Tutorial: Nail Art - Sponge Gradient meets Splatter

Remember this nail look I did?  If you don't you can spot it here.
Well I was asked to make a tutorial on this, and I know it is long over due!  So sorry for that, but here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

Here are the materials that you will need:
  • Nail polishes you want to work with
  • Scissors (depending which sponging technique you pick)
  • Tape
  • A straw
  • Something to place droplet of polish on to
These are the items I will be using.  The nail polishes are Wet n Wild's Megalast On a Trip, Candy-licious, and I need a refresh-mint.  Oh now you see the board I use for a background on a lot of my pictures.  I actually love the splatter design that is on it.  The straw is actually from a Caprisun, but you could use any straw that you may want.  Just don't use a straw that has such a big sized hole.

Apply your favorite base coat upon your nails.  Allow it to dry to touch. 
Apply your base color polish.  Allow it to dry for at least 10 minutes before continuing.
For the next part, you could pick your favorite way to do gradients.  I will be showing you two ways of how to do them.
The first part is the way I normally do my gradients.  I take the scissors, and cut pieces of the sponge.  Never rip your sponges because you will end up with particles of the sponge upon your nails.   
Place a droplet of nail polish onto something you prefer to do it upon.  I used a cardstock that was inside one of my packages.  Dab the sponge on to the nail polish, and dab any excess off.  
 Dab the sponge gently upon the nail, gradually working up to the tip. 
At this point, I usually take the base color dab it onto a piece of scratch, then gently work the middle section.  So it looks a bit blended more.
For the second way of the gradient, I will be showing you the way Sammy (The Nailasauarus) has done with her gradients.  
Place a droplet of your two colors for the gradient that you want to use on to your work station sheet.  Side by side, but not super close.
Take a toothpick and swirl the two colors into the middle to make it ease out with the blending.  Do not swirl the whole entire thing! 
 Take a sponge, and dab it onto the nail polish droplets.
Take the sponge and dab it on to the nail.  You may have to repeat these steps until you get it the way you like.
You will also have to use new nail polish dabs to continue.  To get a better understanding of the gradient sponge swirl, please refer to Sammy's tutorial.
To make the clean up less, you could either use the tape to cover up the surrounding area of your nails, or use Vaseline.
You could either stick your straw into your nail polish bottle, or place a dab of it on to your sheet and pick it up that way.  I usually place a droplet on to my sheet.
Place your straw into the polish droplet/bottle.  
Blow a quick fierce blow onto your nail.  Normally I go at an angle with the nail when I blow into the straw.  If a big huge blob happens, which sometimes it does, you could either do it again, or take a toothpick and drag it about.
After allowing it to fully dry for about 15 minutes, toss on your favorite top coat.  And you're done!  
It does take awhile to get a hang of it, but it always comes out beautifully.  People will be wondering what is on your nails!  If you do these, let me know!  I would love to see them!