Review: KKCenterHk - 12 Pieces Middle Clear & 3D Bow False Nails Tips

Today I have a nifty false nails tip to show you, which I received from KKCenterHk.  It's their 12 Pieces Middle Clear and 3D Bow False Nails Tips [N248].
I decided to pick these because I love the fact that there is a clear middle section, despite it having glitter you could still see the nail bed.

The 12 piece set has different sizes and cost $3.67 a set.  KKCenterHk does carry other design sets.
It comes with a pink nail glue that you'll have to cut open in order to use.
I find the design simple and yet very cute.  It's better than some of the false nail designs I see at Walmart for example.  If you have big nail beds you might want to grab two sets not one.  Since majority of the false nail tips are designed for small nail beds.  You could always switch it up as well with different false nail tips.
I love the design with the bows on it.  I decided to use it as an accent nail and the others would have the clear glittery middle.
At first I was thinking about putting a nail color base, and then place the false nail over it, but I got lazy...
They would still look wonderful if you wanted to throw some base color underneath.  There are various ways you could wear this, and it all depends on your own style.
**I received these for review purposes and in no way am I entitled to give it a 100% positive review.
KKCenterHk carries various items and if you would like to order from them, feel free to use my code: "justtisems" when placing your order.  You get a 10% off discount!
What do you think about false nails tip?  Do you have a certain brand that you grab?

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