Review: NYX Eyeshadow Base White

NYX Cosmetics' Eyeshadow Base in the shade white is my favorite eyeshadow base to use.  It usually cost $7, but sometimes you can catch it on sale at areas that carry the NYX Cosmetics product.  Very budget friendly, since one small pot could last you so long!

The white eyeshadow base shade is to make your eyeshadow become more vibrant. There are two other shades that they have:
  • White Pearl - to make shimmer eyeshadow more vibrant
  • Skin Tone - to make dark eyeshadow more vibrant
This shade does wonders for a lot of the eyeshadows that I use.  I would always put it over my favorite eyeshadow primer, to help prevent cracks and crease if you wear the base by itself.  This is not a primer at all!  It is a base!  So always put it over your favorite eyeshadow primer.
It has a thick creamy texture to it.  You do not need a lot to work with.  If you use too much it will look really white upon your lids.  So less is more with this item.  It smooths and blends out easily upon the skin,  It may have a slightly greasy texture due to the mineral oil in it, but it does not leave you feeling oily.
There is a scent that lingers upon it, which smells exactly like a Dove soap bar to me.  It smells wonderful, but isn't overpowering at all.  You don't smell it when it's on your lids.
Above is an example of how it makes the eyeshadow color pop out so much more.  On the left is over the NYX eyeshadow base, while the right is by itself.  If you're wondering what eyeshadow I used, it's from Milani Cosmetics Paint Palette.
For those with oily skin, this can still be a good choice to pick up, but you will have issues with it.  Do not apply too much of it upon your lid.  Use a thin layer for it.  If you have dry/normal/combination skin this would be a great grab for you.  Either way its affordable, and does wonders for your eyeshadow.

Do you love NYX eyeshadow base as much as I do?  Have you tried their other eyeshadow bases?  Do you use a different eyeshadow base (not a primer!)?