Review: Elegant Touch Flawless French Manicure Kit

Today I have a wonderful item to show you from the company Elegant Touch, it's their Flawless French Manicure Kit.  Elegant Touch is a popular nail company from the UK, and had recently touched the US shores.  They carry various false nail collections and not to mention wraps as well.  You could find their wonderful items at an ULTA shop near you and online site.    

The easiest way to apply a Flawless French Manicure without the white polish – no smudges or wobbly brush lines. This exciting new technology means your manicure will not chip or fade for at least one week. The ultra-thin plastic French tip adheres to and protects your natural nail edge from breaking to promote healthy nail growth. The clever patented application tab allows accurate placement and the clear housing ensures proper adhesion. Base and Top seals are included to complete the perfect French manicure that lasts! -Elegant Touch
They come with two kit length sizes:  Short, and Medium.  I received the short nails which was fine cause my natural nails are short at the moment.  

Upon going into this, I went back to those days where I was young and doing my own nails.  Just starting out on it, and how much of a pain it was to get my French manis to look right.  I use to do the nail polish and tape trick when I was in high school.  They came out smudged or crooked.  It was such a hassle in the beginning.  So I was looking at the set as the girl who had issues with doing a French manicure, or doesn't have a lot of time to go get it done.  

Before grabbing an item to buy I always look at the package for details about the product and how to use it etc.  Any clue to help me decide if it's worth the buy.

On the box it describes out the mani would last up to a week on your nails.  Pretty sure if it starts to chip really you would remove it before hand.  It would also depend how busy your hands are in that week as well.  Also not to mention if you do this properly!

A quick instruction is on the back as well as information on the contents of the products.  So in case you didn't look at the pictures that show you how to do it, they have added directions for you as well.

They go into details of how to place them on, maintain them, and not to mention removal process.  It really is super simple to use.

They supply you with a brush on glue, which makes it easier when applying glue to the strip of white and finger tips, a top and base seal.

 It comes with 56 pieces in 14 different sizes.  So pending on your size would depend on how many looks you could put with it.  

On the plastic pieces they have numbers so it'll make it easier to figure out the size you are using.  I was really bummed that they were all jumbled in the box which was a tad annoying looking for the sizes.  But I brushed it off cause I was still excited to try these out.

After sorting out my tips in order, I began prepping my nails.  Make sure you follow the directions properly as you are doing these.  You must put nail glue on the white strip only and on your nail tip where the strip will be at.  

Here ducky ducky!  So this is how it looks when I applied them and waiting for it to dry.  It honestly does not take long at all for it to dry.  Not to mention, the top and base seal are wicked fast in drying!  After using a clipper to clip these off (basically it lifts up the plastic), I buffed my nail with the file before applying the base seal.  Allowed the base to dry before adding a little of a sheer nude from L.A. Colors.  Then topped it with two coats of their top seal.

Here's how it looks on my hand.  Quick and very easy to use!  

The kits go for about $14.99  each, and it could last a whole month if you want to do French manis all month.  It isn't such a hassle.  Just comes out nicely without the issue of trying to get the white tips to be not crooked or smudged.  

I had these on since Friday and wore it until Monday.  Here's a shot of a look I did for my anniversary with the French Manis on.  You could see what makeup I am wearing here.

You could add more nail art to it as well before applying the top coat.  I wanted to keep it with the simple French manicure look since like I said, I haven't had one on my nails for so long. 

I love the simplicity of this and I hope we see other kinds of French mani designs using this process from them.  Not to mention so easy to remove!  Buff the nail a bit and use nail polish remover! 

Have you tried Elegant Touch products before?  When was the last time you had just a simple white French manicure on your hands?  

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!