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UH-OH! FiS moment & Review with Inglot Cosmetics!

Over the weekend I turned in my points for a program I have on my phone called Shopkick, for a $50 gift card for Macy's.  And with that wonderful gift card, I splurged on Inglot!
I'll touch base with what Shopkick is first.  It's basically an application that you could hopefully find in your app shop.  It's a wonderful program that allows you to earn points by scanning barcodes on items, and walking into shops.  You earn kicks basically, which is what they call their points.  With those kicks you get to turn them in to random things on their reward programs.  From Starbucks to Macy's, Sports Authority to Toys R Us, just to set a few examples.  So if you get the chance, check it out.  Here's my referral link: CLICK HERE.
So on to my little goodies that I picked up!  As stated went to Macy's to pick up some Inglot goodies.  I kept debating on what to get, and the promo girls at my local Macy's was super wonderful.  I believe one is named Sherri, honestly I forgot cause I was too excited to splurge.  She gave me closer insight of some of the products and her opinion on the ones I had questions about.  Super friendly, and not to mention loved her nails!
I never knew that the Macy's Inglot were suppose to put the pans in for you.  Until she told me that they were suppose to.  They tried to color coordinate my items, but I picked so many random colors haha.  I felt sorry for the girl since I would end up changing it out later on.
The above image was how she arranged it.  It's fine that way, but I still wanted to change it up a bit when I got home.  I know I picked such a wide arrange of colors.