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L.o.t.D. Teal me up

Today's look is one of my favorite eyeshadow shades combination.  I seriously love the shades pink, purple, and teal working together on a look. 


L.o.t.D. Play Around Moment

Yesterday I actually decided to shell out two looks for fun!  I'll have them separate though.  I wanted to do a look that didn't use so many colors from the Sleek Makeup Acid palette.  I picked three colors and stuck to it.


Oh gosh! Open House time

This was my look for yesterday when I was attending my son's Open House at his school.  I realized I haven't touched my Inglot, and Sugarpill items for a few days since the new hauled in items.  And had to go, and do those.


L.o.t.D. - Oh neutral!

Today was one of those days that I felt the need to go neutral.  As much as I love colorful looks, I need to learn to get back into those neutral moments.  Thanks Emi for that!