Review: KKCenterHk - N.Nail: Stamping plate SPPMB76, Stamp and Scrape kit, Black Bow Decoration,

Today I am introducing you to several items I had received from KKcenterHK.  They carry various items from wigs to makeup; nail decals to eyelashes.  And not to mention they also carry fashion items: scarves, bracelet, belts, etc.
I received three items and was excited upon getting them.
  • N.NAIL Stamping Image Stamp Template Plate SPPMB76
  • N.NAIL 5 Pieces Black Bow Design Nail Art Decorations
  • N.NAIL Scraper And Stamp Set [JR1055]

It's nice to see items in their own little bag instead of all scattered about in a package.
N.Nail Scraper and Stamp Set (JR1055):
The scraper and stamp kit is basically the same as any other scraper and stamp set that you would get for a stamp plate.  Easy to use of course.  I like how the scraper doesn't have a metal edge on the scrape part, which my Konad scraper does. 

N.Nail Stamping Image Stamp Template Plate (SPPMB76):
The plate contains seven designs, that are just the right size for placing it upon the nail.  When spreading the nail polish upon the design and scraping it, polish gets to every bit of the design you are aiming for.  My only issue with this is the plate has a slight sharp edge.  So make sure not to press hard on the side and glide across.  It may cause a paper like cut.

N.Nail 5 Pieces Black Bow Design Nail Art Decorations:
Just how pretty are those bows?  Even if you don't have long nails, I think they would look beautiful sitting on an accent nail.  They don't even have to be upon your nail!  You could use them for other items, for example: a phone case.  They may seem a bit chunky for some people, it all depends how much you are into decorations and your liking upon them.

I decided to use fake nails for these since my nails are still growing out.  I also wanted to go simple and get it straight to the point.
Excuse my mess.  I haven't used a stamp plate for over two years now.  I am going to attempt to get use to it, and revisit this plate once more. 
If you're wondering what nail polishes I used:
  • Sinful Colors Leap Flog
  • Sinful Colors Rain Storm
  • China Glaze Re-fresh Mint
At first I thought I wouldn't like the bow that much, but after applying it to my nail I actually loved how it looked!  The reason why I wasn't really fond of the bow at first is mostly because I rarely use nail art decorations on myself.  But these are just perfect for date nights, a party, etc.  Just to give your nails that little elegant feel to it.

If you have any questions about KKCenterHk, feel free to contact them.  They are very kind and will reply to you as soon as possible.  They were even kind enough to supply my lovely followers/readers a discount off your order!
Hope you enjoyed this little review, and have a wonderful day.  Thank you so much for stopping in to check out my blog.