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Tutorial: Gradient Spun Sugar Nails

Several people have asked me how I did my gradient spun sugar nails, so I decided to write a tutorial about it.  I do not take credit for the spun sugar technique.  This is just my version of it.  You do not need to do a gradient if you do not want to.  You may skip to the spun sugar part of this tutorial.


Review: KKCenterHk Pink Little Flower & Colorful Flower Water Decals

Today I am bringing to you another product from KKCenterHk:  Pink Little Flower [WDSY1187] & Colorful Flower [WDSY716]  water decals nail art decorations.  The reason why I am combining this post is because after making one hand set of each water decal look, I thought "Hey I am going to wear one look on one hand and the other one on the other hand."  Sadly when I took these photos I used the same hand to model them haha!  So sorry for the confusion, but on to those decals!

If you are unclear how to use water decals here is a quick tutorial on it:

Basically what you need:

  • A cup/bowl of water obviously
  • Scissors
  • Your water decal sheet.  NOT STICKERS!
  • Paper towel or tissue
  • Tweezers is optional
  • Your nails done

When I mean by done, have your base color done at least so you could apply the decals on them.  They do not need to have a top coat already on them.

Next cut out the design you want for each finger and set them to the side.  When you are ready to start putting these on, remove the protective plastic sheath/layer on it.

Dip your decal into the water carefully, and let it sit in there for a few seconds.  Be sure that your decal does not bob to the bottom or side.  You'll have issues trying to lift it out.

Take the decal out of the water with your tweezers, and place it image side down on to your finger.  Slide the paper back and you will see the image upon your finger.  With the image finger angle it right to where you would want it on your nail.  Like how you use a stamper from a stamp plate rock your finger left and right on that area to put it.  Dab off any access water that may be on it with a paper towel or tissue paper.  Afterwards seal it with your favorite topcoat.

Immense nail art work as needed!


Tutorial: Inglot Freedom System how to remove pans

I decided to post this tutorial mostly because someone had asked me how do I remove my pans from the Inglot Cosmetic's Freedom System pans.  So for those who do not know how to as well, hopefully this well help you.

Inglot Cosmetic has a customizable palette that they call "Freedom System."  Where you could personalize these already made palettes, and place inside it eyeshadows, blushes, powder, or concealers just to name a few.  They are actually at the prices of drugstore brands, but pack a nice punch when it comes to pigmentation.  You could find some swatches of their eyeshadows on my blog.

In order to remove the pans from the palette you need a strong magnet for it.  I do the way that Inglot suggest to you on how to remove it.
The best magnet to use is honestly located on this lid!  All you have to do is just take the top lid off.
On the under side of the lid is the magnet that I use to remove the pans.
 Place the magnet over the corner edge of the pan you want to remove.
The pan will attract and TADA you could pull out the pan.  From there you could adjust how you want your palette to look.

Enjoy :D


Tutorial: Nail Art - Sponge Gradient meets Splatter

Remember this nail look I did?  If you don't you can spot it here.
Well I was asked to make a tutorial on this, and I know it is long over due!  So sorry for that, but here it is and I hope you enjoy it!


Tutorial: Nail Art - Acid Grunge Wash

I have been asked several times how I did these nails.  I was debating on doing a tutorial on these or not, but my answer soon came to me.  There's a Rite-Aid near my place, that I usually go to with my son to get ice cream at, but this time I was looking at makeup haha.  The cashier, I didn't get her name at all, stated "You're the one with does her own nails," or something along those lines.  I was surprised that she remembered me at all!  So after that incident, I knew I had to do a tutorial on it! 

Once again these were a combination of inspirations from my dear sweet friend Emily, and Jamie from Nails Adored.