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Review: Elegant Touch Polished Nails - Coral & Envy Wraps Bling - Candy Sprinkles

Today I get to show you two products from Elegant Touch:  Polished Nails in Coral, and Envy Wrap Bling in Candy Sprinkles.  I decided to combine these two together since I thought they would look good together.  Oh yup I was right!

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling in Candy Sprinkles is a great way for someone to enhance those nails even more without dealing with the fuss of doing the nail art etc themselves.  Its a fast easy way to pretty nails.  The Envy Wraps Bling adds texture to your nails while taking them to another dimension.  They also come in Nail Armour, Gone Wild, and Leopard.  

The Elegant Touch Polished Nail set in Coral is a pre-polished set of nails with UV and Gel Top Coat Technology.  It ensures us that these bad boys won't chip, scratch, or fade away during the time you have it on.  This is very handy especially when you don't feel like going to the salon to get your nails done or your nails just look so OMG WTH looking and can't repair it on time for a party.  Have to cover up that mess, right?  They also come in Deep Blue, Misty Grey, and Warm Pink.

You could find Elegant Touch products at ULTA shops or their online website (US followers).


Review: Uniqso Barbie - Puffy 3 Tones Violet

Hello lovelies, and welcome to my blog.  Today I have something different from my usual postings.  I get to show you these wonderful big eye circle lenses from Uniqso!  They are a company that is located in Malaysia, and carry a wonderful various selection of lenses.  They supply prescription and non-prescription lenses.  They also have some cosmetic and nail art products as well.


Review: KKCenterHk Pink Little Flower & Colorful Flower Water Decals

Today I am bringing to you another product from KKCenterHk:  Pink Little Flower [WDSY1187] & Colorful Flower [WDSY716]  water decals nail art decorations.  The reason why I am combining this post is because after making one hand set of each water decal look, I thought "Hey I am going to wear one look on one hand and the other one on the other hand."  Sadly when I took these photos I used the same hand to model them haha!  So sorry for the confusion, but on to those decals!

If you are unclear how to use water decals here is a quick tutorial on it:

Basically what you need:

  • A cup/bowl of water obviously
  • Scissors
  • Your water decal sheet.  NOT STICKERS!
  • Paper towel or tissue
  • Tweezers is optional
  • Your nails done

When I mean by done, have your base color done at least so you could apply the decals on them.  They do not need to have a top coat already on them.

Next cut out the design you want for each finger and set them to the side.  When you are ready to start putting these on, remove the protective plastic sheath/layer on it.

Dip your decal into the water carefully, and let it sit in there for a few seconds.  Be sure that your decal does not bob to the bottom or side.  You'll have issues trying to lift it out.

Take the decal out of the water with your tweezers, and place it image side down on to your finger.  Slide the paper back and you will see the image upon your finger.  With the image finger angle it right to where you would want it on your nail.  Like how you use a stamper from a stamp plate rock your finger left and right on that area to put it.  Dab off any access water that may be on it with a paper towel or tissue paper.  Afterwards seal it with your favorite topcoat.

Immense nail art work as needed!

Review: Stamp Plate [SPPMB29] from KKCenterHk - N.Nail

Today I am introducing to you a stamp plate that I got from KKCenterHk: Stamping Image Stamp Template SPPMB29.
It has a wonderful design of flowers on it, but also a pair of bows and a sparkling glass of wine. As soon as I saw the image I knew I wanted it cause I always get pulled into a nice look floral design.  In order to use this, you must have a stamper and a scraper.  It doesn't necessarily have to be from the same brand in order to use the plate, but you must have those items in order to use any stamp plate for that matter.


Nails & Review: 'Cause this is thriller, thriller night

Normally I would title this as review and the product name but I just could not help it!  In my package from KKCenterHk, they included some water nail decals featuring Michael Jackson (Water Decals Nail Art Decoration Michael Jackson [WDBLE431])!  He was and still is truly a great inspiration for the music industry!   As I was opening up my package, my son (Xan) came over and started snooping around.  He always does that and gets excited to see what I get.  He quickly spotted the Michael Jackson water decals, and goes "You have to put these on now!"  Oh did I forget to mention to you, he loves listening to Michael Jackson!
The one on my thumb was Xan's favorite image out of the five images that are on the sheets.  I have to agree with him!
Michael Jackson Water Decals 


Review: KKCenterHk - N.NAIL 5 Pieces Resin Brown Ice Lollies Nail Art Decorations [N.NAIL-DRN181]

Hello lovelies, and how are you all doing?  Today I am here to share with you an item I had received from KKCenterHk.
N.Nail 5 Pieces Resin Brown Ice Lollies Nail Art Decorations [DRN181]
These are resin brown ice lollies [DRN181], which comes in a set of five.  How cute are these?  As soon as I saw these I knew already what I wanted to do, which was an ice cream candy sort of theme. 


Review: KKcenterHK 3D Cutie Bow tie & Checker Background False Nail Tips [N184]

Today I have the opportunity to show you another item from KKcenterHK, a company that I have mentioned before.

I use to be a little bit hesitant when it came to false nail tips because as some of you know I had natural long nails.  After cutting my nails I decided it was time to use some false nails on me instead of on a client for a shoot.  It took some time to get use to short nails again, and as soon as I started messing around with false nails tips and I liked how they would look on my hands.  Now I could switch back and forth between long and short nails comfortably haha.

So after talking to my KKcenterHK contact, I decided to pick up one of their JHMJ False Nail sets.  I was instantly drawn into the 3D Cutie Bow Tie & Checker Background false nail set.
It comes with 12 false nails and a pink nail glue.  At first I thought it was just stating pink nail glue cause of the tube, but NOPE!  The color of the glue itself has a clear pink tint.  It does dry clear though so don't worry!  It's actually neat seeing a different type of nail glue color instead of the usual clear.


Review: KKCenterHk - N.Nail: Stamping plate SPPMB76, Stamp and Scrape kit, Black Bow Decoration,

Today I am introducing you to several items I had received from KKcenterHK.  They carry various items from wigs to makeup; nail decals to eyelashes.  And not to mention they also carry fashion items: scarves, bracelet, belts, etc.
I received three items and was excited upon getting them.
  • N.NAIL Stamping Image Stamp Template Plate SPPMB76
  • N.NAIL 5 Pieces Black Bow Design Nail Art Decorations
  • N.NAIL Scraper And Stamp Set [JR1055]