Review: KKCenterHk N.Nail Lotus Ink Painting & Ink Painting Water Decals

Today I have two wonderful water nail decals to show you.  I picked these from KKCenterHk because it reminded me of a Chinese ink paintings that I have seen before.  They are N. Nail Lotus Ink Painting [WDDG079] and N.Nail Ink Painting [WDDG078].  As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have it and what I wanted to do with them.  I decided to wear both of them:  Lotus - right hand; Ink - left hand.

First up...
N.Nail Ink Painting [WDDG078]:

These really reminded me of those Chinese ink paintings I use to see when I went into a Chinese restaurant or walked around the art museum.  It comes with five different images and giving you a total of twenty images.

To spice this up a bit, instead of just laying the decal upon my nail as it is, I sponged on some polish to incorporate into the design.

At first I wasn't sure how I was going to do it until I did my thumb, but I actually still like how these came out.  I tried to make it seem as if it really was an ink painting.

Here is an example of how it looked before I placed a matte top coat over it:

Here is a closer look after I placed the matte top coat:

I love how the thumb came out and it has to be my favorite out of this set.  I added two images instead of just one to give it that look of a painting.

  • Orly Bonder as base coat
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Bandage (base color)
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polar Bare (thin coat over Bandage)
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Gray by Gray (sponged)
  • Sinful Colors Vacation Time (sponged)
  • Color Club Top Coat
  • NYC New York Color Matte Me Crazy top coat

This has a combination of lotus flowers and fish, I am assuming koi?  I love how there is a combination of color and black ink on both of these decals.  Just like the other ink painting water decal this comes with five different images and giving you a total of twenty water decal images.

Just like the WDDG078 I decided to sponge some colors on this and place a matte top coat.

Since it had some fishes on it I thought why not add some blue to it.  That way it could seem like it was still part of the water.

Here is a close up of the thumb image:

  • Color Club Soft as Cashmere
  • Sinful Colors Rain Storm
  • Sinful Colors Citrine
Even though some people just toss on the water decals upon their nails, they don't realize you could actually do so much more with it.  They are very versatile and easy to use.  I seriously love water decals!  If someone was just going to give me that for Christmas, I would be happy!  To me they are so much better than nail stickers.

Unlike the other water decals I got from KKCenterHk these actually cost a bit more, but I still find them cheap with how many images you get and the assortment of it.  These cost $6.39 a sheet, but to me I actually find them worth it if you love how Chinese ink paintings look.  The images are very clear and I found no mistakes on these what so ever.

If you order from KKCenterHk feel free to use my code "justtisems" to get a 10% off discount (for those who read this after 11/05/12).  

HOWEVER, until November 5, 2012 KKCenterHk will be having a sale for 20% off your purchase.  This includes all items!  So get at it while you can!  They carry so many items from makeup to nail polish to wigs! So make sure to take the time to check them out.

**These items were received for review purposes and in no way am I entitled to give them a 100% positive feedback.  This is based upon my own experience.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a wonderful week!