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Review: Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream

Today I have a product from Resvology, Age Corrective Eye Cream, which I had received from BrandBacker for review purposes.  Resvology is a company that focuses on anti-aging solutions.  All of Resvology's products contain 4-AR molecule, is basically the only stabilized ester of the widely recognized "youth molecule," resveratrol.  It has a much more greater gene activating actions in-vitro compared to natural resveratrol, and is Resvology's unique patented molecule.

Resvology's 4-AR Molecule helps reignite youthful gene expression and boosts the presence of collagen and elastin in the skin.  The Age Corrective Eye Cream helps minimize wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.

It comes in a slender tube holding 0.5 fl. oz/ 15ml.  

I found that one pump or half a pump was actually enough for both of my eyes.  The texture was very smooth and thin, but creamy like a lotion or other eye creams.  It has a smell that reminded me of glue paste for some reason, but that was only when I brought it close to my nose to smell it not when it was applied.  For one 15ml bottle it cost $89, which in my book is pretty pricey since I prefer budget friendly products.  I have used it once in a while and I could feel my skin tensing after I have applied it.  I hope to see bigger results later on down the road. 

  • Vitamins A, E, & C ester neutralize damaging free radicals
  • Panthenol conditions and hydrates
  • Barley, Sandalwood, and Olive extracts help soothe the skin and renew natural moisture barrier
To keep in touch with Resvology:
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Review: Perlier - Volcanic Thermo Renewing Scrub

Today I have another skin care product from Perlier to share with you.  It is their Volcanic Thermo Renewing Scrub which could be found on HSN!  This product was received from iFabbo for review purposes.

Perlier created Volcanic Thermo Scrub by extracting micronutrients within volcanic rocks that are essential and vital for our skin cells.  It contains different sized particles of natural minerals, which are meant to deliver a rejuvenating and smoothing action.  The larger mineral particles work with the Thermal water that stimulates a regeneration deep within our skin.  Meanwhile the smaller particles smooth our skin, removes dead cells and the rough areas.

The scrub comes in a 6.7 fl. oz/200 mL jar, with a twist cap.  It has a large opening, and does not have a scoop to pick up product with.  So if you are planning to use this in the shower or bath, please be very careful with it.

I love this electric blue shade it comes in!  Am I the only one who screamed, "OMG I want that as a nail polish shade"?  Well I do!  The scrub is pretty rough and I actually needed a bit more when applying it to my skin.  After doing so it left my skin soft.  The scent is more aqua like, and not so heavy.

The jar is $25 and you could find it on HSN:

If you use the code iFabbo5 you get a $5 off your purchase for Perlier.  

Have you tried out this product yet?  What do you think about it?

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Review: Missha Cosmetics - Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum

Today I get to share with you Missha Cosmetic's Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum, which I received for review purposes.  MISSHA Cosmetics is a Korean brand that appeared in the US market back in 2009.  They carry a wide range of beauty products: lipsticks, nail polish, BB cream, blush, etc.

The Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum is a highly concentrated brightening serum which improves dark spots and pigmentation in the skin by controlling the creation, transition and the expansion of melanin formation.  

It has active ingredients which absorb quickly to improve the dull complexion and protect your skin.  It contains Neo White LP, White-Cure, and a Noble Prize winning Fullereness for blemish care.  Fermented Rice Water that provides whitening benefits for pure, luminous skin.  20% White Flower Extracts of 7 different kinds of flowers: Rose, Freesia, Edelweiss, Jasmine, Lily, Iris, and Lotus; which moisturizes and relieves your stressed out skin.

It has a press down pump.  Not a lot of product is needed to apply upon your face.  One pump is enough or half a pump.  

The above was a one pump press.  It's more of a gel like substance than a lotion to me.

They suggest that you should apply this serum after toner and eye cream, and before lotion.  It has a mild floral scent, which reminds me of some lotions from Nivea, Jergens, and such that I have used.  It applied and absorbed very quickly into my skin.  It didn't leave a sticky greasy sort of residue on my face and left it feeling moisturized.  My love and I started using it for a week now.  We have noticed some slight changes like scars that have lighten up a bit.  Can't wait to see the more drastic changes over time.

The Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum cost $34.99, but is currently on sale for $24.49; the bottle size is 40ml.  There is also a set that is available for purchase:
Time Revolution White Cure NW Special Set II:

  • Super Essential Toner 150ml
  • Super Radiance Lotion 130ml
  • Blanc Control Cream 50ml
  • Super Essential Toner 30ml
  • Super Radiance Lotion 30ml
  • Real Expert Serum 7ml*
  • Blanc Control Cream 10ml
The set includes the above products listed and goes for $100.  May seem pricey but you get several items, and it wouldn't bother you if you are into your skin care products.

Right now Missha US is having an End of the Summer Sale that list some products 30% off.  So make sure to check it out if you have ever been interested in trying out some Missha Cosmetic products!

Have you tried this Real Expert Serum before?  What is your fave Missha product?

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Review: DetClear Bright and Peel

DetClear Bright & Peel is made by a Japanese brand called Meishoku.  It comes in two forms a peeling jelly, and a liquid solution.  They have three different kind of scents:  Mixed Fruit, Mixed Berry, and Neutra.
I have been using these products for over a month now and I have them in both forms.  I have the liquid solution in Mixed Fruit, and the peeling jelly in Mixed Berry.

This is based upon mine and my husband's experience on the product.  Yes he does use these as well time to time.  Remember no one's skin are the same, so others may have different out comes.