Nail Polish: New York Color (NYC) Matte Me Crazy Top Coat polish

I needed a new matte polish, since my old one was turning to "ICK WTF is that?"  So I mentioned to my nail girls that I am in search of a new one, and one of them has mentioned that NYC had came out with a matte polish. 
So my first pick of matte polish, was suddenly poofed whenever I went to Walmart -sad face-.  Then someone on Twitter (Ciara) mentioned that they have snagged this little goodie up.
I was sold, and knew I had to buy it!  I was at Target, and spotted it.  So I picked it up, and it was for $1.72, but the prices may vary at different locations.  Any place that sales New York Color, should have the matte polish.

 Here are some swatches of it over random nail polishes I had that were close by me.
It's a great effective matte nail polish!  I was worried that at it's price, it wouldn't do the job.  It really proved me wrong.  It glides on easily, and dries pretty quickly.  At first after you swipe it over your polish, it'll be a few seconds until it shows the matte finish.
I will definitely be picking these up again when I finish the current bottle in due time.
Have you picked this up yet?  What other matte polishes have you tried?