Uh-oh! FiS Moment!!

So here are the goodies I got over the weekend!  Most of them were from Walgreens.  I swear my local Walgreens, a bunch of them know me now haha.  I almost went there every day last week just because of the sales.  Friday was my last grab from them, and I only grabbed a few on Sunday.
Oh Mail! Oh My!
  • Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum
  • JĀSÖN Restorative Biotin Pure Natural Shampoo
I received these in the mail from Klout, which is a great way to get free items!  You get to compare your score with friends and such.  It's pretty interesting!  So if you're into blogging, twitting, etc. make sure to check them out!  I'll be giving the Neutrogena to my mom.  And can't wait to use the shampoo!  Thanks Klout!
**Under no obligation did I receive this item or talk about Klout.  I will not get any additional benefits for talking about the product or company.
Sally Beauty:
  • Lip Gloss Applicators & Mascara Wands
I couldn't believe I just went in there, grabbed what I needed for work, and left.  I think mostly cause one of the workers at the Sally I went to, which by the way I never go to that one, irked me!  She was arguing with me saying she thought my nails were fake, and that I didn't do them.  She then went on how she has to do stiletto nails for class.  I am sorry if my nails were fake, I'll let you know!  And I never let anyone do my nails really!  If I didn't do them I'll say where I got it done.  -sigh- K end of that.  It just annoys me when people just keep saying I didn't do them, or insisting that they are fake.  HATERS HAHAHA!  Okay vent over!  Back to my haul!
  • Pond's S Hydrator for dry or sensitive skin
  • ELF Clear mascara and brow
Picked up the ELF for easy usage on the male actors for the shoot.  Honestly I rarely use it unless their brows need to be groomed up a bit.  I decided to try out Pond's S Hydrator, since the last Pond's moisturizer I have tried was in high school.  Hopefully it'll be good for hubs dry and sensitive skin issue.  Lately he has been using theBalm's timeBalm Vanilla Oil moisturizer, which he loves.  And here is a little confession:  I have been such a moisturizer fiend lately!
  • 6 Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm (BOGOF) - 2 have been left out of the picture
  • Nivea creme moisturizer & soft creme moisturizer (BOGO1/2)
  • 2 Rimmel London Foundation - which will be used for work
  • Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer
  • Rimmel London Sexy Curves waterproof mascara - black
  • Rimmel London Gentle Eye makeup remover RAIN CHECK for 2
When I bought the Rimmel items it was during their 50% off.  I asked for a rain check on their eye makeup remover since they didn't have anymore.  Still an awesome grab, and I am hoping that they are in stock before my coupon expires!
  • Revlon - Whimsical 
Been hearing about this polish for awhile, and thought I should finally grab it.  At the moment all Revlon items are at 40% off at Rite-Aid.  So if you love their products head on over there.  Also make sure to like Rite-Aid on their Facebook page so you could get the $1 off coupon for a Revlon nail polish.  So I basically paid $1.99 for Whimsical!  How awesome is that? 
  • Wet n Wild Spoiled - Let's have sushi
  • Wet n Wild Spoiled - Lox-y Lady
  • Wet n Wild Spoiled - Thanks a Latte
If you haven't heard, Wet n Wild Spoiled polish is on sale for $0.99 this week over at CVS!  So make sure to get them before they run out.
And there you have it!  My total FiS moment, and with that I am going on a no-buy for awhile.  How long does your no-buy cosmetics usually last?  Mine...not that long to be honest.  I always end up cracking over something.  So I am going to see how long I could last on this one.