Review: KKCenterHk N.Nail Water Decal French Tip Nail Art

Today I have a pretty French floral tip water decal [WDB062] to show you.
I received these from KKCenterHk and they only cost $2.82 a sheet.  They carry several other French tip water decal designs as well (prices may vary).   They come with 14 images instead of 20, but at the price I still find it cheap.

I decided to pick the French Tip decal that had pink and white flowers on it.  They reminded me of a table cloth that was on my grandma's table when she use to babysit me.  Well she wasn't my real grandma but an adopted one.  It also reminded me of her bed sheet.  So I was quickly drawn to these.  The print is very clear and it stands out.
I actually had a hard time getting these perfectly on.  I don't blame the product what so ever.  I blame myself really.  I tried to angle it as best as I could, but I just could not get it to even out.  Despite that I still love how it looks.  I placed them over a base color of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Bandage.  I also had an issue of it smearing at times.  I think because I didn't really let the sheet dry, which was my fault as well.  I'll have to revisit these again.
I think these water decals would look wonderful with a matte top coat over it as well.  That way you could see the print more and the shine of the top coat won't get in the way.
These are a bit more time consuming that the usual water decals I have worked with before.  With French tip  ones they are some what like wraps.  After you remove the decal from the water to place on your fingernail you'll have to trim off the excess parts that go past your nail length.  Trim and file will do the trick.  Of course when you're done top coat to seal that decal in.

If you plan on ordering from KKCenterHk feel free to use my discount code:  JUSTTISEMS to get a 10% off your purchase.
Despite the hassle I had with these I still think its a wonderful product.  It was just something new to me and that I need to get a hang of.  Also I find the price a good one since I have seen a lot of water decals out there going for much more.  Recently I walked into a local beauty supply store, and they were selling a small sheet of 10 floral images for $4!  Yeah I think not!  Seriously check out KKCenterHk and see what they have.  The items they have are seriously assorted:  wigs, nail polish, eyelashes, makeup, etc.
**This item was received for review purposes and in no way am I entitled to give it a positive feed back.  This is based on my own experiences with the product.

Have you encountered a product before that you just couldn't get the hang out of?
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