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Review: Blinc - Eyeliner Pencil in Black

Today I have one of Blinc's Eyeliner Pencils to share with you, in the shade Black.  This product was received for review purposes.  Blinc was founded back in 1999 and had a mission of solving beauty problems and perfecting beauty products.  I only discovered the company earlier this year when I was given a Blinc Mascara, which has become one of my favorite mascaras!  You could spot my review for that HERE.

What I love with Blinc is that it comes in a metal tube packaging, just like the mascara had.  I think its super cute, and a wonderful way to hold products even after you have used your Blinc Product up.  I love that it comes with a piece of paper for instructions rolled up inside.  haha my son pretends its a scroll.  I actually gave him this packaging since he wanted it.  What he placed inside it...I have no idea!

The eyeliner pencil has a stylish black and silver covering.  I like how the name stands out upon it.  There is no smudge sponge on it.  It is basically just one sided: cream stick.  Which is fine with me due to the fact I use a smudge brush/sponge stick separately.

The Blinc's eyeliner pencil's formula contains antioxidants and vitamins which help firm and condition our skin as we wear it.
The following powerful ingredients make this a truly unique product: PHYTOSTERYL CANOLA GLYCERIDES: bioactive ingredient based on pure vegetable lipids that maximizes firmness and elasticity for younger looking skin; TOCOPHEROL: vitamin that acts as a natural antioxidant to promote anti-aging and cellular renewal; TOCOPHERYL ACETATE: high potency vitamin that acts as a skin conditioning agent for photo anti-aging. - Blinc

The eyeliner is very creamy that glided on smoothly for me.  If you plan on smudging or blending it out for a softer look, I suggest doing so as quickly as you are finished applying it.  I found it to be a nice shade of black eyeliner, which are my fave to wear.

I attempted to remove it with a facial wipe, and actually had to scrub the swatch off of my hand.  Even with that there was still a trace of the swatch mark.  I had to actually grab my eye makeup remover to get it off my skin.  Super happy with that!

Here is an eyelook I did wearing the Blinc eyeliner pencil.  On my lid I have J.Cat Beauty's Shimmery Eyeshadow Loose Powder in SP122 Selective Yellow.  It actually is more of a gold shade to me.  In the crease I have my friend Edie's (StarCrushed Mineral) Orbit and Meteorite on the inner corner.  The eyeliner is of course Blinc's eyeliner pencil in black.  The mascara is Blinc's tubing mascara in black.

I wore this for 5 hours out in the Cali heat, and I didn't have to do any touch up at all with the eyeliner.  Which is always a win.  I started to do a fake cry to see if tears would cause it to come off, and nothing happened.  I never rubbed my eyes, I didn't want to ruin my eyelook!!

The Blinc eyeliner pencil cost $20 and if you order from Blinc it's free shipping in the US only!  I haven't spotted this in Sephora yet.  So hopefully soon!  You could pick up their mascara from there though.

Have you tried out Blinc products yet?  What do you think of eyeliner pencils?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Review: Blinc Mascara in Black

A while ago I received this deluxe sample size of Blinc Mascara in black from my local Sephora as a gift.  I have never heard of them before, so I was quickly drawn in.