Review: Duri Cosmetics - Truth or Dare Collection

Today I have the latest collection, Truth or Dare, that has spawned up at Duri Cosmetics.  This collection is their Fall and Winter set for this year.  These nail polishes were received for review purposes.  Duri Cosmetics is known as a professional line that aims towards high performance for consumers at salons and specialty stores nationwide.  Their nail polish is meant to be long-lasting and chip-resistant with a smooth finish.  Their nail products are 3-Free: DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.  Each bottle holds 0.5 floz./15ml.

Chemist and Founder Faina Ritz of Duri Cosmetics, wanted to stay true to the traditional fall colors, by creating shades that were a much deeper earth tone and berry polishes which were richer and brighter.  These shades were meant to carry from autumn to winter.  The Truth or Dare Collection contains twelves gorgeous shades that I have come to love.

Sheer Bluff is a light dusty mocha foam shade.  It reminds me of the light foam mixture you would get with whipped cream and coffee.  

Lilac Liar is a pink lilac, which I think is a perfect shade to do flowers with. 

Lucky Strike is more of a faded true blue to me.  I love that there was a blue this bright for their fall collection.

Grey Area is a dark grey or off black shade.  I have always loved a grey or dark grey polish for fall.  

Coral Start is a bright coral that leans towards pink.  This was one of my favorite shades from the collection.  I have been loving Coral polishes a lot lately.  

Berry Vague is a lovely berry purple shade. This was a little tricky because two coats would usually do it but there were occasions where I had to place three coats since it seemed patchy at my tips.

Murky Answer is a deep dusty plum skin shade.  Can you believe out of the whole collection this is my ultimate fave?  Yup it is!  It isn't too dark since you could still see the plum shade peeking through, which I thought was perfect for fall.

Question Mark is a maroon shade that looks absolutely sexy in my opinion.  I love how this shade looks on my nails.

Fuschia Finish is a vibrant pink fuschia.  Another lovely shade for working on some floral nail art.

Pink Player is such a pretty rose pink shade.  Perfect for those who aren't big into bright or dark colors.

Naked Truth is a pale pastel pink.  I thought this was an interesting shade and for some reason reminded me of snow or chalk in a way.

Double Dare is a very vibrant red, which is one of my favorite colors.  I love this red honestly.  So sexy!

These polishes took about two to three coats to gain opacity.  I didn't have any true heavy stained nail issue with them.  Except for Lucky Strike which did leave a little blue but easily came off with rubbing nail polish remover over it more.  All in all I still love Duri Cosmetic nail polishes.  They dry at a decent rate and don't chip very easily.  I could wear a look for a week or until I feel like changing it up.   Super affordable standing at $6 a bottle.

So what do you think of the Truth or Dare collection?  Do you spot a shade you would love to have?

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.