Nails done? OH YEAH! Check!

First off I would like to state, if you don't like the shape of my nail, you don't have to make a comment about it.  It is my nails, not yours.  You're entitled to your own opinion, and I am entitled to ignoring rude comments.  Sorry it had to be stated.
So my current nails are my typical splatter gradient type.  No matter what, I love doing them.  They are so fun and easy to do.  For a tutorial on them: Here.

Nail Polishes Used:
  • ORLY Bonder
  • Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer - Fast Fuchsia
  • Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer - White on the Spot
  • Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer - Black Swift
  • China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat
As I said before in my last nail post, I had to round off the edges since my thumb nail broke.  So far I am okay with the way it is at the moment, but I might make them pointed again after awhile.
I keep seeing people on Tumblr post up pictures with their business card in the picture.  So I decided why not do the same?
What is your favorite nail art to do, that is quick and easy?