Review: Jordana Cosmetics Eyeliner - Brown, Purple Fusion, & Blue Devine

I have always over looked this product for some reason.  I have seen them so many times when I am in Walgreens, sitting right there next to the cosmetic cashier counter.  This time I decided to pick up their eyeliners, and try it out.  I was in search for some colorful eyeliners, that were not so pricey.  These were seriously a cheap grab!
I decided to pick up three eyeliners for now:
  • Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Pencil - Blue Devine $1.99
  • Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Pencil - Purple Fusion $1.99
  • Mini Eyeliner - Brown $0.69 
If you grab them at Walgreens, watch the price!  The one I went to try to overcharge me upon the price, but I pointed it out the price tags stated other wise.

Jordana Cosmetics has been around for 25 years now!  Can you believe that?  Like I said, I never paid attention to the products.  Mostly because I always decided to grab something else.  Apparently the company that owns Jordana, also owns Milani Cosmetics.  I was shocked when I learned about that.  Oh Samantha (PR) you are seriously a busy girl!

Purple Fusion
Blue Devine
First off I have to say, these liners are seriously wow in pigmentation!  I had no trouble with it when doing swatches what so ever.  They glided on easily!
  • Brown - This mini eyeliner is compact (5 1/2 inches length), and packs a punch!  I find this shade to be more of a reddish brown.  Either way, it's gorgeous especially at its price!
  • Purple Fusion - A bright purple shade, and nicely pigmented!
  • Blue Devine - This is a very intense blue eyeliner that the pigmentation is just wow!
I cannot get over the fact how pigmented these are!  I will seriously be picking up more of these shades in due time.  They glide on really smooth!  Oh Jordana why haven't I tried you out sooner?!

Have you tried their products before?  Have I talked you into checking them out?

Hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you for coming by!