Nails: Just splattering around

Yesterday I decided to do a splatter scene but combine it with some other nail art techniques.  I did two fingers with toothbrush splatter over a white base color, and the other two and thumb a straw splatter over a gem sponge marble technique.  You could find the tutorial here.

At first I attempted a spray paint splatter where you use a spray bottle and dilute some droplets of nail polish with thinner and spritz it on your nails, but I honestly had no patience.
Originally it was suppose to be straw splatter with the spray paint splatter, but then I changed it to a toothbrush splatter.  If you're not familiar with what a toothbrush splatter is it's basically where you take a toothbrush and dip it into some acrylic paint.  You basically slide your thumb against the bristles over your fingernail you want the splatter to go on to.  
  • Orly Bonder - base coat
  • China Glaze Fast Forward - top coat
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On
  • Sinful Colors - Ocean Side
  • Sinful Colors - Pull Over
  • Sinful Colors - Mesmerize
  • New York Colors - Pink Promenade
  • Acrylic Paint
Something quick and easy to do.  I still love gradient splatter nails a lot but changing up the base is always fun.

What do you have on your nails at the moment?

Thank you for taking the time and checking out my blog.  I hope you have a wonderful day!