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Review: Uniqso I.Fairy Yuri Red

Today I have another pair of big eye circle lenses to share with you from the lovely company Uniqso.  I decided to pick an I.Fairy circle lenses in Yuri Red.  Uniqso is a company that is located in Malaysia, and carry a wonderful various selection of lenses.  They supply prescription and non-prescription lenses.  They also have some cosmetic and nail art products as well.

They supply you with a free lens case, that will be a random color.  The top is transparent enough so that you  could see what lens are inside, which I find very helpful if you have more than one contact/circle lenses.  If you are wondering what the cotton swab is for, it's basically for removing the circle lenses from the tubes.  


Review: KKCenterHk Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner

Today I have another eyeliner I received from KKCenterHk to show you:  Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner in black.  I was always intrigued by eyeliners that have one side liquid and the other side a twist eyeliner.  I never bought them because I never really thought of it as something easier to have in my to go bag  or cosmetic bag.  It's always been a separate thing or just carry one eyeliner.  This changes things a bit for me.


My date day anniversary look!

Hello lovelies!  Today I am showing you a look that I did last Saturday for my date day with my love.  To make it more interesting it was our 10th anniversary of being married.  Yes I did get married young, but don't regret a thing.  I wasn't able to take pictures of places we went to and ate at.  I got to splurge a bit on goodies from shopping at some of my favorite shops.  Not to mention buy goodies for such a dear friend of mine.  


Review: Ever Bilena Superlash Mascara - Blue

Today I am bringing you another review from the product Ever Bilena Cosmetics that I had received from my best friend's, Les, goodie package to me.  Ever Bilena is a popular brand in the Philippines that doesn't cost a lot.

I mentioned to her before that I wanted to try out colored mascara again.  She told me how a lot of people were using a blue mascara there that wasn't expensive at all.  So she picked me up Ever BIlena's Superlash Mascara Blue.    

I thought this wonderful how they have the mascara color shade as part of the tube design.  That way you don't have to look for the color name on the mascara tube, which honestly could be a hassle if you are in a hurry or you have some tubes that look the same.  


Accidentally saw the Sunset + Quick Eye Look

Today I will be showing you two looks I did.  One for today and the other one was for Wednesday.  I was messing around with my palettes today, and not even sure how, but I accidentally did a sunset look.  I was going for a more different yellow and red eyeshadow combination look, but guess that wasn't happening.  Because my hands ended up doing a total sunset.  Think of something in your head, executed totally different by your hands.  Happens sometimes with nail art too haha.


Thursday's Look: Date Night

Thanks to my friend Emily (you could visit her blog here) for helping me decide which eyeshadow I was going to pick for my look.  I wanted something that had matched my shirt.  I wasn't sure which way I was going to do it.  I had three looks in my head, but we both agreed the teal and orange would look nice.
The top that I am wearing was my birthday gift from my mom.  I haven't worn it at all, to my surprise I had actually forgotten about it.  It was hiding inside my closet behind some jackets.


Review: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Remover Wipes

Thanks to Klout I was able to try out Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes.  Aveeno is a great product to use if you have sensitive skin.  I have been using their products ever since my son was born, due to his eczema prone skin. Not to mention hubs and I have slightly sensitive skin.  So some of the Aveeno products could be found around the house.
Discovering that they have developed a makeup remover wipe, I was intrigued by it and wanted to try it.  Once again thanks to Klout for allowing it to happen.


My Saturday Look

Saturday was a very emotional day for me.  It was my grandfather's birthday, and he would of been 82 years old.  Though how many years have passed it is still something that hits me in so many ways.  That same year I lost my grandmother and grandfather months near each other.  I haven't cried about them since their funeral, and after reflecting how things have changed between my mom's side of the family, it hit me hard.  I miss them both loads.
We went to my mom's house for a bbq, to celebrate my grandfather's birthday.  Upon returning home, I cried as I reflected on the memories I had of them both.  I shut down for the rest of the night.  Just wanting to be alone.  Losing loved ones is never easy.  May they rest in peace.   
Kahit ano nga yare nga dyan yung familia mo para sayo (No matter what happens your family is there for you).  
So here is the look I did for that day:


L.o.t.D. Teal me up

Today's look is one of my favorite eyeshadow shades combination.  I seriously love the shades pink, purple, and teal working together on a look. 


Scattered about!

Been pretty busy lately with a lot of projects going on.  So here are some looks that I did over the weekend that I never got around to posting.  Please excuse the mess!


Oh gosh! Open House time

This was my look for yesterday when I was attending my son's Open House at his school.  I realized I haven't touched my Inglot, and Sugarpill items for a few days since the new hauled in items.  And had to go, and do those.

Oh you're such a Sweetheart Sugarpill!

Figured I should do a review on the other pressed eyeshadows that I have from the lovely company Sugarpill Cosmetics.  As soon as I began redoing swatches, Xan (my son) smiles and asked me if I could do another Pokeball on his cheek.
Cheesin' for the camera with his Pikachu!
Sweetheart palette, and Bulletproof was the first items I ordered from Sugarpill Cosmetics.  And I instantly fell into awe with it.  Their palettes go for $34 each, and they contain four eyeshadows in it.  For a single eyeshadow it goes for $12 each.  Pricey for some I know, but if you pick them up you won't regret it.


A sweet and spicy taste of Sugarpill's Burning Heart

I thought I would open this little review up, with the sunshine of my life, my son Xan.  He wanted to help me do my swatches, of Sugarpill's Burning Heart palette when I got it.  So to make it more exciting for him, he asked me if he could have Pokeballs on his cheeks.  I told him we could do that, and he got even more excited.  To the point he even went to the store with his dad, showing off his cheeks.

So let's continue with the review and swatches of this gorgeous palette of theirs!
It may take awhile for them to ship out your item, but honestly it is worth the wait!  You'll notice the box right away since it has a kitty on the front with the Sugarpill logo.  By this time I was so glad I finally got my package, due to the fact stupid USPS did a misroute on my package -cries- But no worries, it got to me safely!  YAY!