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My October Birchbox

Birchbox is basically a subscription site where you pay monthy or yearly and receive several items in a box depending on your profile (questions you answered).  It's a hit and miss with the boxes at times but it's not something that actually bothers me.  It's a gamble that could open your eyes up to new products.  And honestly I prefer the $10 for a box of say five items than paying $12 for a deluxe sample etc.  
 So for this month their focus was on transformation.  
Like always it includes a card giving a description of what they mean or the theme of the box.  


My June 2012 Birchbox

So yesterday I received my second Birchbox which actually had made me semi-meh for it.  There are actually three items in it I was not fond of receiving at all.  I am thankful though that Birchbox did send them to me, but it just is not for me.


My first Birchbox!

I finally decided to try out this whole Birchbox scene that a lot of the bbloggers have been talking about.  Birchbox is a company that is the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products.  There are different subscription types, but I picked the $10 a month.  Every month you'll obtain a box with samples inside that fit your profile.  I find it better than buying sample sizes from shops at times.  Since even some sample sizes could cost about $16 sum.  So why not just opt out for a box that is $10.  You could also buy your items on their site and earn points with every purchase.
So I received my Birchbox over the weekend, and this month it was focus upon Gossip Girl.