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Nails: Just splattering around

Yesterday I decided to do a splatter scene but combine it with some other nail art techniques.  I did two fingers with toothbrush splatter over a white base color, and the other two and thumb a straw splatter over a gem sponge marble technique.  You could find the tutorial here.

At first I attempted a spray paint splatter where you use a spray bottle and dilute some droplets of nail polish with thinner and spritz it on your nails, but I honestly had no patience.


When things don't go as planned but still come out AWESOME!

Originally I wanted to do a look of a bunch of neons on one nail, but then I realized I had executed it wrong.  So basically said "Bump it," and continued going on in a different direction.  I still love how this neon gradient splatter came out.  I always loved a neon base with black nail polish splatter over it.  Just gives that OH feeling!
Before I go on about this, here is a tutorial of how to do them.
They came out wonderful, despite things not going as planned.  But that happens and you just got to make the best of it.


Uh-Oh! FiS on Sinful Colors and New York Colors

So before everyone starts doing a bitchy fit over the product, please understand we are all entitled in our own opinions.  Despite the controversy, IN WHICH Revlon has apologized for and is currently working with the bloggers it had occurred to, I still like the nail polish.  Though it upsets me they did so, I am glad they are resolving the issue.
Sinful Colors is just a nicely priced product that goes for $1.99.  So when it's on sale for just $0.99, I have to grab some!  With that said...
I also included  the two New York Color nail polishes I picked up when Rite-Aid was having the sale of 40% off all New York Color products.
Every thing is listed left to right:
New York Color Expert Last Nail Polish:
  • Green Means Go
  • Flash of Pink
Sinful Colors:
  • Happy Ending
  • Vacation Time
  • Lavender
  • Ocean Side
  • Clementine
  • Slate
  • Rain Storm
  • Citrine
  • Timbleberry
So there is my little haul of polishes over the weekend.  I had to buy Happy Ending again since that was the bottle that had broke awhile back.

Did you pick up any polishes during Walgreens' 99cents Sinful Colors sale?  What is your favorite color from them?


Nail Polish: Sinful Colors Leap Flog

I finally gave in and decided to grab this shade from Sinful Colors.  I honestly thought the name was Leap Frog, and not Flog.  At that moment, I couldn't remember exactly the meaning of flog.
Flog Definition:
  1. Beat (someone) with a whip or stick to punish or torture them: "the stolen horses will be returned and the thieves flogged".
  2. Promote or talk about (something) repetitively or at excessive length.
**Defintion VIA
Pretty interesting for a name.  
The shade is more of a dusty forest green sort of shade to me.  This nail polish is crazy lol.  There are times where it looks more darker and yet paler in forest green.
My only issue with it is, it seems sort of patchy to me after 2 coats.  There were parts on my nail where I could still see through it.  So 3 coats would be perfect for it.
Drying time is so and so.  It does not dry quickly.  But overall I am happy with this nail polish and glad that I grabbed it.

Don't forget that this week until Saturday (July 28th), Walgreens will be having a sale on Sinful Colors for 99cents.  So if you love cheapo polishes it's a good grab for your collection.  They have a wide range of colors.

What is your favorite nail polish from Sinful Colors?

Nail Polish: Sinful Colors - Energetic Red

So I bought this awhile back, lol April to be exact, and never mentioned anything about it.  Better late than never right?
Energetic Red was part of their Wow Pop Collection that pictured superhero comic sort of thing.  Supposedly this is also included in their POPtastic Summer collection.


Uh-oh! FiS moment!

Wait wasn't really an FiS.  More of I was buying items for work, and not to mention some gifts.  Meh FiS or not, it's a haul so HA!
I went to Sephora, and was only suppose to pick up one thing, which was the travel size for the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray.  Doesn't work seriously!  I always end up picking up something else!  So I walked around a bit, and decided to grab Sephora's Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner, and their pencil sharpener since I needed a new one.  I then spotted sponge tip shadow brushes on their sale items section for $1!  Grabbed up two of those.  The canister pots are samples I had asked for.  The left contains Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, and the right is Makeup Forever's HD Elixir Primer.
If you didn't know you could do that, well you can!  You could ask for a sample of foundation, wash, primer, etc. to take home and try it.  I normally don't ask, but I needed to check some other primers out.
See that black bag in the back?  That's where my items were put in!  It looks super sleek, and I was actually shocked.  I never received a bag like that from them before.  Have you?

So the next haul in was a drugstore run.
  • Sinful Colors Nail Polish was going for $0.99 a piece!  So I picked up four at the moment since there wasn't really any colors I wanted.  One is for me, and the other three are for my best friend Leslie.
Here's a close up of the polish I grabbed up.  From Left to right:
  • Island Coral < a peach coral shade which is the one I got for me
  • Pink < one of my favorite neon pink polishes thought it would be fun to add to her collection :)
  • Pink Forever < I think it's one of their new shades
  • GoGo Girl < a nice red shade polish
  • Wet 'n' Wild was going for 40% off the whole cosmetic, and nail polish line.   So I grabbed up two of their eyeliners a Mink Brown, and Black to use for the film mess.  One of their Megalast Lipcolor in the shade Mauve Outta Here.  I ended up realizing I should of picked up more of those lipsticks!
So there you have it my little spree.

What did you pick up over the weekend?


Uh-oh! FiS moment!

Last night, we headed to Target, which was near a Rite-Aid I normally go to.  We decided to swing by, and I was only suppose to grab one of Xan's favorite cookies (Moon pies), but I ended strolling around the cosmetic aisle.  haha which I always end up doing!  I decided to just grab three polishes.
  • L.A. Girl Glitter Addict - Celebrate ($1.50 it was half off)
  • Sinful Colors - Energetic Red ($1.99 typical price for them)
  • Hedy's - Bolts of Blue ($2.99)
I haven't seen Hedy's polish before, but I think I have seen some makeup products from them.  I'll have swatches of these up soon.

The other day, hubs received a package in the mail from Milani Cosmetics.  I totally forgot I entered him into the giveaway they were having on Facebook and Twitter.  I guess he won their last one with the 25 sum random item winners.
He gave me the items, so another intake to my collections.  It was their new shades for this spring Runway Eye Shadows.
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Antigua
  • Golden Touch
I have Peaches & Cream, and Antigua already, so I might be giving these away eventually.

Yesterday I received the items I won from Crown Brush's giveaway they were doing on their Facebook fan page.
I received Enkore's lovely makeup brush set he has with Crown Brush.  I had bought this already last year, but HEY a girl can't have enough brushes haha.  It's funny because I was just talking to my best friend, Les that I was thinking about buying some brushes.  The Cosmetic Gods heard my prayers and granted me brushes YAY!  I'll post up some sort of review or close look of these in due time.

Which of these items are you interested in seeing a review of?

Thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Tutorial: Nail Art - Acid Grunge Wash

I have been asked several times how I did these nails.  I was debating on doing a tutorial on these or not, but my answer soon came to me.  There's a Rite-Aid near my place, that I usually go to with my son to get ice cream at, but this time I was looking at makeup haha.  The cashier, I didn't get her name at all, stated "You're the one with does her own nails," or something along those lines.  I was surprised that she remembered me at all!  So after that incident, I knew I had to do a tutorial on it! 

Once again these were a combination of inspirations from my dear sweet friend Emily, and Jamie from Nails Adored.


Nail Polish: Sinful Colors Zeus and Pandora

Sinful Colors is another cheapo brand of polish.  They go for $1.99 each usually, and you could find them at Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and Target.  I picked these two up a while back over at Walgreens for Buy 2 for $3, and it's from their Castaway collection.