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To my wonderful followers who celebrate Thanksgiving, I would like to say I hope you have a wonderful one and get your grub on!  For those of you who are going to be doing some Black Friday shopping at the stores, stay safe!  You know how crazy some people could get.  I will be doing my shopping in the comfort of my own home this year.  For some reason I am just not feeling the sales this year & I am not even sure why.

Well anyways since it's been a bit busy lately, I decided just to do something super simple on my nails.

I ended up just doing a simple gem marble sponge on the base and then did a very quick jaguar print over them.  You could find the tutorial for the gem sponge marble technique: HERE.

  • Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer White on the Spot
  • Maybelline Color Show Downtown Brown
  • Sinful Colors Boogie Nights
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Orly Bonder
  • Seche Vite top coat 
So there you have it super simple since it's going to be a busy day. 

Sorry for the quick post but wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to those who check out my blog <3 

Hope you have a great one and good luck shopping!!


Nails done? OH YEAH! Check!

First off I would like to state, if you don't like the shape of my nail, you don't have to make a comment about it.  It is my nails, not yours.  You're entitled to your own opinion, and I am entitled to ignoring rude comments.  Sorry it had to be stated.
So my current nails are my typical splatter gradient type.  No matter what, I love doing them.  They are so fun and easy to do.  For a tutorial on them: Here.


L.o.t.D. Evening Play Around

Here's the second look I did last night.
Purple, and a shade of light blue, is one of my favorite combos to do on my lil ol' brown eyes.

L.o.t.D. Play Around Moment

Yesterday I actually decided to shell out two looks for fun!  I'll have them separate though.  I wanted to do a look that didn't use so many colors from the Sleek Makeup Acid palette.  I picked three colors and stuck to it.


L.o.t.D. Oh Hello Bright Eyes

Sleek Makeup's iDivine Acid Palette, is one of my favorite palettes to work with.  I love how bright the colors are in it.  When ever it is gloomy outside, I grab these to brighten up my day.


Nail Polish: Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer

I received these 8 wonderful polishes from Milani Cosmetics, which is from their High Speed Fast Dry line.
The ones that I received are part of their new shades for this Spring.  They cost about $4.99, and can be found in stores that carry the Milani brand.


L.o.t.D. - Purplen' Neutral

This was actually a look that I did on Thursday, and I am just now getting to posting it up.  Just been busy with a lot of things lately, and feeling a bit stressed.  Better late than never, right?
If you're curious about what is on my nails you can peep it here.
I wanted it to be kind of neutral and colorful at the same time.  So I only used three shades of eyeshadow.


Uh-oh! FiS moment!

Last night, we headed to Target, which was near a Rite-Aid I normally go to.  We decided to swing by, and I was only suppose to grab one of Xan's favorite cookies (Moon pies), but I ended strolling around the cosmetic aisle.  haha which I always end up doing!  I decided to just grab three polishes.
  • L.A. Girl Glitter Addict - Celebrate ($1.50 it was half off)
  • Sinful Colors - Energetic Red ($1.99 typical price for them)
  • Hedy's - Bolts of Blue ($2.99)
I haven't seen Hedy's polish before, but I think I have seen some makeup products from them.  I'll have swatches of these up soon.

The other day, hubs received a package in the mail from Milani Cosmetics.  I totally forgot I entered him into the giveaway they were having on Facebook and Twitter.  I guess he won their last one with the 25 sum random item winners.
He gave me the items, so another intake to my collections.  It was their new shades for this spring Runway Eye Shadows.
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Antigua
  • Golden Touch
I have Peaches & Cream, and Antigua already, so I might be giving these away eventually.

Yesterday I received the items I won from Crown Brush's giveaway they were doing on their Facebook fan page.
I received Enkore's lovely makeup brush set he has with Crown Brush.  I had bought this already last year, but HEY a girl can't have enough brushes haha.  It's funny because I was just talking to my best friend, Les that I was thinking about buying some brushes.  The Cosmetic Gods heard my prayers and granted me brushes YAY!  I'll post up some sort of review or close look of these in due time.

Which of these items are you interested in seeing a review of?

Thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: Jordana Cosmetics Eyeliner - Brown, Purple Fusion, & Blue Devine

I have always over looked this product for some reason.  I have seen them so many times when I am in Walgreens, sitting right there next to the cosmetic cashier counter.  This time I decided to pick up their eyeliners, and try it out.  I was in search for some colorful eyeliners, that were not so pricey.  These were seriously a cheap grab!
I decided to pick up three eyeliners for now:
  • Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Pencil - Blue Devine $1.99
  • Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Pencil - Purple Fusion $1.99
  • Mini Eyeliner - Brown $0.69 
If you grab them at Walgreens, watch the price!  The one I went to try to overcharge me upon the price, but I pointed it out the price tags stated other wise.


Review: Milani Cosmetics - Impressionist Powder Eyeshadow Palette

Another goodie from my Milani Cosmetics package I received.  It's a new add to their paint palette collection for Spring 2012, Impressionist Powder Eyeshadow Palette.
This is available at select Walmarts only at the moment.  They will be releasing it on their web sometime soon.
There are three kinds of these type of palettes:
  • Impressionist (which will be focused on in this review)
  • Abstract a neutral palette
  • Paint a colorful bright colors


Uh-oh! FiS Moment!

So this weekend, I decided to check out some cheapo eyeliners, and spend a little bit on myself.
I normally overlooked these, and grab something else, but these were saying "Grab me!"  It gave me the opportunity to also try their eyeliner since a friend of mine was looking for a cheap nice brown eyeliner.  Jordana Cosmetics is apparently owned by the same company that owns Milani Cosmetics. 
I picked up the colors:
  • Brown
  • Purple Fusion
  • Blue Devine
Have you tried any of Jordana's items?

Thanks for stopping in, and seeing my FiS moment!


L.o.t.D. - A little bit of neutral goes a long way

Normally I would go all bright and colorful, but today for some weird reason I felt that I should go neutral.

Tutorial: Nail Art - Acid Grunge Wash

I have been asked several times how I did these nails.  I was debating on doing a tutorial on these or not, but my answer soon came to me.  There's a Rite-Aid near my place, that I usually go to with my son to get ice cream at, but this time I was looking at makeup haha.  The cashier, I didn't get her name at all, stated "You're the one with does her own nails," or something along those lines.  I was surprised that she remembered me at all!  So after that incident, I knew I had to do a tutorial on it! 

Once again these were a combination of inspirations from my dear sweet friend Emily, and Jamie from Nails Adored.


Review: Milani Cosmetics - Abstract Powder Eyeshadow Palette

Another surprise item from Milani Cosmetics!  A compact palette with the concept of being able to swirl around hues to create your own masterpiece for your eyes.  Instead of eye popping color, its the infamous neutral shades!  Still gorgeous none the less!  This is only available at SELECT Walmarts, and will not be available on their website til later this month (maybe).


Nails done? OH YEAH! Check!

So today's nails were inspired by a cake picture I saw on Tumblr.  I loved the color on it!  Black and turquoise.  I decided I wanted to do my nails with vintage swirls vector of the sort. 
So here's what I came up with.
Nail Polish Used:
  • Milani - Mint Candy
  • Milani - Dark Coffee
Base coat is ORLY Bonder, and top coat is China Glaze Fast forward.
I love getting inspiration from random things I see around.  What inspired your recent nail work?

Hope you have a wonderful day, and happy polishing!

Nail Polish: Milani Nail Lacquer - Mint Candy

A peek at one of Milani Cosmetics' new polish for this Spring, Mint Candy, and is out in stores now.


Purple me sweet!

This was a look I did on Sunday.  Took my mom out for awhile so she could relax, and go shopping a bit.

Review: Milani Cosmetics - Runway Lashes Mascara

In my package of goodies from Milani, there was this mascara tucked away in a bag.  I have been deciding on buying a new mascara, but I don't have to now.
Introducing Milani Cosmetics' newly released mascara Runway Lashes Instant Volume Mascara.


Saturday was date night!

So on Saturday it was basically a day where hubs and I had some time to relax.  Going on a little mini date together, while Xan was at my parents' house.