My July Birchbox!

Birchbox is a wonderful way to try out products from new, and lingering around.  They have different subscriptions that you could pick at for your liking.  And you may cancel at anytime.  It is though a hit and miss.  Sometimes you'll get items, or the whole box, that you won't like, and there are other times where you will simply just love what you get.  From sample sizes to full sizes.  From cosmetics to snacks to perfumes. 

Over the weekend I had received my July Birchbox, and I have to say that this was better than the one I have received last month.  I was hoping to obtain the Eyeko eyeliner, but it didn't happen.  YET I was still happy with what I got.
The cardstock cover on the box I thought looked pretty cool, and could be an inspiration for future products.
Doesn't that box make for a perfect nail gradient scene?  Or maybe even drips...WHO KNOWS!  Gotta love random inspiration of items.
Birchbox will always include a cardstock of items that are in your box as well a detail about the theme for the box.  If you are unsure how to use a product you could also check their website, and they will have tutorials/how-to for it. 
This month they have themed up with Glamour, whose July issue is focused upon the five senses.  So this box was designed to be a multi-sensory experience for us.  
I love how they pack it so neatly.  Does anyone else keep the tissue paper that comes within the box?  Well I do!  Use it for gifts or just to pack something up as well.  Or there are times I would use it when I am doing my nails, as a place to make a mess!
Above is the cardstock description of the items I have obtained.  Upon opening the box the first one to have caught my eye was the infamous beautyblender.
These little beauts is a great way to blend products upon your face, since it gets into those corners where normally your brush cannot get to really.  
After opening up everything else, the perfume sample I got said "Hello," so I was curious upon what it smelled like.  I am actually on a moment of try new perfumes.
Harvey Prince "Hello" reminded me of Victoria Secret's Tease.  It isn't the kind of perfume I am really into, but it did smell nice. People describe it as light and fresh, but it seemed a bit heavy for me.  I love the description it had within the cover.  
Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, anything that says Luminizing you could expect it to have some sort of shimmer when applied.  This product came out semi-thick from the tube.  Almost like a mousse foundation sort of squeeze.  It is described as a shortcut to dewy fresh skin.  So be aware there is actually high glitter factor in this.  You may not see it at first but it is very noticeable when you go out.  So be sure if you do use it, not to apply all over your face.
Stila Lip Glaze I received is one of the It's Go Time trio collection.  It applies nicely and has a good scent.  It is shimmery and feels a bit thick for my liking.  Mostly it's because I am not fond of lippies that much.
Tea Forté Minteas came in this adorable leaf shaped tin, as well as the mints itself.  I obtained their ginger pear, which was focused on quick pick-me-ups and to help your brain focus a bit more.  The taste is actually good, and if you know me in real life, you know I always carry mints with me.  This doesn't take a lot of room, and holds tightly.  So no pop off issues so far!  
I was actually surprised to see these.  Bright in color indeed haha.  They work nicely, and they suggest you to check out Glamour's playlist, which I have.  They have some pretty good songs on there, and there were a few that made me go "OH CRAP!  I haven't heard this song for such a long time!"
So overall this Birchbox has made me a happy girl!  
What was your favorite and least favorite item you got in your Birchbox this month?  Do you plan on buying something you got from your box?