Behold a preview of "Liberius" - and yay won FilmFights Heavyweight

Here is a promotional clip of "Liberius" that will be sent to FilmFights.com.  My brother Matthew Castro was the director and editor.  I was on make-up and nails.  SFX was our friend Adam Biller, did a good job!  Director of Photography and Lighting Coordinator Jonathan Bouknight.  Sound was our friend Timmy Stewart, and my husband Steve.  Music by Wesley Carter.

An exorcist and his apprentice find a young woman in a small household possessed by a demon, and after they perform their standard ritual, things suddenly take a turn for the worst when the exorcism doesn't go as planned.
It was great meeting new people.  Not to mention the actors and actress were so friendly, and fun to work with.  They did a great job!  Johnny Francis Wolf, Elspeth Weingarten, Torrey Drake, and Troi Feinberg showed passion in what they were doing.

Thank you all who were on set for the great laughs!

Thank you to those who voted for the film!  We won the gold this weekend for heavyweight possessed category.
So enjoy and thank you for stopping by my blog.