My October Birchbox

Birchbox is basically a subscription site where you pay monthy or yearly and receive several items in a box depending on your profile (questions you answered).  It's a hit and miss with the boxes at times but it's not something that actually bothers me.  It's a gamble that could open your eyes up to new products.  And honestly I prefer the $10 for a box of say five items than paying $12 for a deluxe sample etc.  
 So for this month their focus was on transformation.  
Like always it includes a card giving a description of what they mean or the theme of the box.  
They also included tips on how to use a highlighter product, and five easy transformations.
I like how they stepped it up and began adding tips into the boxes now.  It's a good way for those who are unfamiliar with how to use a product, to get information on it without turning on the computer.

So this month was a better box than the one I received last month.  Sorry I didn't post about it!  Mostly because out of the whole entire box of five products, there was only one that I liked.  It was the Color Club Birchbox Exclusive Tweet Me.
Just a wonderful chartreuse color!  You could currently buy the full size on the Birchbox site for $8 and is included in the free shipping.  

So on to my October Birchbox!
Here is a list of the items that are within the box.  
theBalm Mary-lou Manizer highlighter:  I was surprised to see this in my box.  It is actually one of my favorite highlighters to use!  You could use this as a highlighter or an eyeshadow.  I honestly use it as a highlighter and sometimes as an eyeshadow to enhance a look or for the inner corner of my eyes.  Since I have this product as a full size, I plan to give it away to one of my friends or family members.

LiQWd Silk Professional Deep Conditioning Treatment & The Perfect Wave:  a new product to me.  I am not sure if I heard of it or not.  Maybe I have seen it before but never paid attention to it.  The Perfect Wave is a light texturizing cream  that helps us get the look of beachy waves.  The SILK Professional Deep Conditioning Treatment basically re-hydrates your hair and boost up the volume. 

Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter:  is an eco-chic balm which revives lips with avocado oil and shea butter.  Another new brand to me!  I actually have a bunch of lip balms so getting this was a good thing!  The smell of pomegranate and fig is not overwhelming at all.  It moisturizes and doesn't give that sticky feeling you would get from some lip balms.  Say for example: Carmex.  

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt:  the cover was eye catching totally.  The last Harvey Prince sample I had I wasn't very fond of it.  This one is just wonderful to me.  It has a fresh citrus and jasmine scent that isn't overwhelming what so ever.
Sadly the bottle sample I found a tad difficult to open.  Meaning if you have a sudden UH-OH on opening it, yup...it will be all over you.  I wish it came with a design on the sample bottle itself as well, since I don't keep the cards.

Mighty Leaf Tea Assorted Teas:  Organic Earl Grey, Green Tea Tropical, and Organic African Nectar is what I received.  I love drinking tea so it was refreshing to see these inside the box.  I haven't tried the brand before, so another new item to me.

Like I said it's a hit and miss but it's always nice to try out new things instead of being stuck in the same routine all the time.

What is your favorite monthly subscription program?  Do you have a favorite tea you like to drink?  Do you have a Birchbox?  What was your favorite item in it?  What was your least favorite?

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I hope you have a wonderful day!