Nail Polish: CQ Intense Color Enamel Polish - Tropics

A few days ago, I realized I didn't have an actual blue sort of shade nail polish.  So I was on a mission to get one for my kit.  Most of the blue polishes that I saw were more of with a metallic or sheer sort of look to it.  Which is something I didn't want.  And if you know me, I don't like spending a lot on polishes.  Cheap polishes are fine to me. 
I was in Rite-Aid walking around and stopped over at the CQ polish section.  They are the same company that makes the Chameleon, and Petites nail polishes.  Their price range goes from $1.99 to $3.99.  I never picked up their Intense Color Enamel line before, so I was pretty intrigued when I caught a glance of a blue that I actually really liked.
I love how the shape of the bottle looks and how the name is on front of it as well.  The cost of the polish was $3.99 and they have a wide arrange of shades.

There were no strays on the brush at all, and it's not too thin or too thick.  Was just right.  Applying it to the wheel went on with ease, and did wonders as a two coaters.
This was the perfect blue I was looking for on a nail look I have in mind.  Hopefully I could get those done before Saturday!