Tutorial: Inglot Freedom System how to remove pans

I decided to post this tutorial mostly because someone had asked me how do I remove my pans from the Inglot Cosmetic's Freedom System pans.  So for those who do not know how to as well, hopefully this well help you.

Inglot Cosmetic has a customizable palette that they call "Freedom System."  Where you could personalize these already made palettes, and place inside it eyeshadows, blushes, powder, or concealers just to name a few.  They are actually at the prices of drugstore brands, but pack a nice punch when it comes to pigmentation.  You could find some swatches of their eyeshadows on my blog.

In order to remove the pans from the palette you need a strong magnet for it.  I do the way that Inglot suggest to you on how to remove it.
The best magnet to use is honestly located on this lid!  All you have to do is just take the top lid off.
On the under side of the lid is the magnet that I use to remove the pans.
 Place the magnet over the corner edge of the pan you want to remove.
The pan will attract and TADA you could pull out the pan.  From there you could adjust how you want your palette to look.

Enjoy :D

UH-OH! FiS moment & Review with Inglot Cosmetics!

Over the weekend I turned in my points for a program I have on my phone called Shopkick, for a $50 gift card for Macy's.  And with that wonderful gift card, I splurged on Inglot!
I'll touch base with what Shopkick is first.  It's basically an application that you could hopefully find in your app shop.  It's a wonderful program that allows you to earn points by scanning barcodes on items, and walking into shops.  You earn kicks basically, which is what they call their points.  With those kicks you get to turn them in to random things on their reward programs.  From Starbucks to Macy's, Sports Authority to Toys R Us, just to set a few examples.  So if you get the chance, check it out.  Here's my referral link: CLICK HERE.
So on to my little goodies that I picked up!  As stated went to Macy's to pick up some Inglot goodies.  I kept debating on what to get, and the promo girls at my local Macy's was super wonderful.  I believe one is named Sherri, honestly I forgot cause I was too excited to splurge.  She gave me closer insight of some of the products and her opinion on the ones I had questions about.  Super friendly, and not to mention loved her nails!
I never knew that the Macy's Inglot were suppose to put the pans in for you.  Until she told me that they were suppose to.  They tried to color coordinate my items, but I picked so many random colors haha.  I felt sorry for the girl since I would end up changing it out later on.
The above image was how she arranged it.  It's fine that way, but I still wanted to change it up a bit when I got home.  I know I picked such a wide arrange of colors.


Nail Polish: CQ Intense Color Enamel Polish - Tropics

A few days ago, I realized I didn't have an actual blue sort of shade nail polish.  So I was on a mission to get one for my kit.  Most of the blue polishes that I saw were more of with a metallic or sheer sort of look to it.  Which is something I didn't want.  And if you know me, I don't like spending a lot on polishes.  Cheap polishes are fine to me. 
I was in Rite-Aid walking around and stopped over at the CQ polish section.  They are the same company that makes the Chameleon, and Petites nail polishes.  Their price range goes from $1.99 to $3.99.  I never picked up their Intense Color Enamel line before, so I was pretty intrigued when I caught a glance of a blue that I actually really liked.
I love how the shape of the bottle looks and how the name is on front of it as well.  The cost of the polish was $3.99 and they have a wide arrange of shades.

There were no strays on the brush at all, and it's not too thin or too thick.  Was just right.  Applying it to the wheel went on with ease, and did wonders as a two coaters.
This was the perfect blue I was looking for on a nail look I have in mind.  Hopefully I could get those done before Saturday!

Inspired by my girl Emily: Look + Nails done

So this post is way over due!  A while back one of my fave nail girls, Emily, sent me a picture of a colorful pastel look she did.  I asked her about the colors, and asked if I could do a spin of it.  Of course she said go for it.  Gotta love this girl!
I have actually done this look two times, trying to make it look right on my eyes.  I changed it a little bit on how she originally did it.
So my first take was done with BH Cosmetics' 88 Cool Matte Palette.
I couldn't find my brown liner for this one (still no clue where it went), so I grabbed a cheapo liner from my kit, and it didn't even show on the tight line at all BOO!  It just didn't come out right at all on my eyes.
I gave it a few days before I tried again.  The second time around I loved how it came out!


My June 2012 Birchbox

So yesterday I received my second Birchbox which actually had made me semi-meh for it.  There are actually three items in it I was not fond of receiving at all.  I am thankful though that Birchbox did send them to me, but it just is not for me.


Nail Polish: Essie Mojito Madness

I received this polish from Klout.com and would not be possible without you many followers!  So thank you for making this possible!
I was so excited upon getting one of Essie's summer collection polishes for free.  At first they made it sound like it was more than one, but either way I was happy.  If you know me, you know I love my polishes!
Oh Mojito Madness you are one serious gorgeous lime green color.

I say this would look super nice with some hot fuchsia shade on top of it.  Got to do a nail look with this polish soon. 
I love the formula of Essie nail polishes.  Though sometimes I try to avoid spending $8+ on polishes, they are still worth the grab here and there.
Do you have a favorite Essie polish?  Did you get the Essie perk from Klout?


My current nails: Neon and Black

I actually woke up today at 6:40am and got to doing a gradient splatter scene on my nails, since I couldn't go back to sleep (thanks hubs for allowing the alarm to scream).  I was suppose to do my nails yesterday but after five designs on my hand, I was just not feeling it.

A little FiS moment

I did a little FiS and picked up some goodies.  I am still trying not to spend so much at the moment.  Since a lot of family or coming down and the two special love of my life boys' birthday is coming up SOON.
First off is a Japanese brand called Detclear, which is basically a brightener and peel toner that removes dead skin, black heads, and such.  There is a gel solution of it as well, but I ended up accidentally picking up the liquid solution.  Which honestly doesn't bother me one bit.  I love being able to see results of how smooth my skin feels after using it, and the gunk it picks up.  I will be picking up the gel solution after this bottle is finished.  It has a slight smell of fruitiness, but it isn't anything overwhelming.
I ended up picking up three Wet n Wild Megalast nail polishes from Walgreens.  B2G1F deal.  The colors from left to right:  Heatwave , Tropicalia, and Bite the Bullet.

So there you have it, my little splurge moment.  Like I said I am still trying not to spend so much.

What did you buy lately?  Are you on a no buy?

Check out Klout!

Klout has to be a social networking blogging best friend!  You should really check them out if you're a blogger!  You could receive chances to earn perks, which basically are free items to discounts etc.  From full size to samples.  It's just a wonderful program out there, and it doesn't hurt to try.
So here are the items I have received lately:
Lipton Tean & Honey iced tea packets:  I actually had received this two weeks ago.  Just been that busy.  I obtained 10 samples and inside the little packet there were coupons with it.  The flavor was Mango Pineapple.
Essie Mojito Madness:  I am a total nail polish freak.  So when I had obtained this perk I was super psyched.  And more excited that it was a full size bottle.  I'll discuss this polish later on. 
Trident & Trident Layers:  I received this on Saturday and was actually surprised.  I honestly thought I was going to just get a single pack.  I was telling hubs that the box felt heavy, and wasn't sure if I was getting something else from Klout.  Upon opening it I ended up discovering that it was actually a box of Trident in both the Klout boxes.  WHOA!  Hubs was seriously shocked and kept asking me if I paid for them haha.  "Nope!  Totally free!"  In each box there are 12 packs.  Awesome perk! 

So like I said, if you're into social networking, or you have a blog check out Klout and see what goodies you could pick up!

**I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Do you have a Klout?  If you do let me know, because you never know I might drop by and toss you a K+ :)