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Tutorial: Gradient Spun Sugar Nails

Several people have asked me how I did my gradient spun sugar nails, so I decided to write a tutorial about it.  I do not take credit for the spun sugar technique.  This is just my version of it.  You do not need to do a gradient if you do not want to.  You may skip to the spun sugar part of this tutorial.


Nails: Gradient Spun Sugar

Today's nails were inspired by friend Sarah, also known as Chalkboard Nails.  She had done a nail design based off of a dress by Betsey Johnson during NYFW.  You could read more about it at her blog.  She had a nice framed sponged base, and did  the spun sugar technique over it.  I have seen the technique before, but never attempted it; always wanted to try it out.  Sarah's post of it was the push I needed!

As I was doing the spun sugar on my nails I quickly realized I wanted cotton candy!  Not just any cotton candy, the ones you get at fairs, amusement parks, etc.  It brought me back to when I was little waiting in line as the person was twirling the stick thingy in the machine to swoop up the cotton candy.  And you would see the sugar strings stick against the glass/plastic shield.

The spun sugar technique isn't as difficult as it seems at all, and I found it pretty fun to do.  May be a bit time consuming, but well worth it in the end.