Review: Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

Today I have another Perlier product to share with you with the help from iFabbo, it is their Imperial Honey Body Butter.  I know we all look for the best ways to keep our skin soft, smooth and hydrated.  So I decided to pick this up in the iFabbo shop since I have been happy with other Perlier products before.  

The Imperial Honey Body Butter is formulated with honey that comes from African Black Bees and contains royal jelly.  It nourishes and moisturizes your skin, and will be best to use it during those harsh dry months for you.  It leaves the skin with a pleasant scent of sensual notes of honey and oriental woods.  This is something that they claim.

However in my experience with the Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter I had some ups and downs with the product.  With this body butter it is a very thick cream and I found I didn't need a lot to cover my skin.  I found that it was actually greasy which is normal for me since most of the body butters are like that to me.  So I would avoid applying this to my hands during the day.  Maybe a night regime while I sleep.  It left my skin moisturized for several hours while I was out and about in the sun.  Despite it being very moisturizing which I loved I actually had a difficult time getting over the scent.  It has this burnt chocolate wood type of smell for me, which was very overwhelming.  The scent didn't even easily go away.  When I got home about 4 hours later I could still smell it, although it wasn't as strong when it was applied.  I plan on still using it on my legs not my arms!  

This product comes in a 6.7 fl oz jar and is $40 on HSN.com, but if you use the code iFabbo5 during your purchases you could receive $5 off.

So have you tried  this product?  How do you feel about overwhelming scented lotions?  What kind of product do you use to keep your skin hydrated?

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Review: Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream

Today I have a product from Resvology, Age Corrective Eye Cream, which I had received from BrandBacker for review purposes.  Resvology is a company that focuses on anti-aging solutions.  All of Resvology's products contain 4-AR molecule, is basically the only stabilized ester of the widely recognized "youth molecule," resveratrol.  It has a much more greater gene activating actions in-vitro compared to natural resveratrol, and is Resvology's unique patented molecule.

Resvology's 4-AR Molecule helps reignite youthful gene expression and boosts the presence of collagen and elastin in the skin.  The Age Corrective Eye Cream helps minimize wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.

It comes in a slender tube holding 0.5 fl. oz/ 15ml.  

I found that one pump or half a pump was actually enough for both of my eyes.  The texture was very smooth and thin, but creamy like a lotion or other eye creams.  It has a smell that reminded me of glue paste for some reason, but that was only when I brought it close to my nose to smell it not when it was applied.  For one 15ml bottle it cost $89, which in my book is pretty pricey since I prefer budget friendly products.  I have used it once in a while and I could feel my skin tensing after I have applied it.  I hope to see bigger results later on down the road. 

  • Vitamins A, E, & C ester neutralize damaging free radicals
  • Panthenol conditions and hydrates
  • Barley, Sandalwood, and Olive extracts help soothe the skin and renew natural moisture barrier
To keep in touch with Resvology:
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Review: OSLO Cosmetics - Meteoroid, Sextens, Pictor, Milky Way, Lyra, Aquaii, Grus, Pyxis, Andromeda, & Eye Bond Primer Wand

Hello darlings!  Today I have several products from OSLO Cosmetics to share with you, which was received for review purposes.  Awhile ago Joyce, the owner and creator of OSLO Cosmetics, had contacted me asking if I would like to review some of her products.  Of course I said "Yes," and I am glad that I have done so.  Just like me and many others, Joyce is a makeup junkie.  So yay!  She designed the OSLO Cosmetics line simply because she wanted to share quality products with the world.  Her products are 100% Vegan and cruelty free, not to mention handmade.

The Eye Bond Primer Wand: $7 (may be seen in the picture above) comes in a clear tube, that is sort of lipgloss like.  It has a sponge-doe applicator, and a clear base that is sticky to help hold on to the loose eyeshadow a bit more.  What is also nice about the Eye Bond Primer Wand is that it will also condition your skin as you wear it.  All of the swatches for the loose eyeshadows were applied over the Eye Bond Primer Wand.  After playing with OSLO Cosmetics for a few days now and testing the products against my every day errands to just the weather, I discovered the primer really held up the loose eyeshadow I was wearing until it was time to remove it.

I had received two of her blushes: a full size of Pictor, and a sample size of Sextens.  The blushes when purchased come in a 10gram jar and in loose powder form.  Both of the blushes which I have received could be bought as a single for $7 each, or you may purchase it within the Arc Blush Collection (it comes with three other shades: Indi, Gemini, & Equilus).

Pictor:  is a shimmery light pink blush that has gold shimmer within it.  You could either use this as a blush or a highlighter.

Sextens:  is a gorgeous deep matte with a cranberry shade.  You could build up on this product.  I didn't use that much on the swatch so I could show that a little could go a long way.  That goes with a lot of the OSLO Cosmetic products.

Meteoroid:  $4 is one of their Cosmetic Glitters that they carry.  Meteoroid is basically fine gold glitter with holographic tendencies.  For a full size glitter you get it 5 gram jar.  I have something planned for this wonderful glitter later, and will eventually share with you.


Review: Duri Cosmetics - Truth or Dare Collection

Today I have the latest collection, Truth or Dare, that has spawned up at Duri Cosmetics.  This collection is their Fall and Winter set for this year.  These nail polishes were received for review purposes.  Duri Cosmetics is known as a professional line that aims towards high performance for consumers at salons and specialty stores nationwide.  Their nail polish is meant to be long-lasting and chip-resistant with a smooth finish.  Their nail products are 3-Free: DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.  Each bottle holds 0.5 floz./15ml.

Chemist and Founder Faina Ritz of Duri Cosmetics, wanted to stay true to the traditional fall colors, by creating shades that were a much deeper earth tone and berry polishes which were richer and brighter.  These shades were meant to carry from autumn to winter.  The Truth or Dare Collection contains twelves gorgeous shades that I have come to love.


Review: Pure Beauty Shoppe - Honesty, Sunlight, and Endless

As most of you know, I love neons!  So I picked up three of the neon nail polishes that Pure Beauty Shoppe has to offer, during their 50% off state sale.  If I may add, was very neat!  They would announce a random state on their Instagram account, and that state would get a 50% off their purchase.  I was lucky cause I didn't notice that til a few hours before the sale ended for California.

Pure Beauty Shoppe is an Indie nail polish line that was developed by Danielle Lewis.  She created the line to give all woman an opportunity to have fabulous products that are on a budget.  She was inspired by her mom's fight for breast cancer, that left her needing to uplift women everywhere.  After her mom had passed, her passion became more intense.  Pure Beauty Shoppe sells products from nail lacquer to jewelry to even hair extensions.  Danielle is a very kind soul!  She even offered me a discount code to share with my viewers.  So thank you for that Danielle!

Pure Beauty Shoppe Nail Lacquers are 3-FREE, which means:  No Toluene, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), and Formaldehyde.

As soon as I got back home, I checked out the shop to see what polishes I wanted.  I remember seeing swatches of Destined and wanted it but it was sold out.  I then saw the neon polishes!  I love neon shades.  Even if it's fall you could catch me wearing some neon shades time to time.  I picked up Honesty, Sunlight, and Endless.  I wanted to grab a few polishes at first to try out her product.

How amazing do those shades look within their bottles?!  Once I received the package I was in total awe with how bright they were.  I was instantly pleased as the sunlight shined down on them.  Some of you may have seen the swatches I instantly posted up on my Instagram.

The pictures of the nail polish swatches were taken outside on my patio in direct sunlight.

Honesty is a bright neon pink!  This was in two coats.  I love how bright this pink is!

Endless is a super bright neon green.  This took about three to gain opacity.  I have several other neon green polishes, but they weren't even close to this shade.  I think this is the perfect neon green polish I have been looking for.

I left the best for last.  Am I the only one who usually finds it difficult to apply neon yellow polishes?  I think I have about 5 neon yellow polishes, and with all of them it takes at least four coats just to gain opacity.  They were either too streaky or way too sheer.

Sunlight is such a vibrant neon yellow.  This was only two coats!  I was super amazed by it that it instantly hit the top of my must have for neon polishes.

Not were these just perfectly bright but the formula was just wonderful.  It glided on smoothly and it didn't take very long for it to dry.  The swatches do not have a top coat on it at all.

Here is a nail look I currently have on right now using these neon polishes:

I first placed Duri Cosmetic's Lady in White over my base coat.  That way I would have an easier time when applying the nail polishes with a sponge.  For my ring finger I just did a simple color blocking sort of gradient with Honesty, Sunlight, and Endless.  I did a simple jaguar print over it using a black acrylic paint.  For the rest of the fingers I did the watercolor sponge marble.  I placed a top coat over it, so that way to protect it before I do my acid wash.  I placed a coat of Duri Cosmetic's Murky Answer over the sponged neon polishes.  I allowed it to dry for about 10 minutes before I took a cotton swab dabbed it in nail polish remover and swiped it over my nails a few times.

If you are interested in purchasing some of Danielle's Pure Beauty Shoppe Nail Lacquers feel free to use my 10% off code:

Here are other ways you could keep in touch with Pure Beauty Shoppe:

What do you think of these nail polishes?  Do you love neon polishes as well?

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Review: Blinc - Eyeliner Pencil in Black

Today I have one of Blinc's Eyeliner Pencils to share with you, in the shade Black.  This product was received for review purposes.  Blinc was founded back in 1999 and had a mission of solving beauty problems and perfecting beauty products.  I only discovered the company earlier this year when I was given a Blinc Mascara, which has become one of my favorite mascaras!  You could spot my review for that HERE.

What I love with Blinc is that it comes in a metal tube packaging, just like the mascara had.  I think its super cute, and a wonderful way to hold products even after you have used your Blinc Product up.  I love that it comes with a piece of paper for instructions rolled up inside.  haha my son pretends its a scroll.  I actually gave him this packaging since he wanted it.  What he placed inside it...I have no idea!

The eyeliner pencil has a stylish black and silver covering.  I like how the name stands out upon it.  There is no smudge sponge on it.  It is basically just one sided: cream stick.  Which is fine with me due to the fact I use a smudge brush/sponge stick separately.

The Blinc's eyeliner pencil's formula contains antioxidants and vitamins which help firm and condition our skin as we wear it.
The following powerful ingredients make this a truly unique product: PHYTOSTERYL CANOLA GLYCERIDES: bioactive ingredient based on pure vegetable lipids that maximizes firmness and elasticity for younger looking skin; TOCOPHEROL: vitamin that acts as a natural antioxidant to promote anti-aging and cellular renewal; TOCOPHERYL ACETATE: high potency vitamin that acts as a skin conditioning agent for photo anti-aging. - Blinc

The eyeliner is very creamy that glided on smoothly for me.  If you plan on smudging or blending it out for a softer look, I suggest doing so as quickly as you are finished applying it.  I found it to be a nice shade of black eyeliner, which are my fave to wear.

I attempted to remove it with a facial wipe, and actually had to scrub the swatch off of my hand.  Even with that there was still a trace of the swatch mark.  I had to actually grab my eye makeup remover to get it off my skin.  Super happy with that!

Here is an eyelook I did wearing the Blinc eyeliner pencil.  On my lid I have J.Cat Beauty's Shimmery Eyeshadow Loose Powder in SP122 Selective Yellow.  It actually is more of a gold shade to me.  In the crease I have my friend Edie's (StarCrushed Mineral) Orbit and Meteorite on the inner corner.  The eyeliner is of course Blinc's eyeliner pencil in black.  The mascara is Blinc's tubing mascara in black.

I wore this for 5 hours out in the Cali heat, and I didn't have to do any touch up at all with the eyeliner.  Which is always a win.  I started to do a fake cry to see if tears would cause it to come off, and nothing happened.  I never rubbed my eyes, I didn't want to ruin my eyelook!!

The Blinc eyeliner pencil cost $20 and if you order from Blinc it's free shipping in the US only!  I haven't spotted this in Sephora yet.  So hopefully soon!  You could pick up their mascara from there though.

Have you tried out Blinc products yet?  What do you think of eyeliner pencils?

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Review: Perlier - Volcanic Thermo Renewing Scrub

Today I have another skin care product from Perlier to share with you.  It is their Volcanic Thermo Renewing Scrub which could be found on HSN!  This product was received from iFabbo for review purposes.

Perlier created Volcanic Thermo Scrub by extracting micronutrients within volcanic rocks that are essential and vital for our skin cells.  It contains different sized particles of natural minerals, which are meant to deliver a rejuvenating and smoothing action.  The larger mineral particles work with the Thermal water that stimulates a regeneration deep within our skin.  Meanwhile the smaller particles smooth our skin, removes dead cells and the rough areas.

The scrub comes in a 6.7 fl. oz/200 mL jar, with a twist cap.  It has a large opening, and does not have a scoop to pick up product with.  So if you are planning to use this in the shower or bath, please be very careful with it.

I love this electric blue shade it comes in!  Am I the only one who screamed, "OMG I want that as a nail polish shade"?  Well I do!  The scrub is pretty rough and I actually needed a bit more when applying it to my skin.  After doing so it left my skin soft.  The scent is more aqua like, and not so heavy.

The jar is $25 and you could find it on HSN:

If you use the code iFabbo5 you get a $5 off your purchase for Perlier.  

Have you tried out this product yet?  What do you think about it?

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Review: BA Star - Chocolate Stardust Mineral Eyeshadow


Today I have another product from BA Star to share with you.  It is their latest edition Stardust Mineral Eyeshadow in Chocolate.  This product was received for review purposes from BA Star and BrandBacker.  BA Star is a company that focuses on cheerleaders, competitors, dancers, and such.  BA Star supplies a wide range of items from glitter stickers to eyeshadow to blush to headbands to duffles.  So perfect for those who are into cheerleading, dancing, and such. 

Chocolate Stardust is a lovely chocolate caramel, golden brown, shade that is packed with metallic shimmer.  On the left side, I used it over NYX Eyeshadow Base White.  While on the right, I used it over BA Star's Glitter Base.  The glue liquid base comes in a lipgloss like tube and the applicator has a doe sponged.  The glue reminds me of Elmers glue.  It holds up against sweat and holds on to the glitter and eyeshadow well.  

The difference of it being applied over their Glitter Base is that instead of swiping on the eyeshadow you are basically patting it down gently.  You receive less fallout and it holds up very well.  This eyeshadow glitter base works well with other loose pigments as well.  Of course it should hold up, cause who would hate to be performing and having their makeup coming off from sweat?

I decided to do a very neutral look with the eyeshadow.  I applied it all over my lid and took a dark brown eyeshadow for the crease.  To blend it out more, I just used my facial powder.  A liquid eyeliner and kohl smoky liner were used.  My mascara of choice was Benefit's.  

The Stardust Collection comes in eight other shades.  They all cost $8.75 a piece but right now with the code BBDUST you could get 50% off for it.

So make sure to check out BA Star when you grab a chance!

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Announcement: Joby Nail Art is Thinking Pink

Hi darlings!

Just wanted to let you know about this wonderful fundraiser that Joby Nail Art is holding.  From September 21st  to October 6th, all proceeds that are made off of their Pink Ribbon Nail Art Stickers will be going to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation.

So let's try to get the word out there please and pass this on to family and friends. <3

Thanks beauties and I hope you have a wonderful day!

<3, Emmie


Review: Tribal Colour - Candy Matte Shade 05

Today I get to share with you one of the Tribal Colour's Candy Matte Nail Polishes, Shade 05, which you could find on BornPrettyStore.  This product was received for review purposes.  In the Tribal Colour's Candy Matte Collection there are 19 other shades, and I am eyeing a few of them right now!  Which I will end up grabbing later on haha.

Each bottle comes in a 12ml oz., and has an adorable shape to it.  The Shade 05 is a red-orange sort of shade but in some lighting it looks actually red.  You could gain opacity in two to three coats.  It glided on very smoothly and dried at a decent rate.  It would depend how thick you do your coatings.

It lasted for about four days before I ended up removing it for another polish.  It has a matte with a slight gloss to it.  Not a strong glossy look, still matte none-the-less.

The Tribal Colour Candy Matte Collection is originally $4.36 a piece but is currently on sale for $2.99!

Check out the other shades and products that BornPrettyStore has to offer!

What do you think of this nail polish?  Do you have a favorite matte top coat or nail polish shade?

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Review: BornPrettyStore has Stationary? WHAAAAA??

Today I have some exciting things to show you that I received from BornPrettyStore.  Some of these were bought and some of them were received for review purposes.  Did you know BornPrettyStore carries some cute and interesting stationary?  Well they do and they are surprisingly very budget friendly!  I always love a good stationary!  Post-its, gel pens, ink pens, and ball point pens if they write nice are my faves!  So when I saw some of the new stationary that hit the market on BPS I knew I had to review and pick some up.

*Review Items:  Fresh Garden Canvas Roll, Funny Panda Sticky Pad Notebook, & 6pcs Mini Highlighter Set.
**Bought:  Wings Ballpoint Pen,  Shyness Mushroom Gel Pen, Elegant Crown Ballpoint Pen, Syringe Ballpoint Pen, Pastel Dazzle Gel Pen, & Sunny Dolls Post-it.

You will be amazed by the prices of these and not to mention some of them are currently on sale!!  Not to mention you could still use my 10% Off code for your purchase.  LARJ61!!

WARNING:  Pictures Overload AHHHH!


Review: Missha Cosmetics - Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum

Today I get to share with you Missha Cosmetic's Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum, which I received for review purposes.  MISSHA Cosmetics is a Korean brand that appeared in the US market back in 2009.  They carry a wide range of beauty products: lipsticks, nail polish, BB cream, blush, etc.

The Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum is a highly concentrated brightening serum which improves dark spots and pigmentation in the skin by controlling the creation, transition and the expansion of melanin formation.  

It has active ingredients which absorb quickly to improve the dull complexion and protect your skin.  It contains Neo White LP, White-Cure, and a Noble Prize winning Fullereness for blemish care.  Fermented Rice Water that provides whitening benefits for pure, luminous skin.  20% White Flower Extracts of 7 different kinds of flowers: Rose, Freesia, Edelweiss, Jasmine, Lily, Iris, and Lotus; which moisturizes and relieves your stressed out skin.

It has a press down pump.  Not a lot of product is needed to apply upon your face.  One pump is enough or half a pump.  

The above was a one pump press.  It's more of a gel like substance than a lotion to me.

They suggest that you should apply this serum after toner and eye cream, and before lotion.  It has a mild floral scent, which reminds me of some lotions from Nivea, Jergens, and such that I have used.  It applied and absorbed very quickly into my skin.  It didn't leave a sticky greasy sort of residue on my face and left it feeling moisturized.  My love and I started using it for a week now.  We have noticed some slight changes like scars that have lighten up a bit.  Can't wait to see the more drastic changes over time.

The Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum cost $34.99, but is currently on sale for $24.49; the bottle size is 40ml.  There is also a set that is available for purchase:
Time Revolution White Cure NW Special Set II:

  • Super Essential Toner 150ml
  • Super Radiance Lotion 130ml
  • Blanc Control Cream 50ml
  • Super Essential Toner 30ml
  • Super Radiance Lotion 30ml
  • Real Expert Serum 7ml*
  • Blanc Control Cream 10ml
The set includes the above products listed and goes for $100.  May seem pricey but you get several items, and it wouldn't bother you if you are into your skin care products.

Right now Missha US is having an End of the Summer Sale that list some products 30% off.  So make sure to check it out if you have ever been interested in trying out some Missha Cosmetic products!

Have you tried this Real Expert Serum before?  What is your fave Missha product?

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!