Review: Uniqso Barbie - Puffy 3 Tones Violet

Hello lovelies, and welcome to my blog.  Today I have something different from my usual postings.  I get to show you these wonderful big eye circle lenses from Uniqso!  They are a company that is located in Malaysia, and carry a wonderful various selection of lenses.  They supply prescription and non-prescription lenses.  They also have some cosmetic and nail art products as well.

They place the circle lens tubes inside an adorable small box that says "Thank you" in several languages.

I like how the outside of the inner box has little candy and toy pictures on it.  My son thought it was super neat and asked if he could keep it.  Of course I obliged and allowed him to have it.

They also supply you with a free case to hold your circle lenses in.  I received a cornflower sort of blue one. If you are wondering what the cotton swab is for, supposedly it is to help you remove the lenses from the vials.  But instead I ended up using it to clean up any particles in or around the lenses holder.

The font print on the vials look so elegant and pretty.  

On the top of vials listed the prescription of the lenses.  

I decided to pick the brand Barbie and the Puffy 3 Tones Violet.  Don't they look like a lovely color just sitting at the bottom of the bottles?

Manufacturer:  Barbie (Dueba)
Diameter:  16.50mm
Available Power:  0 to -7.00
Place of Origin:  Korea

I like how the case cover is see through so you could see what lenses is inside, which I find very helpful if you have a bunch of circle lenses.  

The lenses are a nice violet shade, and has a serious three tones in them.  The outside has a black or deep purple shade that then goes to a nicely pigmented violet and last but not lease a brownish red middle.  Just seriously pretty combo color.

Natural Light
Regular Indoor Lighting
I love how opaque these are.  Usually when I have a violet lens, people could barely tell that they are suppose to have some purple until they get really close.  These are just super gorgeous and comfortable as well.  
This was facing towards the natural light I have on my vanity.  I love how it looks on my eyes!  It enlarges the look on your eyes a little bit, hence the big eye circle lenses.  Which are fun to use from the normal typical colored contact lenses that I have.  This is so much brighter for me!

This was facing towards the patio letting the sunlight shine down on me.  So honestly they aren't very scary to use what so ever.  Some might find it hard to adventure out and touch it, but don't be!  Just think of them as regular contact lenses except more nicely colored and makes your eye pupil look bigger.  ^_^

They don't dry out fast at all, but you might need to place droplet in your eyes once in awhile just to keep those gorgeous beauties hydrated (your pupil).  These were very comfortable to wear, but at first felt a little bit weird.  It just takes some time to get use to.

For my makeup I kept it simple really.  I didn't place on false lashes since I wanted to use my Magnifibres more.  It still enhanced my lashes to where I was comfortable with.

  • Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation Golden 6
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Beige 
  • Philosophy Hope Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer
  • Careline Blush-On Fresh Tomato
  • Careline Lipstick Strawberry Cone
  • Ever Bilena brow pencil - brown

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base White
  • theBalm Nude'tude 
    • Schitzo - on entire lid
    • Snobby - inner corner bottom line
  • theBalm Meet Matte
    • Matt Ramirez - outer corner 
    • Matt Smith - as a highlighter for above lid
  • Sephora Collection Long-Lasting Eyeliner - Black 
  • Ever Bilena Color Pencil - Black 
  • Wet n Wild eyeliner - White
  • Milani Cosmetics Runway Lashes - Black
  • Magnifibres brush on lashes
Their shipping rate is $5 per a pair of lenses, and an additional $2 for every extra pair that you buy.  And of course they ship worldwide!

Uniqso was even kind enough to supply my lovely readers a 10% off discount!  Just enter the code TisEms on your shopping cart.

Shout outs to Lee Lee for helping me out with some problems I was having.  *hugs*

Do you use circle lenses?  What is your favorite kind?

Hope you all enjoyed my first experience with circle lenses.  Thank you for stopping by!