random color.  The top is transparent enough so that you  could see what lens are inside, which I find very helpful if you have more than one contact/circle lenses.  If you are wondering what the cotton swab is for, it's basically for removing the circle lenses from the tubes.  


Review: Wet n Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Collection Sparkle Til Morning

So a while ago I picked up another Wet n Wild Limited Edition palettes: Sparkle Til Morning.  I was curious to see what the rave was about with it.  It took me a while though to get it because I kept going back and forth debating if I really wanted it or not.  I eventually made up my mind and did a total FiS moment on it.

I sort of found it funny how everything basically was neutral sort then all of a sudden BAM one blue eyeshadow pan.  I guess it's mostly because I love color!  But of course you don't have to use this palette to do a look.  You could always mix it up to the way you like to do your eye looks.


My November 2012 Birchbox!

Over the weekend I received my Birchbox for November, and it was three days early.  I was super excited to get it, and worried I might not be so happy with it.  Boy was I wrong!  I loved this box, though minus one thing that made me go meh, but it's all good.  Hits and misses right?

So this month they were focused on the wonderful get your grub on Thanksgiving.  So who is ready to fill their belly up with delish food?  Oh not to mention SHOPPING!  I know I am haha.  But they are also supporting the Art of Elysium and you could check out the Birchbox site to see what items the celebrity supporters picked and buy it.  I love the little logo design above the Art Of Elysium.  It feels so welcoming for a child really.  


Nail Art & Acetone? Why not?!

So this week I used acetone (nail polish remover) to manipulate the nail polish upon my hands.  I finally got around to doing the acetone watercolor nails that I has been on my list for awhile now, and revisited my acid grunge nails as well.

If you are unsure what watercolor nails using nail polish remover is, you could watch a quick tutorial of it: CLICKIE

At first I knew I wanted to do acid grunge nails for sure, but I wasn't sure what colors to use for the watercolor ones.  I kept looking at my nail polishes switching back and forth.  I eventually came to terms and went "K neon polishes it is!"


Marbled away

My nails at the moment were one of those I got lazy and irritated.  I was suppose to do water marble nails and for some reason it just would not go the way I planned it.  The colors I picked would normally work nicely, but when I dipped in my finger it was just horrible!  Put it this way it combined to look grey...I have no clue!  I normally do water marbles fine, but that day was just terrible.  So I decided to just do a dry marble or some know it as a no-water marble.  It's where you basically use a needle/toothpick/etc and drag the nail polish around.  

And even at that I still was not happy with it.  I am being uber picky and lazy at the moment. 


Review: Wet n Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Collection - Drinking a Glass of Shine

Today I have a review to show you of Wet n Wild's ColorIcon Eyeshadow Collection in Drinking a Glass of Shine.  My Walgreens had finally put up limited edition palettes from Wet n Wild.

I decided to buy the re-released "I heart Matte" palette which has been re-named as "Drinking a Glass of Shine" since the shops around me never had them.  So I was happy to see this, and knew I had to buy it or I'll end up regretting it lol.

The palette comes with eight pans to achieve several different looks. I like how half of it is colorful while the other half is neutral.  A wonderful palette to bring along for a short trip.  It comes with a sponge tip applicator on one side, and the other side of the applicator has a brush.  I never use the applicators that come with palettes, so I could not give you a statement of how I feel on it.


Review: BornPrettyStore 11 Pieces Hello Kitty & Snow White Nail Art Water Decals

Today I have a wonderful product to show you from BornPrettyStore.  It is an eleven pieces Hello Kitty and Snow White nail art water decals.  
I loved how this had a nice variation of Hello Kitty, Snow White, and flowers.  Oh I almost forgot there is a chubby kitty I am assuming.  It looks more of a cookie jar sort. 


Review: NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Dark Shadows

Awhile ago I received a NYC New York Color IndividualEyes in Dark Shadow with my Influenster VoxBox.  I have honestly never used NYC New York Color eyeshadows at all.  It was something I would always pass up.  I am not even sure if I have seen their IndividualEyes line before.  If I ever look at NYC New York Color it was for their nail polish really.


Review: KKCenterHk Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner

Today I have another eyeliner I received from KKCenterHk to show you:  Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner in black.  I was always intrigued by eyeliners that have one side liquid and the other side a twist eyeliner.  I never bought them because I never really thought of it as something easier to have in my to go bag  or cosmetic bag.  It's always been a separate thing or just carry one eyeliner.  This changes things a bit for me.


Review: KKCenterHk 12Pcs 3D Flower Pattern & Gradient Royal Purple False Nails Tips

Today I have an item to show you that is from KKCenterHk it is one of their JHMJ False Nails Tip.  A 12 pieces 3D flower pattern and gradient royal purple false nails [N213], which I decided to wear over the weekend since I was too lazy to do my own nails.  I have several false nails tip that already have designs on them so when I am in a hurry and have no time to do my own, I could just put them on and head out the door.  They are super convenient to me, especially when I am having lazy days.
You get 12 pieces of false nails that vary from sizes 0-9, and a pink nail glue tube.  


Review: KKCenterHk N.Nail Lotus Ink Painting & Ink Painting Water Decals

Today I have two wonderful water nail decals to show you.  I picked these from KKCenterHk because it reminded me of a Chinese ink paintings that I have seen before.  They are N. Nail Lotus Ink Painting [WDDG079] and N.Nail Ink Painting [WDDG078].  As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have it and what I wanted to do with them.  I decided to wear both of them:  Lotus - right hand; Ink - left hand.

First up...
N.Nail Ink Painting [WDDG078]:

These really reminded me of those Chinese ink paintings I use to see when I went into a Chinese restaurant or walked around the art museum.  It comes with five different images and giving you a total of twenty images.

Review: KKCenterHk Yanqina Waterproof Big Eye Eyeliner Black

Today I get to show you one of my October favorites!  It's a Yanqina Waterproof Big Eye (#8608) eyeliner in black that I had received from KKCenterHk.  If you have actually talked to me you'll come to find that there are some liquid eyeliners that I just cannot wear due to being allergic to it.  Not to mention, that I love black eyeliner!  Surprisingly this liquid eyeliner did not irritate my eyelid what so ever!  

Capacity: 8ml 0.4fl.oz

Size: 15mm x 15mm x 102mm


Review: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Eyeshadows I won

Awhile ago I received notification that I have won 2nd place from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.  I was super excited to get these since I was planning on purchasing from the company anyways.  This just made things so much better and will be my first time trying out their product.  So what better way than to enter their giveaway for a chance to win, right?  Super glad I did, and still in shock that I won.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is an indie company that is based in Australia, and they specialize in mineral cosmetics, and not to mention recently have started to do Indie polishes as well.  Their products are blended by hand which makes their products even more special.  Sophie, the owner, was very kind and helpful when I was making my decision.  Also she's very pretty!


Review: KKCenterHk N.Nail Water Decal French Tip Nail Art

Today I have a pretty French floral tip water decal [WDB062] to show you.
I received these from KKCenterHk and they only cost $2.82 a sheet.  They carry several other French tip water decal designs as well (prices may vary).   They come with 14 images instead of 20, but at the price I still find it cheap.


Review: KKCenterHk - 12 Pieces Middle Clear & 3D Bow False Nails Tips

Today I have a nifty false nails tip to show you, which I received from KKCenterHk.  It's their 12 Pieces Middle Clear and 3D Bow False Nails Tips [N248].
I decided to pick these because I love the fact that there is a clear middle section, despite it having glitter you could still see the nail bed.


Review: KKCenterHk - N.NAIL Water Decals Pirate Skull

Today my nails are sporting a water nail decal sheet that I received from KKCentherHk.  It's an N.NAIL Water Decals Pirate Skulls [WDBLE373].  I decided the pirate skulls would be nice since Halloween is just around the corner, and my son loves pirates.


Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012

The other day I had received my second VoxBox from Influenster, which is their Beauty Blogger VoxBox.  If you have not heard of Influenster it's basically a site of trendsetters who could share their lifestyles and show off their influence upon items they received.  You sign up and basically take surveys, which are their badges.  The badges you earn will help them better understand you, and decide what to give you in your personalized box of goodies.  Oh and did I mention it's FREE?  Yup that's right! 
If you qualify for their boxes they will send you an email, that will show you a link in your profile.  You have a certain amount of days to fill out the form.  So my suggestion once you obtain that email, get at it really fast! 
When you get a VoxBox you don't really know what you get until someone who got theirs before you post up a picture or until you get it.  When they send out the notification the package has been shipped I do not look for pictures to get an idea.  I like surprises and I was actually surprised by it.  I was mostly surprised that nothing broke on its way to me, since they do not wrap anything up at all, which is the down part of it.  But still a great way for experiencing new products.

Review: CUICU Flashing Diamond Single Eyeshadow - Coral Orange & Eggplant Purple

I am so excited to share with you a product I received from KKCenterHK that I instantly fell in love with.  It is two of the CUICU Flashing Diamond Single Eyeshadows: Coral Orange, and Eggplant Purple.  KKCenterHk is a cosmetic online shop that carries various items from lipstick to nail polish to wigs.  The list just goes on really, and you will find yourself discovering new items.

I like how the package is just very sleek and simple.  Not to mention you could see the color of the eyeshadow without even opening the box.  They come in 4.2g which is more than some eyeshadow pans really.  For example:  Sugarpill Cosmetics pan is 4g; MAC Cosmetics pan is 1.5g.  So you really get a lot of product for such a great price really.  

How pretty do those look inside their pan?  When it comes to eyeshadows, I understand how tricky products could be.  Looks pretty and seems pigmented, but once you swatch it isn't that much.  These eyeshadows are not one of them what so ever.


Review: Eylure Naturalites 011

Today I get to share with you another natural false eyelash from the company Eylure.  It is one of their Naturalites in 011 style; which is a shorter version of their 116 style.  Eylure's lashes are made of 100% human hair, and they are reusable and suitable for those wear contact/circle lenses. You could find their products at ULTA stores/online. They go for about $5.99 a set and I consider that a great price.

On the back of the package they supply you with a diagram of how to apply the lashes, which I find very useful for those who are not clear with the instructions or do not like to read.

The kit comes with a pamphlet of instructions and caring guide, and also their Lashfix (their eyelash glue).  I find that their eyelash glue is just as good as DUO and Daiso.  The Lashfix has a spatula applicator, which makes it super easy to apply on to false lashes.  The small tube is wonders as well for when you're making prosthetics for your Halloween costume.  You could toss the tube in your makeup bag for a quick "UH-OH GOTTA FIX IT" situations.  When I use their Lashfix the lashes stay on the whole time I wear it, until it's time to remove it.