Review: OSLO Cosmetics - Meteoroid, Sextens, Pictor, Milky Way, Lyra, Aquaii, Grus, Pyxis, Andromeda, & Eye Bond Primer Wand

Hello darlings!  Today I have several products from OSLO Cosmetics to share with you, which was received for review purposes.  Awhile ago Joyce, the owner and creator of OSLO Cosmetics, had contacted me asking if I would like to review some of her products.  Of course I said "Yes," and I am glad that I have done so.  Just like me and many others, Joyce is a makeup junkie.  So yay!  She designed the OSLO Cosmetics line simply because she wanted to share quality products with the world.  Her products are 100% Vegan and cruelty free, not to mention handmade.

The Eye Bond Primer Wand: $7 (may be seen in the picture above) comes in a clear tube, that is sort of lipgloss like.  It has a sponge-doe applicator, and a clear base that is sticky to help hold on to the loose eyeshadow a bit more.  What is also nice about the Eye Bond Primer Wand is that it will also condition your skin as you wear it.  All of the swatches for the loose eyeshadows were applied over the Eye Bond Primer Wand.  After playing with OSLO Cosmetics for a few days now and testing the products against my every day errands to just the weather, I discovered the primer really held up the loose eyeshadow I was wearing until it was time to remove it.

I had received two of her blushes: a full size of Pictor, and a sample size of Sextens.  The blushes when purchased come in a 10gram jar and in loose powder form.  Both of the blushes which I have received could be bought as a single for $7 each, or you may purchase it within the Arc Blush Collection (it comes with three other shades: Indi, Gemini, & Equilus).

Pictor:  is a shimmery light pink blush that has gold shimmer within it.  You could either use this as a blush or a highlighter.

Sextens:  is a gorgeous deep matte with a cranberry shade.  You could build up on this product.  I didn't use that much on the swatch so I could show that a little could go a long way.  That goes with a lot of the OSLO Cosmetic products.

Meteoroid:  $4 is one of their Cosmetic Glitters that they carry.  Meteoroid is basically fine gold glitter with holographic tendencies.  For a full size glitter you get it 5 gram jar.  I have something planned for this wonderful glitter later, and will eventually share with you.

The OSLO Cosmetic's eyeshadows are hand blended and mixed with binders so that way they may adhere to the skin much more properly.  Her eyeshadows contain gentle ingredients for your skin such as Vitamin E oil and Coconut Oil.  The formula of the eyeshadow is actually very fascinating.  It is a bit different that other loose eyeshadows I have.  As it states on their site, the OSLO Cosmetic's formula is different and a lot more dense than other formulas.  I love that it has these pearl shaped type for the loose eyeshadow.  Due to that fact, it does not come with a sifter for the jars.  If that does bother you, she does carry some pressed eyeshadows.

Even with the pearly like mixture for the loose eyeshadows, I actually had a lot more easier time applying and didn't have any more fall outs like I would with some loose eyeshadow.  All swatches were done over her Eye Bond Primer Wand.  I found the under part of the lid to be an excellent way to show what the eyeshadow also looks like.

Limited Edition Milky Way:  $6 for loose $6.50 for pressed $4 for mini is super gorgeous and a tricky eyeshadow.  It may seem white to you at first but it has a duochrome of turquoise.  I love that it could be worn by itself or topped over a dark base.  Seriously looks gorgeous over a dark base!  This product is currently sold out but will be back in stock either end of this month or early next month.

Pyxis:  $5.50 Loose $3.50 Mini $8 Pressed This also comes within a Dark Days Collection that cost $19 for a mini and $26 for a full.  Pyxis has lilac-pink sort of metallic shimmer.  That I found perfect for a neutral look, a highlighter, and for the inner corner.

Andromeda:  $5.50 Loose $3.50 Mini $6 Pan Pressed $8 Pan in Holder Pressed This comes within a Colossus Collection as well $36 for full $20 for mini.  Oh how I love Andromeda's smooth shimmery chocolatety base with a redish-orange shift within it.  I loved wearing this all over my lid or just into my crease.

Aquaii:  $5.50 Loose $3.50 Mini $6-8 Pressed Starlight Collection Full $25 Mini $18 is a lovely sea turquoise that has a shimmer of green specks within it.

Lyra:  $5.50 Loose $3.50 Mini $6-8 Pressed Also in Starlight Collection This is my favorite out of the set that was sent to me.  I love that it is plum duochrome shade with some glitter particles within it.  I have used this on my lid as well as my crease.  Not to mention outer corner as well.  I do love me some purple eyeshadows!

Grus:  $5.50 Loose $3.50 Mini $6-8 Pressed Also in Starlight Collection OH MY GOSH this sapphire blue with its metallic sheen is just simply amazing!  I think it has to be one of my best loose blue eyeshadows that I have despite it being a sample.  Super gorgeous and bright!  I used this for my outer and all over lid.

So here are some looks that I did with these lovely eyeshadows:
For this one I wanted to go for a more neutral mellow down look.  I used Pyxis on my lid, a little bit of Lyra in the crease, Milky way on the inner corner, and lightly Andromeda on the bottom line.

For this one I have Lyra on my lid, Sugarpill Cosmetics Bulletproof on the crease, and Aquaii for the bottom line.

On my lid there is Aquaii, outer was Grus, and crease is Andromeda.

I have done a look like this several times and I will always love it.  I have Aquaii in the middle with Pyxis on the bottom line.  The rest of the eyeshadows are Sugarpill Cosmetics Poison Plum, Flamepoint, and Buttercupcake.

When I wore this look, which I plan on repeating this look again in the near future.  I just simply loveeeeeddd how Milky Way looked over a black eyeshadow base, which in this case was Sugarpill Cosmetic's Bulletproof.  It just looks amazing!  The inner corner and bottom line was Pyxis.

Currently OSLO Cosmetics is having a 25% your entire purchase which ENDS TOMORROW (Saturday 10/19/2013) at MIDNIGHT EST!  Just use the code OSLO25 to get the discount.  So this is one of the best chances to pick up some of Joyce's wonderful cosmetics.  If you do miss out, don't fret.  I think her products are budget friendly!

Here are ways to keep in touch with OSLO Cosmetics:

So make sure you check Joyce's lovely OSLO Cosmetics out when you get the chance!

Do you spot a product that you are thinking about getting?  What is your favorite eye look to do?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!