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Review: Pure Beauty Shoppe - Honesty, Sunlight, and Endless

As most of you know, I love neons!  So I picked up three of the neon nail polishes that Pure Beauty Shoppe has to offer, during their 50% off state sale.  If I may add, was very neat!  They would announce a random state on their Instagram account, and that state would get a 50% off their purchase.  I was lucky cause I didn't notice that til a few hours before the sale ended for California.

Pure Beauty Shoppe is an Indie nail polish line that was developed by Danielle Lewis.  She created the line to give all woman an opportunity to have fabulous products that are on a budget.  She was inspired by her mom's fight for breast cancer, that left her needing to uplift women everywhere.  After her mom had passed, her passion became more intense.  Pure Beauty Shoppe sells products from nail lacquer to jewelry to even hair extensions.  Danielle is a very kind soul!  She even offered me a discount code to share with my viewers.  So thank you for that Danielle!

Pure Beauty Shoppe Nail Lacquers are 3-FREE, which means:  No Toluene, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), and Formaldehyde.

As soon as I got back home, I checked out the shop to see what polishes I wanted.  I remember seeing swatches of Destined and wanted it but it was sold out.  I then saw the neon polishes!  I love neon shades.  Even if it's fall you could catch me wearing some neon shades time to time.  I picked up Honesty, Sunlight, and Endless.  I wanted to grab a few polishes at first to try out her product.

How amazing do those shades look within their bottles?!  Once I received the package I was in total awe with how bright they were.  I was instantly pleased as the sunlight shined down on them.  Some of you may have seen the swatches I instantly posted up on my Instagram.

The pictures of the nail polish swatches were taken outside on my patio in direct sunlight.

Honesty is a bright neon pink!  This was in two coats.  I love how bright this pink is!

Endless is a super bright neon green.  This took about three to gain opacity.  I have several other neon green polishes, but they weren't even close to this shade.  I think this is the perfect neon green polish I have been looking for.

I left the best for last.  Am I the only one who usually finds it difficult to apply neon yellow polishes?  I think I have about 5 neon yellow polishes, and with all of them it takes at least four coats just to gain opacity.  They were either too streaky or way too sheer.

Sunlight is such a vibrant neon yellow.  This was only two coats!  I was super amazed by it that it instantly hit the top of my must have for neon polishes.

Not were these just perfectly bright but the formula was just wonderful.  It glided on smoothly and it didn't take very long for it to dry.  The swatches do not have a top coat on it at all.

Here is a nail look I currently have on right now using these neon polishes:

I first placed Duri Cosmetic's Lady in White over my base coat.  That way I would have an easier time when applying the nail polishes with a sponge.  For my ring finger I just did a simple color blocking sort of gradient with Honesty, Sunlight, and Endless.  I did a simple jaguar print over it using a black acrylic paint.  For the rest of the fingers I did the watercolor sponge marble.  I placed a top coat over it, so that way to protect it before I do my acid wash.  I placed a coat of Duri Cosmetic's Murky Answer over the sponged neon polishes.  I allowed it to dry for about 10 minutes before I took a cotton swab dabbed it in nail polish remover and swiped it over my nails a few times.

If you are interested in purchasing some of Danielle's Pure Beauty Shoppe Nail Lacquers feel free to use my 10% off code:

Here are other ways you could keep in touch with Pure Beauty Shoppe:

What do you think of these nail polishes?  Do you love neon polishes as well?

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Review: Super Black Lacquers - Dusted

I am super excited to share with you another one of Super Black Lacquer's latest nail polishes, Dusted.  This nail polish was received for review purposes.  Each Super Black Lacquer bottles are 18ml/.61 fl oz, and cost $12 a piece.  They are the Big 4-FREE, which means no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde resin.  Not to mention ND is a super sweetie!

The Super Black Lacquers bottle shapes are one of my faves, most of you have seen me talking about this before.  It just makes it so much easier to store and fit them inside a drawer.  Just has a lot more space. 

You could get Dusted by itself for $12 or inside the Summer Box Set 2013 for $55.  The box set has 4 other nail polishes: Blitz, Cannibal, Plip, and Weird Girl.

Dusted has to be one of my favorites from the Summer Box Set!  It is a blueish-purple base color that shines out a sea-green shimmer.  It has a semi-matte finish to it, and if you wanted all the extra shimmer to shine through toss on a top coat.  It is a tad sheer: opacity within three coats.  It applied very smoothly for me and had a decent dry time.  In the picture I used a top coat to show the shimmer more but this looks gorgeous without a top coat as well in its semi-matte finish!

Here are some ways to stay in touch with SBL:

What do you think of Dusted?  Have you picked up an SBL polish yet?

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Review: Super Black Lacquers - Weird Girl

Awhile ago Natalie Dee, the owner of Super Black Lacquers, released the Summer shades in a box set.  She was kind enough to send me it for review purposes.  I thought it would be best to show one nail polish at a time.  Sort of like a tease!  I will show you a picture of the box set later on in this post.

So today I decided to show you an odd one of the bunch, called Weird Girl.

Each Super Black Lacquer bottles are 18ml/.61 fl oz, and cost $12 a piece.  They are the Big 4-FREE, which means no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde resin.  Not to mention ND is a super sweetie!


Review: Maquillage Blvd. - Vibrant Thang

Today on my blog I have one of Maquillage Blvd. nail polishes to show you, called Vibrant Thang.  Maquillage Blvd. debuted on March 1, 2013 with 16 wonderful 3-free shades of nail polish.  Maquillage [MAC-kee-YAHJ] Blvd. was named for an American cosmetic brand that was best noted for it's French origin and style.

Vibrant Thang is maroon with small pink particles in it for shimmer.

When I applied the nail polish I didn't really notice that pink shimmer.  It looked more creamy in person.  But at certain angles, as you can see, you can catch a glimpse of it sneaking through.

I was simply amazed by how the nail polish glided on smoothly, and it didn't take really long for it to dry.  The swatch pictures were two coats.

Each of Maquillage Blvd polishes are $10 a piece for .5 fl oz bottle.  To keep in touch with them:

Twitter: @Maquillage_Blvd
Instagram: Maquillage_Blvd

So make sure you take the time to check out their shop and see what other shades they have to offer!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: Glitter Gal - Nude & Marine Blue Holo Polish

Today I have two wonderful holo Glitter Gal nail polishes to show you:  Marine Blue, and Nude.  Glitter Gal was kind enough to send me these polishes for review purposes.  Anna and Kerry have been friends for almost 20 years and had met at a law firm, and later on down the road to create the Indie polish company, Glitter Gal Australia.  Both these beautiful ladies had something to offer to Glitter Gal Cosmetics.  Anna had created a private label cosmetics business, and made products for some of the biggest Asian and American companies.  Kerry use to be a model and a makeup artist.  One day Anna's husband, who is a special effects color technician, had introduced them to non-traditional pigments which was the start of Kerry and Anna's amazing quest for Glitter Gal.  They use the highest quality of ingredients for their products!

Each bottle comes in two sizes to choose from: 10ml or a 15ml size.  I received two 10ml size which I found are still way better than the normal minis I would get from other companies.  I like that the bottles are square which makes it easier for me to store within my helmer.


Review: Shimmer Polish - Eva & Tammy

Hello Darlings!  How are you all doing lately?  I hope all is well.  Today I have two pretty Indie nail polishes from Shimmer Polish to share with you, which was sent to me for review purposes.

Shimmer Polish was designed out of Orange County.  SoCal is home to me, so it's wonderful to see that there are Indie nail polish makers from around here.  Cindy has a brilliant line and I love that she names and designs her polish after her all the special people in her life.

Eva is a nice burgundy red jelly base that has a mixture of fine micro-glitters of burgundy, black, and silver.

With Top Coat

Without Top Coat in Direct Sunlight
For an opacity look it took three base coats.  The fine micro-glitter gives the polish a more in-depth look.  You could see the previous glitters as you layer the polish.

Tammy is absolutely gorgeous with its mixture of gold, black, and purple glitter mixture of bars, hex, and square glitter.  I love this color combo since I use those shades for my makeup looks time to time.

I decided to wear this polish by itself with a top coat over it to smooth it out.  To achieve opacity it takes two to three coats.

I love that these actually dried fast and I didn't have to fish out for glitters on both of them.  There was no horrible smell that gave me a headache at all.

You could purchase Cindy's Shimmer Polishes at her ETSY Shop for $12 each and she also takes custom orders.  So make sure to check out her other wonderful polishes that she has to offer.

Here are other ways you can keep in touch with Shimmer Polish:

Do you have one of Cindy's Shimmer Polishes?  What do you think of Eva and Tammy?  

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: Ooh La Lacquer - Princess Nylah

Today I have a very special nail polish to share with you from my girl's shop, Ooh La Lacquer.  It is called Princess Nylah, and a latest addition to her polish line.  This will be released later on today, along with some other new polishes.

The reason why this gorgeous glitter packed nail polish is a very special one is because Nastassia named it after her little diva god-daughter.  How sweet is that?


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Lombard

Today I have one of the gorgeous holo nail polishes from SUPER BLACK Lacquer, called Lombard, which I received for review purposes.  SUPER BLACK Lacquers is still a fairly new Indie nail polish line, and I am sure they will become super popular in no time.  If you have not checked out ND's nail polishes yet you are missing out!  She has awh-mazing holos, glitters, and solids (shimmer & creams). SUPER BLACK Lacquers is a 4-free meaning it does not carry Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde Resin. 

Lombard is such a pretty holographic lilac and has different results in different lighting.  

In regular/low sort of lighting it has a shimmery dusky lilac look.  Natural lighting and sunlight it glistens off its gorgeous holographic side.


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Hello, Officer

Today I have another gorgeous polish from SUPER BLACK Lacquers to share with you, called Hello, Officer.  I am so glad that ND added this polish into my review box, as its such a gorgeous shade of blue.  I don't think I have a blue like it at all.  Some of them are slightly closer but still either a tad darker or lighter to it.  It is wonderful to see that SBL is also putting out creme nail polishes out there to go along with their holos and glitters.

If you aren't really into glittery Indie nail polishes hopefully you're into creme Indies like this one.

Hello, Officer is a pretty blue creme, that dries in a semi-matte finish.  What I mean by semi-matte is that it has a sort of rubbery glossy sort of finish.  Still pretty nonetheless.

The brushes with SUPER BLACK Lacquers' bottles aren't wide so ever.  So if you're into doing nail art with just the brushes from the bottles you'll love the ones that are inside SBL.

Hello, Officer's formula was thinner than I expected it to be, but I notice I always encounter that with finishes that are like that: rubbery gloss finish.  It glided on real smoothly.  It took about two coats to obtain opacity with this polish.

You could either wear it with the rubbery gloss sort of finish or place a top coat over it.  OR you could create a nail art using a top coat to make the design.

SBL sells their polishes for $12 a piece which is actually a wonderful deal considering each bottle is 18ml.  Hello, Officer is categorized in the "Solid" section.

To follow what is going on with SUPER BLACK Lacquer you could check them out on:
So make sure to check out SUPER BLACK Lacquers when you get a chance!  You might find something that could be a great addition to your stash!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Review: SUPER BLACK Lacquers - Sweet Tooth

Today I would like to share with you SUPER BLACK Lacquer's gorgeous glitter polish called Sweet Tooth, which I received from ND for review purposes.  SUPER BLACK Lacquers is still a fairly new Indie nail polish line, and I am sure they will become super popular in no time.  If you have not checked out ND's nail polishes yet you are missing out!  She has awh-mazing holos, glitters, and solids (shimmer & creams). SUPER BLACK Lacquers is a 4-free meaning it does not carry Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde Resin.

You might of heard of ND (Natalie Dee) before her comics t-shirts.  You might of seen her work floating around on Tumblr.  I didn't realize she was that same Natalie Dee til I read someone's post mentioning her comic drawings.  So check her other sites as well!  Not to mention, she was very helpful and über friendly!

So back to Sweet Tooth!

I was so excited to have received Sweet Tooth in my review package.  The above image was taken in different lighting areas.  I could not stop gazing at how gorgeous the glitters sat in the violet mixture.

Straight out of the box!  How gorgeous does that look in the sunlight?  As I was taking my pictures my mom stated that it reminds her of Ube (a Filipino dessert).  haha silly mom!


Review: Ooh La Lacquer - Beware of Plastic

I have another one of Ooh La Lacquer Indie nail polishes to show you.  This one has actually been a lemming of mines ever since I saw it, but they are currently sold out.  BUT do not worry!  My lovely friend just informed me these will be restocked!  I just had to show you this since I have been wanting it for such a long time now.  Nastassia must of read my want list, cause she included it in my review box!

Beware of Plastic is one of Nastassia's Mean Girl Collection that is packed with small hex neon matte yellow-green, blue-ish turquoise, and slightly bigger hex of red. 

Doesn't it look so pretty sitting in the bottle?  Just a wonderful assortment of mixture!


Review: Lavish Polish - Color Crush

Today I would like to share with you an Indie nail polish from Lavish Polish, Color Crush.  First off let me tell you the owner of Lavish Polish, Emely, is über nice!  She was so helpful and friendly as I was deciding what item to purchase.  Not to mention the spelling of her name, ROCKS!  I was totally excited when I found it in my mail box.  OH YEAH!

All of her products are 3-free.  If you are unsure what 3-free is, it means that they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate.

Don't those neon glitters look pretty?  Color Crush comes in two sizes a full (15ml) for $8 or a mini for $4.


Review: Ooh La Lacquer - Hypnotize

Today I get to share this wonderful Indie nail polish called Hypnotize.  It's from my dear friend Nastassia's shop, Ooh La Lacquer, who sent it to me for review purposes.

Hypnotize is a black and white small hexagon-roundish glitter that has a clear base.

You could either wear this by itself or over a base color/design.  If you want to use it by itself to achieve opacity it will take about 2 to 3 coats.  Keep in mind if you are applying it thin, meaning swiping the excess off, it will take more coats to achieve it.

The above picture was with two coats only by itself.  It glides on smoothly, and you do not have to fish for the glitters.  It also has an amazing dry time!

For this look I actually wanted to do a full nail look of it.  Just to show you how mesmerizing this black and white glitter could be!

Hypnotize is coated by itself except for my ring finger, which has NYC New York Color - Sidewalkers as a base color and only one coat of Hypnotize.  It looks like it has so much depth when you wear it by itself.  It just draws you in and makes me think of either black pepper and salt mixture or cookies & cream.

All of Ooh La Lacquer bottles are full sized at 15ml and BIG 3-Free.  Not to mention Nastassia sells them only for $5 a piece!  So if you are interested in trying an Indie polish make sure to give her line a shot!  

What do you think of Hypnotize?  Have you tried one of her polishes yet?

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!